DMOs & Single Source Funding

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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DMOs & Single Source Funding What to do when your budget shrinks or your bed tax funding is “pulled.”

Janice W. Marshall President & CEO Macon-Bibb County CVB

Retire! ! !

Shrinking Budget—

Supplement Bed Tax Revenues  Higher Membership Dues  Gift Shop Revenues: Clayton County  Sponsorship Sales: Delegate Bags

 Advertising Sales: Brochures, Web Banner Ads  Grants—Corporate, Foundation, Government

When Bed Tax Funding is Pulled—It’s too late

The Best Offense is a Good Defense!  Become

an Effective Politician

 Tourism is Economic Development  Tourism expenditures contribute to local tax coffers

—present that check to government officials once a year!

 Tourism generates Jobs  Do the research and show the ROI

—include initiatives, awards, recognition in your PR campaigns

 Tourism Officials need to be seen as Power Players

The Best Offense is a Good Defense!  Point out Differing Objectives of DMO &:  The Chamber of Commerce  Downtown Development Groups  Economic & Community Development Groups

The Best Offense is a Good Defense!  DMO Board of Directors  2/3 Travel Industry Leaders  1/3 Community Power Players who will advocate


(not just use their positions to get preferential treatment)

The Best Offense is a Good Defense! Above Marketing, DMO Presidents need to be good politicians.

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