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A.Mitchell Palmer and the Red ScareAttorney General who accused innocent people of being communist and created the mass hysteria when people worried that communists were going to take over the US

Sacco and Vanzetti- two Italian immigrants who were falsely accused and executed of murder and robbery; example of intolerance of the period

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. This case illustrated how Americans during the 1920’s were Nativists and strongly aligned with xenophobia: A. Schenck v. United States B. Sacco and Vanzetti C. Scottsboro Boys D. Roe v. Wade


What major event sparked the Red Scare in the United States? A. World War I B. Russian Revolution C. Forming of the League of Nations D. The Great Depression Which statement is MOST correct when describing the Flappers? A. They were a result of the passage of the 19th Amendment. B. They were a “Lost Generation.” C. They were a sign of social stability and women embracing traditional roles. D. They were a vivid illustration of how women wanted to break with traditional roles.

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The Teapot Dome Scandal involved: A. violations of the Volstead Act B. sale of government lands C. leasing federal oil reserves D. misuse of Veteran’s Bureau funds

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In 1924, a government investigation revealed that Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall had accepted bribes from oilmen to secure leases to government oil reserves. This incident became known as the — A Forbes Scandal. B Nan Britton Scandal. C Teapot Dome Scandal. D Ethics in Government Scandal.

Ku Klux Klan- first formed after the Civil War (1860s) and was revived during this period of intolerance; KKK persecuted African Americans, Jews, Catholics, alcoholics, adulterers, immigrants Marcus Garvey- led the Black Nationalists movement; promoted black pride in their culture; encouraged African-Americans to start their own businesses; started a back-toAfrica movement; he embezzled $from his followers and was sentenced to prison

Prohibition and 18th amendment- made alcohol illegal 21st amendment- repealed prohibition (made it legal again) speakeasies- illegal bars where alcohol was sold Al Capone- king of the mob; made his fortune on gambling, prostitution, and illegal alcohol Volstead Act- enforced prohibition


Movie star

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Silent Movie star

Flappers- symbolized the revolution in morals and manners; women who drank, smoked, cursed, cut their hair short, wore short sleeveless dresses, danced the Charleston… Popularity of radio (first stations hit the air) , movies (first talking movie was The Jazz Singer) , and Sports (Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Red Grange); all were huge forms of entertainment

The Jazz Age- name given for the music of the period---Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellingtonfamous jazz musicians

Harlem Renaissance- rebirth of art and literature in the black community; center of this rebirth was Harlem, NY The Lost Generation- group of artists and writers that were disillusioned with society; they were disgusted with the materialism and were disillusioned from the war

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Popularity of radio (first stations hit the air) , movies (first talking movie was The Jazz Singer) , and Sports (Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Red Grange); all were huge forms of entertainment

Impact of Automobile- made other industries like oil, gasoline, rubber, glass, paint, steel, etc. boom; had a dramatic impact on the landscape with red lights, parking lots, stop signs, gas stations, etc.

Assembly line- allowed goods to be produced faster and therefore, cheaper

Charles Lindbergh- flew the Spirit of St. Louis from NY to Paris non-stop; became a hero overnight

Henry Ford’s Model T

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Which of the following developments was NOT influenced by the automobile? A. introduction of new appliances B. family & community changes C. people moved to suburbs D. oil, rubber & steel industries boomed

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“In our firs assembling we simply started to put the car together at a spot and brought the parts as they were needed in exactly the same way that one business builds a house….The first step forward in an assembly line came when we began taking the work to the men instead of the men to the work…The net result of this application of these principles is the necessity for thought on the part of the workers…”

Who is the author of this quote and what was this method applied to during the 1920’s?  A. Sacco and Vanzetti/Shoe Production  B. Henry Ford/Car Production  C. Wright Brothers/Airplane Production  D. Charles Lindbergh/Airplane Production

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“Have you an automobile yet?” “No, I talked it over with John and he felt we could not afford one.” “Mr. Judge who lives in your town has one and they are not as well off as you are.” “Yes, I know. Their second installment came due, and they had no money to pay it.” “What did they do? Lose the car?” “No, they got the money and paid the installment.” “How did they get the money?” “They sold the cook-stove.” “How could they get along without a cook-stove?” “They didn’t. They bought another on the installment plan.” — excerpt from A Personal Voice, 1920s The excerpt above suggests that one of the causes of the Great Depression was the increasing — A price of consumer products. B level of consumer debt. C availability of imported goods. D emphasis on saving money.

In an essay justify this response.

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Flappers- drastic changes in women Automobile- changes that took place in industries, families, travel Prohibition- speakeasies, Al Capone, bootlegging, breaking the law Revival of the KKK- membership reached 5 million, example of intolerance and prejudice of the period

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Which of the following reform movements helped lead to the passage of the constitutional amendment that instituted national Prohibition? A The abolitionist movement B The utopian movement C The temperance movement D The colonization movement

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During which era did young women called “flappers” rebel against social standards? A The Gilded Age B The Progressive Era C The Roaring Twenties D The Great Depression

Sacco and Vanzetti- example of xenophobia and intolerance, two Italian immigrants were executed for robbery and murder even though they had alibis and didn’t do it (we now believe) Harlem Renaissance- rebirth of art, music, literature etc. in the African American community; Langston Hughes was a well known Harlem Renaissance writer Jazz Age- dances like the Charleston were the rage; musicians included Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington

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Scopes Trial- fundamentalism was challenged when Scopes taught evolution in school; it fueled the controversy of whether schools should teach religion (evolution vs. creationism) Sports figures like Babe Ruth, Gertrude Ederle, Jack Dempsey, Red Grange… Charles Lindberg and the Spirit of St. Louisfirst to fly non-stop across the Atlantic from NY to Paris ETC.

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African Americans moved from the south to the city for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: A. They hoped to find a steady job with good pay. B. They wanted to escape the Jim Crow Laws of the south. C. The Harlem Renaissance was attractive. D. They all wanted to be a part of the Garvey Movement

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