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WWW & W4A Conferences

WWW 2017 is coming to Perth! • Perth Bid Committee o Consortium of the Perth Universities plus other interested parties

o Have been working together for the past 3 years o Presented our formal bid in Seoul in April and won the bid!

• Conference locations • Hyderabad, India • Lyon, France • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • Seoul, South Korea

o Next year in Florence, Italy o 2016 in Montreal, Canada





Interested in submitting a paper?



What happens at W4A? • Interesting papers – o showcasing cutting edge research

• Google Student Award – o 2 Masters or PhD students receive an award from Google to help with the cost of attending and get to present their proposed research

• Paciello Group Challenge o Showcases advanced Web and Mobile technologies to technical leaders from academia and industry o Purpose is to encourage and accelerate the development of innovative and usable technologies



Some of last year’s papers • Paciello Group Challenge: o Listen to Everything You Want to Read with Capti Narrator

o Marker-Assisted Recognition of Dynamic Content in Public Spaces o APIS4all: Personalisation as a Strategy to Ensure Accessibility and Enhance User Experience of Public Digital Terminals o Widget Design Authoring Toolkit



Last year’s Google Student Award Winners • Catia Prandi (Italy) o Accessibility and Smart Data: the Case Study of mPASS

• Karl Wiegand (USA) o Intelligent Assistive Communication and the Web as a Social Medium



And then there’s the social side… • W4A dinner one night • Research & Development Working Group dinner one night

• The Gala WWW Banquet – always something special • A chance to travel and see some of the sights in a different city each year • A chance to mingle with and learn from the leading researchers in the accessibility (and Web for WWW people)



Interested in coming to WWW 2015?



Interested in coming to the WW 2015 or W4A? • Dates o W4A: May 18 – 20, 2015

o WWW 2015 – May 18-22, 2015

• Location o Florence, Italy

• Talk to: o Scott Hollier, Justin Brown, Rick Barrett or myself and we’d be happy to tell you all about it



W3C Working Groups o To join a W3C Working Group you must be on the staff of a member organisation or apply to be an ‘Invited Expert’ details are on the website

• WCAG Working Group o The WCAG-Evaluation Methodology Task force has just released the WCAG-EM o o Continues to work on refining the documents that accompany WCAG 2.0 – e.g. Sufficient Techniques and Understanding WCAG 2.0 documents

• Research & Development Working Group o a working group of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), o Aim is to increase the incorporation of accessibility considerations into research on web technologies, and to identify projects researching web accessibility and suggest research questions that may contribute to new projects o Present regular teleconference seminar events WebKeyIT


WAI Interest Groups • There are lots of interest groups on the WAI web page: • It is easy to subscribe: use this link with ‘subscribe’ as the subject: [email protected] • There is a link to an archive of the previous discussions and messages – check here if you wonder if anyone has previously asked your question:



Your Contact for Interest in W4A and the RDWG Vivienne Conway – [email protected] Director, Web Key IT Pty Ltd W3C Advisory Committee Representative at Web Key IT Pty Ltd Member of RDWG & the WCAG-Evaluation Methodology Task Force W4A Chair for the Paciello Group Challenge in 2015 Justin Brown – [email protected] Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University Member of the Research & Development Working Group Scott Hollier - [email protected] Manager, Major Projects W3C Advisory Committee Representative at Media Access Australia



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