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Mongol - Beat the Clock!

KQ: Why were Kublai & Genghis Khan great leaders?

Warm-up: Put your dragon & answers in your folder. Complete the China Develops A New Economy Content Check.

Work to do: 

Read to be informed: 

Use text to fill in organizer 

AtC pp 162-169

Complete China Postcard – due 4/29  DEAR 

How did their horseback-riding skills aid in winning battles? • Could ride w/ hands free to use weapons in battle more effectively • Could travel 200 miles a day • Had a height advantage

How did Genghis Khan shape the Mongol warriors into a tightly-structured army? 

Created a chain of command 

10,000 

1,000  100 


How did Genghis Khan’s willingness to learn from other cultures aid in building the empire? Had a war prisoner develop a written language  Used foreign ideas to improve the army 

 

Catapult Gunpowder bombs

What did Kublai Khan do to stabilize the Empire? Respected merchants and improved internal & foreign trade  Established a postal system to help with communication and trade 

What were the 3 kinds of groups that were important to the social organization of the Mongols? Clan  Tribe  Family  (khan isn’t a group) 

What are the memorable accomplishment of the Mongols that were NOT related to the military? Mail service  Religious tolerance  Promotion of trade & travel throughout Asia  Stimulating European exploration  Spreading ideas throughout Asia through trade 

Mongolian Social Levels

Social Bonds Among Mongols

Homework:   

Complete the postcard for China – 4/29 Answer KQA Quiz Corrections due 4/28

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