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President’s Report to Faculty November 14, 2012

John L. Anderson

Annual Report to the Board of Trustees See the IIT website - President’s page

Highlights 2011-12 • Balanced budget including $4M in capital renewal • Good fundraising and excellent alumni relations

• 2610 full time UGs fall 2012 – highest since 1983 • Retention: 1st2nd yr = 91%, 1st3rd yr = 84% • 43 new faculty (17 tenure track), filled 3 endowed chairs • New Dean of Architecture • Stuart School back on campus

• Press conferences (Mayor twice, Governor once)

Goals 2012-13 • Balanced budget including $5M in capital renewal • 2750 full time UGs fall 2013 • Continue to hire faculty • Strategic Plan for Marketing • Continue fundraising and alumni relations • Develop programming and design of Innovation Center

Innovation Center • • • •

About 100,000 square feet, $40M Initial gift Space allocated by Provost Mission:

As the place on campus where faculty, students, and creative leaders from private enterprise will interact and exchange ideas, the Innovation Center will allow us to realize our vision of distinctive education: developing leadership and teamwork skills in multidisciplinary environments, encouraging entrepreneurial activities, and integrating design methods into the curriculum.

Challenges • Facilities and deferred maintenance • Visibility and reputation • 3500 full time UGs - Maintain student quality - Recruit nationally - Need faculty help in student yield during on-campus visits • Maintain graduate enrollment • Develop a new Strategic Plan

2011/2012 Placement Report Percentage 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0






79 69



Student Placement

Fueling Innovation: By the Numbers 3 3 3 13 43 900 2,030 6,924 and 3,247 $35,280.98

Gifts of $10M Goals of the campaign Months until the public launch of the campaign Endowed chairs Alumni gifts of $100K or more in this campaign Visits by deans and faculty with alumni and other potential donors

First-time alumni donors Alumni attendees at IA events, and number of first-time attendees Student Gift Campaign three-year results = 7 new drinking fountains, 62 new reserve books, and 7 pieces of furniture for the MTCC courtyard

$21,146,481.31 $79,908,348 $117+ million

Financial aid—scholarships and fellowships Gifts from the Board of Trustees

Total raised since June 1, 2010 campaign kick-off

Fueling Innovation: Faculty Support • $27.2 M

Endowed Chairs and Faculty Support

• $21.3 M

Research and Entrepreneurship

• $7.6 M

Facility Renovations, Equipment Funds and Innovation Center

China Gatherings Alumni from six countries gathered for the biennial Asia Alumni Association meeting and inaugural ceremony of IIT China Alumni Association.

The program included a joint symposium with BIT on Innovation, IP, and wealth.

Administrative Actions • Parking – lessons learned • Office moves from Main Building • Compliance committee

Parking Services Added Based on Customer Feedback • Moped/Motor Scooter/Motorcycle Parking

• Carpool Registration • Parking Waitlist

• Extended Evening Parking Access • Developing discounted parking options for occasional use by faculty and staff

Office Moves from Main Building • Students: Accounting, Financial Aid and Registrar (next to The Commons) – One Stop Shopping • Undergrad Academic Affairs: IIT Tower, 2nd Floor

• International Center: MTCC, Room 203 • Graduate College and Research: IIT Tower, 7th Floor • Marketing and Communications: IIT Tower, 4th Floor

• Human Resources: IIT Tower, 9th Floor • Controller, Purchasing, Payroll: Tech Central, 4th Floor • Grant and Contract Accounting: Tech Central, 4th Floor

• Student Accounting: Tech Central, 4th Floor

Athletics at IIT • Transition to NCAA Division III -

Exploratory phase this year Four years provisional

• New sports - Men’s Basketball (Fall 2012) -

Women’s Basketball (Fall 2013) Women’s Lacrosse (Spring 2014)

• Artificial turf on “soccer” field summer 2013 • Continue to improve Keating Hall

Good News • No increase in medical employee payments for next year • Commencement - Saturday, May 18, 2013: Kevin Willer, President & CEO of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center delivers keynote address

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