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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, Revolution And Post-Independence (1775-1820), War Of 1812
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Dolley madison By: Sydney Curator’s office

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Dolley Madison was born May 20, 1768 in Guilford County, North Carolina. She was one of eight kids in the family. Her family was a Quaker family. Dolley was about 5’6-1/2 tall with black hair and blue eyes. Her father’s name was John Payne and her mother’s name was Mary Coles Payne. When Dolley was, she moved to Philadelphia. While Dolley lived in Philadelphia she met a young lawyer. They moved to eastern Virginia and she got married to John Todd in 1790. They had two boys. In 1793, her husband and her youngest son, William Isaac Todd died of yellow fever. William Isaac Todd was 3 months old when he died. She was twenty-five when they died. She was widow after they died. Dolley was known for her warmth, charm and popularity. “Dolley assisted the widowed Jefferson as a hostess at offical events, giving her plenty of preparation for her future role as first lady.” When John Todd died, Dolley married James Madison. James and Dolley had no kids. Dolley Madison expelled being a Ouaker because James was not Ouaker.

Accomplishments • • •

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“Her popularity prevailed during the 1812 election.” “In preparation for the inaugural ceremonies of James Madison on March fourth.” “Dolley Madison’s popularity as a hostess in Washington adds greatly to the recognition of her husband by those members of Congress whose electoral votes then chose the winner of presidential races”. Dolley Madison made the White House elegant and comfortable. She opened the doors weekly for anyone that wanted to come in. As they would walk in she would greet with charm and ease. Though most people never saw it because the British burned it down in August 1814 in the war of 1812. Most people have heard of her as the nation’s favorite first lady. Dolley befriended nuns at a local church. She also helped to find a Washington D.C home for young orphaned girls. She was the first lady in 1809-1817. From March fourth to March third. In 1836, James died. When James died her irresponsible son forced her to sell her properties, even her house. Soon she returned to Washington D.C permanently. She lived across from the White House in a row owned by James. “In 1842 she traveled to New York City to arrange a loan from the wealthy fur magnate John Jacob Astor. Congress can to her aid once more by agreeing to buy the remaining Madison’s papers for $25,000, but only on one condition that the money be placed in a trust fund so that her son could not get it.

Conclusion •

Dolley Madison died on July 12,1849 in Washington in her house.

She was 81 years old.

She was buried beside James Madison in a family plot near Montpelier.

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