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January 20, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Conformity
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The Power of ONE ONE – Opportunity, Need and Empowerment We have the opportunity, we see the need and we are empowered to use our strengths to make a difference.

Our reach can expand around the world. With the Power of ONE We can all make a difference

Using the Power of One Collaborate, Communicate & Commit

You Can Maximize your opportunities. Find Common Ground. Work Together and Create Measurable Results


Leverage Using the Power of ONE! 

The Power of ONE How Do I Use The Power of ONE? • Through Associations

• Rotarian, United Way • Lifestyle Editor, Freelance Writer • Mentor, Speaker, Corporate Trainer • Published Author of 4000+ articles

• Radio and TV Personality • Huge Resource Bank

Setting a Guinness World Record!

4000 Business Matches in 2 hours 20 rounds – 3 minutes each Adjudicated by Philip Robertson Moderated by Donna Messer Goal – Achieved World Record Status!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 

What matters most is how others see you; not how you see yourself!

The Power of ONE What value do you bring?

•WHO are you?

•WHO do you know? •WHAT can you share?

The Power of ONE It’s who you know, what you know and who knows you!

1. 2 3. 4. 5. 7. 8.

My My My My My My My

favourite vacation spot? vehicle? favourite pet? hobbies, special interests? Associations? volunteering? bucket list?

ONE key to success     

 

Be an Authority Be Visible Be Credible Be Adaptable Be Profitable Be Heard Be an Author – let your voice be heard!

The Power of One Use the RISE Philosophy    

Rapport: Find common ground with people you meet. Information: Take time to exchange details where both sides benefit. Solutions: Create measurable results Ethical: Respect and compliancy for rules & regulations.

Putting the Pieces Together Contact Opportunity





The Power of One with a 2nd Chance

Population 300

Transferable Skills? Community Employed

The Power of ONE Maximizing Opportunities 

Dog Guides of Canada

The Power of ONE Reaching Youth at Camp Enterprise 

Business Boot Camp

How ONE can make a difference Meet Johnny The Bagger Boy

Social Media – Expand the Power of ONE – Visibility, Credibility, Profitability! • • • • • •

• •

LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups Blogs Google Alerts Twitter Facebook Blog Talk Radio YouTube

Maximize The Power of ONE

Be prepared – have plenty of business cards Be open minded – have a We not Me attitude Don’t be afraid to “give to get” Treat everyone as an equal Build your network wisely, use social capital Follow Up - Say Thank You – in writing! Don’t waste your resources – use the Internet

Give without expectation – return is measurable Set realistic & achievable goals; be accountable

ONE Way to Maximize your Network 1. Do your homework – set goals in advance. 2. Travel right. 3. Circulate. 4. Start fresh. 5. Who’s who. 6. One, two or three. 7. Infomercial. 8. Handshake. 9. Get to know them. 10. Card exchange. 11. Win/win. 12. We came; we met; we will meet again.

Cycles of Life, Keeping You on Track Through the Power of ONE

Get from where you are – To where you want to go!

The book is a journey, with timely tips along the way …….. • Learn to use the Power of ONE • Maximize your network •Measure your results

ConnectUs International Inc. 323 Kerr St. Suite 202 Oakville ON L6K 3B6 [email protected]

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