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January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Neurology
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Don’t Give Away Personal Information! A guide for what to do and what not to give away on social networks.

Why You Should Care: It is very important in this day and age of the internet to prevent your personal info from becoming to public, or anything could happen to you. This might not sound bad, but some people can be very nasty, and can find, watch, stalk, kidnap and/or kill you. It’s sad, but it does happen.

What Is Personal Info? Personal information includes anything from your name to where you live. It is what defines who you are. And if somebody sees enough of it, they can find you. Any day. Any time. Any place.

How Much To Give Away: Give the bare minimum. Only allow at the most 2 pieces of personal info on your account: first name brings you down to about 5 million people, first and last brings you down to a couple hundred people, First, last, and birthday brings it to about 4-5 people. that may still sound good, but there are 7 billion people on this planet-


Continued From Last Page: That’s over 7,000,000,000 people! think about it 5 vs. 7,000,000,000. Starting to sound like a problem now isn’t it? add the name of your pet, the type of car you drive, or just a picture can give you away and set you up for exploitation from any number of people out in the world who just feel like being bad. Only 2 pieces of info so your friends can find you, but say no more to stay anonymous.

What Not To Give Away: you can figure this out. Address, street, and County for starters. Also don’t give away your phone number, PIN number, Social security number (some people actually do that!), or any other exact info. Pictures are the middle ground: it counts as 1 of the 2 info pieces and is usually the surest way to find you and your family.

What Sites These Rules Apply To: Any social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. Gaming sites or online games like WOT online or MW online. This even extends to console profiles like the Xbox or Playstation. Blogs and dating sites are included in this list.

It Won’t Happen To Me… That is the sentence you are all thinking after you’ve read this. Think about it this way: It does happen to some people, but they all say the same thing, so in effect it does happen to people like you, no matter how many times they say it won’t happen.

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