Dr. Patricia Brown

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Educational Psychology
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Dr. Patricia Brown, Instructor

Patricia Brown completed her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia, subsequently living in Toronto while working in marketing and advertising at the University of Toronto. She went on to do an MBA at Simon Fraser University and worked in the corporate sector for a number of years, moving into the ‘business’ of education as Managing Director of a three-campus private college for a number of years. In 2000, Patricia relocated to the University of Calgary in a management position. She was involved in developing a sustainable model for online and face-to-face courses in graduate education, including the development of Canada’s first online doctorate in education. During this time, Patricia supported her location community through service on a number of volunteer boards, including the B.C. Career Colleges Association, a local credit union, a cooperative restaurant venture, and a small start-up film company. Patricia’s interest in organizational culture and leadership was the focus of her doctoral work, which she completed in 2008. Her thesis research was a qualitative case study which investigated how women leaders in higher education settings work with organizational cultural change as a result of globalization. Patricia began teaching part time in the masters program in adult, community and higher education at the University of Calgary and has held a permanent faculty position in the School of Business at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Alberta, for the past two years, after working as a contract instructor for three years with SAIT. She currently teaches Organizational Behaviour, Leadership, and Strategic Management. .

COURSES TAUGHT: Leadership Organizational Behaviour Strategic Planning/Business Policy Leadership Development Organizational Behaviour Business Ethics Marketing Management Business Computers Legal Workplace Dynamics Organizational Theory and Analysis in Education Program Planning Organizational Change and Learning Educational Administration, Theory and Leadership Adults as Learners

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Leadership in higher education Organizational culture and change in higher education Mentoring in higher education

CONTACT INFORMATION: (403) 774-5022 [email protected]

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