Dr. Sirleaf Social Construction Corruption

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Social Psychology
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THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF Corruption: The Liberian Case Study. Presented to: Strayer University Department of Sociology Presented by: Amos M. D. Sireaf, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology February 26, 2010

An organization's compensation practices can have serious effects on its competitive advantage. However, to develop a competitive advantage i Mary F. Sirleaf There must be different levels of pay in the relative worth among a set of jobs, because among workers, there are different levels of responsi •Two employees perform the same job and each received exemplary performance ratings. Discuss whether it is fair to give one employee a s While the concept of measuring performance in service businesses may seem difficult, it serves as a link between additional pay and rewards •Discuss the basic concept of insurance and how this concept applies to health care. Obviously, insurance has been around for a very long time basically to circumvent the potential of financial losses in case of unforeseen circu Mary F. Sirleaf concept of insurance and how it applies to health care, originated from the fact that, life is full of uncertainties and it is well understood that •Except for the Family and Medical Leave Act, the remaining legally required benefits were conceived decades ago. Describe the changes in Historically, the legally required benefits mandated by the Social Security Act of 1935, was largely prompted by the rapid growth of industr Mary F. Sirleaf virtually all U.S. employees, who view companies’ benefits as entitlements that serve as motivational tools to enhance workers’ productivity,


This presentation seeks to articulate that the history of Correction is also the history of a Scientific- cultural of poverty, papered to be imbedded in the DNA of the Liberian socio- cultural, and transplanted historic social and political structures. Corruption in

Liberia is an idea from mankind, specially, It is distinctly a Western emulated and learned behavioral philosophy. No society is composed of genetically “pure” people. Society tends to rank themselves into hierarchies based on race with one race

assumed to be better than another. We are in fact one race - human.

In essence, Social Construction of race is a cultural of fallacy based on hypothetical or conditional propositions.

INTRODUCTION Race & Ethnicity are Social Constructs depending on the nations and the minds set of its occupants.  Race becomes a social construct when it

draws an artificial boundaries among people, nations, and that artificially divides people into distinct groups based on characteristics.

THEORIES A. That your present situations were meant to be; therefore, there has to be a policy put in place to sustain your situation.

B. That you appear to be an expendable subject or useful and workable instrumental, or you were not meant to exist, or you were meant to exist on certain frame of reference… or a product of natural selection (Charles Darwin)

JUSTIFICATIONS 1. Since it turns that all humans are the descended from

a small number of African ancestors in our recent

evolutionary past, believing in profound differences between the human races is as ridiculous as believing in a flat earth. 

Social Construction of Race is a fallacy


We were not or we are not born with racist attitudes, values, culture, or beliefs. It is an institutional and interdisciplinary frame of instruction or cultural

conditioning dynamic. This Cultural Conditioning can in time becomes a Social Construction of Reality based on the theory of the Self-fulfilling Prophecy.

JUSTIFICATIONS  Even though we are born and we were born into

social, ethnic, cultural, and religious contexts, we

have not made enough efforts nor acquired enough information about knowing ourselves and or knowing one another. (As an African from Liberia)…

JUSTIFICATIONS  It is through the process of socialization, cultural

consciousness, and social interaction that we acquire

sets of attitudes, values, and beliefs that may contribute to the way we see one another from an ethno-cultural and racist perspective.


 What does it mean to say that race is “socially

constructed or it is a Social Construction of Reality?  What do we mean when we say that anything is

socially constructed?

CONCLUSION  Ethnicity becomes a social construct when it divides

people into smaller social groups based on a shared sense of group membership, values, behavioral patterns, language, political and economic interests, history, and geography.  An understanding of the social construction of “race”

in the US is essential for an understanding of the impact of events and change.  Thanks: Q&A

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