DSC Orbund Student Manual 1

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DSC  Orbund  Student  Manual  


DSC  Orbund  Student  Manual  

DSC ORBUND STUDENT MANUAL INTRODUCTION: Orbund (Einstein) is the DSC’s Electronic Student Information System through which students access time-tables, grades, progress reports, class information, announcements from various DSC officers and lecturers, tuition and fee invoices among other things. This system is managed by the Office of the Registrar. Below you will find detailed guidelines on how to use the various features of the system. Log in, by going to dsc.edu.dm, click on Orbund Login. A new screen will appear in which you will enter the username and password you were provided with in your online access letter. Start Page: This page provides you with News and Information as well as any Announcements and Homework or Assignments by your lecturers. The details of these can be obtained by clicking on the relevant hyperlinks. Classes: All courses for which you have registered will be found by clicking on classes. To find information related to any course, click on its name. Class Announcements: To view your announcements, simply click on class announcements and then on the announcement you wish to view. Announcements for that section can only be posed by your various course lecturers. Messages: To send messages, click on messages (found either on the Start Page or under Communication.) click on the category of the person to whom you want to send the message – instructors, staff (non-academic), student or Registrar; check the box next to the person’s name then click add, put in your subject, then type the message. When you are finished, click SEND. Your message will go only to the lecturer(s) you have chosen. To view messages from your lecturer, click on message. If you wish to respond to the message, type your response in reply box and send. If you need to attach a file, click on Upload file, locate file and attach. To determine if your message has been read by the intended recipient, click on sent mail (in drop down menu next to folder) and there you will see whether the mail has been read or not. Homework & Lecture Notes: To view, click on Assignments. Lecturers will be posting class notes as well as course outlines and class schedules. To access these, click on Homework & Lecture Notes then click on the homework link under the corresponding date as posted by your lecturer. Pay attention to the due date for all assignments. Assignment Submission: Click on Assignment Submission and then click on the box name that corresponds with the assignment you are about to submit. Next, browse to locate and upload your assignment from its original location (jump drive, compact disk, desk top, etc.) and then submit. Please take note of the closing date as you will be unable to submit assignments after that date.


DSC  Orbund  Student  Manual   Class Discussion: A Class discussion may be initiated by your course lecturer. To read and comment or contribute to a discussion, click on the available discussion topic. There you may read the lecturer’s comment or question and all other contributions from your classmates. If you wish to post your own comment, type it in the post message and then “post message”. Attendance Records: To view your attendance records, click on attendance records, and then choose your course- your attendance for that course will show. These records are only for your viewing; changes can only be made by your lecturer. Progress & Mid-Term Reports: Your progress and mid-term reports will allow you to see your grades for various course assignments and tests during the semester. However, these will only be available for your viewing after your lecturer(s) have posted your grades. They are only available for the current semester. Semester Reports & Academic Transcripts: These allow you to view and assess your academic performance. Both features will only be available for your viewing at the end of the semester and after the grades posted by your lecturer(s) have been verified by the Office of the Registrar. Payment and Invoice: This will provide information on your tuition and other school fees, the amount you have paid and your current balance. You may also print your personal records by clicking on print invoice & payment schedule. This will include the dates of your payments. Class Enrollment & Schedule: This will provide you with information on the classes you have successfully registered for. It will inform you of your classes, class times and classrooms where your various classes will be held. You may also view your Exam Card here by clicking on Class Enrollment and Schedule. Please ensure that throughout the semester all classes you are attending are listed here, and that there are no classes which you are not attending listed. Online Registration: All students can now sit in the comfort of their homes or wherever they have access to the Internet to register for their classes. No need to stand in long lines for registration. For each semester, The Office of the Registrar will set a time period in which registration can be done. For the first semester, the Computer Labs at Stock Farm Campus will be available for registration. Exam Schedules: You can view your exam schedule from here in Calendar format.


DSC  Orbund  Student  Manual   Reference: Under this section you can find the following information: -

Graduation Requirements: This feature gives you the details on the courses and number of credit hours you require to qualify for graduation, as well as indicate those you have completed at any point in your programme(s).


Book List: This provides you with the Book Titles and Authors for the text books corresponding with the various classes.


Events Calendar: The events calendar provides you with the semester calendar of events (events and dates). Please take careful note of those that apply to you.


Staff Directory: This provides you with contact information as well as your lecturers’ time tables. You may view a lecturer’s schedule by clicking on view schedule below the lecturer’s name.

Complaints & Issues: You may post your complaints and/or issues by clicking complaints & issues then post issues. Type your issue and then click submit. Your issue(s) will only be viewed by the Registrar or Assistant Registrar. If a response is sent to you, simple click on response to view. You may delete submitted postings or responses. Account & Profile: This is found by clicking on Setup and Customization. Your account and profile provides you with your account information. Here you may change the password provided to you by the Office of the Registrar. Ensure that the information contained here is always accurate and current. If you have made any change, click on Save. Password reminder: Should you forget your user name and/or password, from the logging on page, click forget password. Enter your email address and password so that both your username and password can be sent to you. This will only happen if you had your correct email address on your Orbund account  


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