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National Council for the Training of Journalists

Diploma in Journalism

E-portfolio Workshop May 2014

the aims  Examine the current syllabus and assessment  Discuss what markers should be looking for  Demonstrate the e-portfolio system  Sample e-portfolio submission and marking exercise

Practical Journalism Ethics is assessed integrally in the assessment of the core subject areas and Court Reporting

The new Business & Finance unit is now available as a specialist option via distance learning – pilot centres required to deliver this unit

the programme of study  Suitable for news reporting and magazine journalism and broadcast journalism.  Minimum of 150 GLH  Writing and creating stories and features on different platforms  10 Pieces of journalism* presented on any platform (*conditions dependant on completion of news, magazine or broadcast portfolio – see page 2 of the POS)

content for 2013-14  PA news feature is no longer a compulsory requirement  Weighting of marks will be amended as follows: stories/features


(18 marks each)

ethical considerations


(10 marks)

range of content


(10 marks)


e-portfolio demonstration  student view  tutor view  marking  moderation  confirmation of results

submissions  example e-portfolio story submissions  marks  ethical considerations

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