easter rising 1916

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, English
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EASTER RISING 1916 For hundreds of years Ireland had been waiting for its Independence. The rebellion started in 1916.

The rebels seized the G.P.O and Pádraig Pearse reads the proclamation.

The British attacked the College of Surgeons.

British attack Liberty Hall, Boland’s Mills and Mount Street Bridge.

This ferocious fight that took place on Sackville Street and James Street, wounded and killed many people.

By 4pm the General Post Office was on fire. The building was in ruins.

At 2:30pm Pearse was taken to see General Maxwell and he wrote out the surrender document.

The people executed were either shot or hanged.

James Connolly was so wounded that the British had to tie him up in a chair to shoot him.

After 1916…

The British introduced conscription which caused an Irish civil war in later years.

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