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ECRI Web Tutorial Navigating the Health Devices, HDgold, and SELECTplus Member Web Sites

Member Log In ►

Members can log in through ECRI home page (

Basic Layout of our Web Pages Banner



Web Page Content ► Content

varies depending on your membership subscription

Member Home Page ►

You can always return to the home page by selecting “Home” from the banner

Member Home Page ►

Help and FAQ can be accessed from the banner or the menu

Menu Bar Sections Patient Safety Items Research Tools

Additional Features

Help Items

Home Page Highlights Key Membership Items Membership Poll Current Issue of Journal Current Safety Notices and News

Key Features of the Health Devices Membership

Health Devices Journal ► Health

Devices is ECRI's monthly journal for

healthcare technology decision makers. Since 1971, Health Devices has provided healthcare professionals with technology guidance and advice based on rigorous laboratory testing, clinical studies, independent analyses, and sound technical judgment. Health Devices is best known for its comparative evaluations of brand-name medical devices and systems and detailed modelspecific reports of device-related hazards.

Health Devices Journal

Article List By Topic Links to All Issues Listed by Pub. Year Current Issues of Journal

Health Devices Alerts ► Health

Devices Alerts is the world's most comprehensive international database of medical equipment-related problems, hazards, and recalls. Also available is ECRI Alerts Tracker, the first ever online active recall management system. Alerts Tracker facilitates distribution of hazard and recall alerts throughout your hospital, and automatically documents the actions your staff members take to resolve them.

Health Devices Alerts ► The

components of the Alerts program are:

 Action Items -- reports of medical device problems, hazards, and recalls  Abstracts -- a comprehensive summary of medical journal articles  Regulatory Data -- problem reports from Regulatory Agencies around the world  FDA Enforcement Report -- recalls and field corrections from recent issues of the FDA Enforcement Report that are currently under investigation by ECRI

Health Devices Alerts

(shown with ECRI Alerts Tracker Features) Tracker Features (only available to Tracker Subscribers)


Current Headlines Access to current and past issues

Problem Report Network ► For

more than 30 years, ECRI has gathered and investigated reports of incidents involving medical devices (including capital equipment, reusable and disposable instruments, reagents, etc.) from healthcare providers, patients, and manufacturers around the world. As a result of ECRI's investigations, many manufacturers have recalled or modified their devices. ECRI publishes many of these reports as Hazard Reports and User Experience Network™ articles in Health Devices and as Hazard Bulletins, Urgent Bulletins, and Action Items in Health Devices Alerts .

Problem Report Network Online Reporting Options Download Forms

Additional Online Features Available to HDgold, SELECTplus, and Custom Members

Health Devices Sourcebase ► ECRI’s

Source base is an online database of medical product manufacturers and distributors and the types of products they supply. Source base includes more than 14,500 manufacturer and distributor profiles. Source base profiles are updated monthly and include company contact information with e-mail and Web addresses when available, names of key personnel, trade names, and financial and general company information.

Health Devices Source base

Keyword Search Search Filters Index List

Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS) ► ECRI’s

Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS), an easily searchable online database, delivers comprehensive information and insights you need to understand, compare, and purchase medical equipment. Search the online database by any term—device, manufacturer name, medical procedure, or model name. Updated weekly, HPCS Online delivers the most up-to-date information anywhere.

Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS) Keyword Search Report List by Specialty Listing of New Reports

Additional Online Features Available to SELECTplus Members

Report Center ► Members

that subscribe to the full SELECTplus service can request a variety of custom analyses performed on demand, with SELECTplus analysts considering your facility's unique needs and circumstances before making recommendations.

Report Center

Access to all 8 reports View Sample Reports Request Report

Real-Time Price Paid Database ► With

this tool you can search the most recent pricing information from the ECRI Price Paid Database. You will also see purchase configuration information in columns including catalog numbers, component descriptions, quantities and line item pricing if provided.

Real-Time Price Paid Database

RFP Database ► ECRI

has over 1,000 RFP’s available online. These may be downloaded and saved to a Word document for modification. Alternatively, we can assist you in modifying these. You will notice that sections of the RFP which must be modified for each hospital are in boldface type for easy identification. If you are considering the purchase of a device for which a proposal has not been written, contact us and we will write one for you if appropriate.

RFP Database

Health Technology Trends ► Our

Health Technology Trends publication

focuses on recent trends in healthcare. This database provides the full text for the article your facility is interested in. When using the search engine, the red bullets next to the search results indicate the strength of the match to the key term and the search word is highlighted in yellow within the summary or full text sections.

Health Technology Trends

Other Resources Available with the Membership

Financial Tools ►

Four calculators for performing equipment purchase and utilization analysis

Slideshows ►

Health Technology Slideshows quickly encapsulate main topics from recent studies

Useful Web Links ►

Listing of over 150 useful web sites broken down into four categories

MAUDE Database ►

Online access to the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE)

Still Need Help…? ► ECRI's

multidisciplinary staff of 240 people is available to answer your questions about healthcare technology issues. Whether you need specific advice (e.g., "What should we do about this recall?") or answers to more general questions (e.g., "Where can I find info on cell phones?"), we are here to help you.  Call (610) 825-6000  E-mail [email protected]


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