Eid and the lessons for all from Ramadan

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management
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Diversity and Inclusion

Race for Opportunity Awards 2013 Recruiting diverse talent September 2013

Recruiting Diverse Talent •

As a market-leading, global, universal bank it’s critical we attract and retain the most talented, diverse workforce available and ensure our workforce demographics are reflective of the changing opportunities globally.

As a complex industry banking relies on the problem-solving personal attributes of its workforce. Team diversity broadens social capital which enhances performance. People with diverse perspectives generate more comprehensive views of problems, offer alternative interpretations and ultimately generate more creative, robust solutions.

The challenge was to analyse, identify and deliver the most effective enhancements to make Barclays. recruitment process more inclusive.

Extend outreach activity and increase applications from BAME students - particularly Black AfroCaribbean - by 20%.

Create an integrated partnership model between campus recruitment, Cultural Awareness Network and external partners such as SEO, RARE, Powerful Media.

Increase the intake of BAME Interns (Spring and Summer) by at least 5%.

Improve recruitment conversion statistics of BAME students by introducing Barclays-wide mandatory unconscious bias training to the Executive Committee, Managing Directors and Directors

Introduce strength-based interviewing which has proved results relating to diversity.

Our Challenge

Our Goals

2 | RfO Awards: Recruiting Diverse Talent |

September 2013

Recruiting Diverse Talent •

Senior management involvement to appropriate prioritisation and time allocation

Greater integration and co-ordination with partner organisations such as SEO/Rare

“Lifecycle Mentoring”; students gain business knowledge, develop interview skills and build social capital

Broadened Outreach, maximising outreach with mentoring programme targeting schools continuing through every year of university

Mentors build unbreakable relationships with mentees ensuring talented BAME candidates select Barclays above competitors and guide candidates to their most suitable departments based on personality and aspirations

Improved size and variety of internships made available, with focus on converting BAME candidates

Review selection process to eliminate barriers: no specific mention of UCAS criteria and degree qualification; Strength based interviewing; Unconscious Bias Training introduced to Senior Leaders

Barclays moved from the bottom of SEO and RARE’s League tables to one of the leading BAME recruiters – 200% increase intern offers accepted by SEO/RARE candidates within 2 years

Our most challenging division, Investment Banking, has seen a 9 – 12% increase in BAME from total candidates for Spring/Summer programmes

A 36% increase in applications from Black candidates and 200% increase in offers accepted by Black interns

Expanded apprenticeship talent pipeline for 2013 from 6 to 19

Initiated the 2.5 year financial apprenticeship with guaranteed roles for successful candidates, enlisting 12

Our approach

The Impact

3 | RfO Awards: Recruiting Diverse Talent |

September 2013

Recruiting Diverse Talent “Over the last two years we have seen a huge increase in interest in Barclays from BAME students. This is testament to the thoughtful and comprehensive approach they’ve taken to identifying, engaging and supporting students. (…) Critically they’ve identified two ways to help BAME students achieve their potential – better education and mentoring from the experts, their staff.”

Hason Sandhu, SEO

“I attended various events hosted by banks leading up to Spring-Week. I received multiple offers but Barclays was my first choice. My preference was purely down to their commitment throughout the application process and consistent delivery on promises of support. Nearly all other banks spoke about open door policy but Barclays is the only one who truly demonstrated this. Their people and culture really set them apart” Reeya Sakaria, LSE

4 | RfO Awards: Recruiting Diverse Talent |

September 2013

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