Election of 1800

January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Election of 1800

Election of 1800 • Federalists – John Adams & Charles Pickney.

• Democratic Republicans – Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr. • Jefferson and Burr tied with 73 Electoral votes. • House of Representatives voted and broke the tie – Jefferson Elected. • 12th Amendment passed – Separate ballot for President and Vice President.

Down and Dirty • Jefferson was attacked by Adams and the Federalists: Anti-Christian, Backwoods, Economically ignorant, Pro-French Radical, low morals The Republicans countered by claiming Adams: wanted to crown himself King, tyrannical, an elitist--favoring the Northern wealthy class

Party Beliefs (Platforms) Federalists: • Rule by wealthy class • Strong Federal Government • Manufacturing Economy • Pro protective tariff • Loose Interpretation of Constitution • British Alliance

Jefferson, Adams, Burr…

Party Platforms Continued

Democratic Republicans:

• Rule by the people • Strong state governments (states’ rights) • Agricultural economy • Anti-tariff • Strict interpretation of Constitution • French Alliance

Role of the Government Under Jefferson:

• Lower Military Spending • No Domestic Taxes • Protect Nation from Foreign Threats • Deliver Mail • Collect Custom Duties (Import taxes) • Keep Bank of U.S.

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