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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, English, Literature, English Literature
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College of Humanities & Social Sciences Emirates Society

Zia Ur Rehman Said – 200834681 Khaled Aref Reza – 201250296 Instructor: Dr. Amber Haque

Spring 2014

Historical background of the Date Palm

Significance of the tree to the UAE

Visual characteristics of the different types of date palms

Sheikh Zayed’s order about using the trees in public areas

Modern influences and developments – Date Palm

The export of date palms and the new type of confectionery using the dates

 History/Culture

and heritage

 Agriculture/Economy  Environment/Beauty  Health


His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed: Anyone can use the dates from palm trees, if: -

It is not on a private farm i.e. public trees It is for personal consumption It is not for trade purposes It is harvested in fair amounts

May his soul rest in peace…

The Palm Islands, Dubai

 Date

museum  Date climbing  Date theatre  Date tasting  Date kitchen  Date photography

 Date

palm trees exported to countries like Niger, Nambia, Somalia, Jordan etc.

Used as/for: - Food source - Trade businesses - Agricultural development  Dates

are exported to countries like KSA and UK for consumption

“Provide me with sustainable agriculture and I will ensure you a civilized society…”

-His Highness Sheikh Zayed

 http://www.awm-

datepalm.com/en/market/index.htm  www.datepalmfestival.com  http://www.alkhaleej.ae/supplements/page /97c0ed12-9fd2-4d2c-870d-1f42b2af8044  www.google.com  www.wikipedia.org  http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/heritag e-culture/significance-of-palm-treeshighlighted-at-festival-1.717224  http://www.diet-tree.com/health-benefitsof-dates.php

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