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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science
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Download Employee Wellness - Weber State University...


...enhancing the health and well-being of employees, spouses, and retirees through comprehensive health assessment, education, and intervention strategies...

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Wellness Assessment

• •

Wellness Pays

Free to all full-time faculty staff and their spouses

Qualify for Healthy Utah Rebates

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Group Exercise Classes

Qualifies for 3 hours Wellness Time

Individual Wellness Coaching/Group Wellness Coaching

Semester Incentive Programs Lunch and Learn Presentations

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Purpose: To educate the Faculty and Staff of Weber State University about their personal health risks.

Includes 3 parts:

Online Health Risk Appraisal

Blood Assessment

• •

Quick 5-10 minute questionnaire that includes family/personal health history and nutrition questions. 15 minutes- includes Cholesterol and Glucose We can accept blood work performed at your physicians office within the past 3 months!

Fitness Assessment

45 minutes- includes Body Fat Testing, Aerobic Capacity, Strength and Flexibility

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How To Complete Your Assessment Online:

• Your Username is your eWeber login • Your Password is: wellness1

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How To Sign Up:

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Healthy Utah Rebate

• • • • •

PEHP’s Wellness Program Complete online questionnaire $50 for completing assessment Additional $50 for healthy ranges/values Various other rebates for:

• • • • • •

Smoking Cessation Lowering LDL Cholesterol Lower BMI Points Blood Pressure Improvement

Diabetes Management Postpartum Weight Improvement

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How To Enroll With Healthy Utah:

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Purpose: an incentive program for salaried employees designed to reward participation in healthy activities.

• • •

Earn up to $200 a year/ $80 per category Payouts three times during the year Three categories:

• • •

Preventative Screenings

Physical Activity Healthy Behavior

* •


PREVENTATIVE SCREENINGS Annual Physical Exam Annual Mammogram Annual Pap Smear

Colon Screening/Colonoscopy Rectal Exam Skin Cancer Checkup Bi-Annual Dental Exam

Annual Eye Exam

* •

Menu: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Participate in 2 or more 5K’s or 10K’s Participate in 2 or more bike races or sprint triathlons Participate in one half or full marathon, or one Intermediate (or longer) triathlon Participate in a relay race event Participate in physical activity incentive program offered by WSU Employee Wellness Participate in seasonal sports activity (recreational league softball, basketball, etc.) Participate in Employee Wellness or Campus Recreation group fitness classes for a semester (75% attendance required) Exercise program approved or designed by WSU Employee Wellness followed for 3 months

* •


HEALTHY BEHAVIOR Complete Intuitive Eating workshop Participate in Weight Watchers for 3 months Attend 3 Lunch & Learn events Participate in a nutrition wellness challenge offered by WSU Employee Wellness (i.e., Eat Your Colors) Enroll in a WSU health-related course (i.e., nutrition, stress management) Check & record Blood Pressure weekly for 3 months Check & record Blood Glucose daily for 3 months Participate in Wellness Coaching for 3 months Complete a Lifestyle Improvement course (i.e., Blomquist Hale Change Group or Class) Read a wellness-related book Stress Management program approved or designed by WSU Employee Wellness followed for 3 months Complete Stress Management workshop Attend Stress Relief Center (Stress Lab) weekly for 3 months Participate in Weber in Motion

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How To Enroll and Submit Activities:

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Purpose: Designed to assist employees in reaching their goals to live happier, healthier lives.

Incentive programs can be:

individual or team activities

Include topics such as:

• • • •

Nutrition (Eat Your Colors) Physical Activity (Weber Walktober) Weight Management (Project Zero) Body Composition (Weigh To Go!)

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Check our website to keep up to date on upcoming programs.

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Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday $45 for the semester- access to both formats

Enroll for classes on Training Tracker. Check our Events Calendar and website for more information.

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Offered once a month.

* Phone: 801.626.6480 Email: [email protected] Mail Code: 2801 Fax: 801.626.6685 Office Location: WI 210 Employee Wellness Coordinator Raeanna Johnson Employee Wellness Coordinator Assistant Mary Bishop

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