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January 7, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Obstetrics
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This Month’s Issue •The Salvation Army’s Toy Mountain helps Winnipeg’s less fortunate celebrate the holiday

•Thanks to Christmas kettle volunteers such as Sofia VasquezRivas, The Salvation Army is able to help thousands of needy Canadians And more ...

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“Can I Play Your Guitar?” Eric Day was faced with a Christmastime dilemma: should he hand over his precious possession to a stranger?

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Caring Enough to Give Every year, The Salvation Army fills a need at Christmas. But they can’t do it alone

April 2010 December 2014

This Month’s Issue •In the midst of turmoil, Claudette Hillier learned that God keeps his promises •Our sixth doctrine shows us who God is, says Major Ray Harris •In the story of Christ’s birth, which character are you most like?

And more ...

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Have We Seen the Light? Take time this Christmas to acknowledge that Jesus, Light of the World, has come, says General André Cox

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From the Realms of Glory Angels in the Christmas story teach us the significance of Christ’s birth

April 2010 December 2014

Come On, Ring Those Bells Dust off your Red Shields. It’s kettle time!

April 2010

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Edge April 2010

for Kids December 2014 • Read about Mary’s special visit from an angel

This month:

• Learn about the Wise Men who visited Baby Jesus • Celebrate the birth of Christ • Find our why Jesus is the best Christmas present ever Plus stories, puzzles, colouring, jokes and more!

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