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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Earth Science
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Erasmus Mundus Action 3

REALITY Research Cooperation of European and Latin America Universities in Innovation Technologies 1.11.2012 – 31.10.2014


PARTNERS Coordinating institution: University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Partner institutions: University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria Vienna Technical University, Austria Slovak Technical University, Slovak Republic University of Granada, Spain Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, México 3

We build on previous cooperation an results • 1) Socrates-Erasmus 2003-2006 „Intercultural Communication and International Economics Relations - Iberian and Latin American Studies“ 63827-IC-4-2001-1-SK-ERASMUS-PROGUC-1

• 2) Erasmus Lifelong Learning 2008-2011 „Knowledge Triangle and Cooperation European Union – Latin America and The Caribbean“ 142711-lP-1-2008-1-SK-ERASMUS-ECUE


Main objectives:  To achieve sustainable relationship between participating universities from EU – LAC  Based on “knowledge triangle”  Supporting innovation and technology transfer and other relations between both regions


Objectives: 1. To raise awareness on the EU higher education  Promotional kit  Road shows

2. Exploit potential synergies between higher education research and university business/enterprises  Testing a model of students’ stages abroad  Workshops with businesses

3. To promote the accessibility to educational and research processes between EU - LAC universities and exchange of students and experts between partners from EU and LAC  Developing a model cooperation agreement and a portal 6 for sustainable cooperation

ACTIVITY 1 6 Coordination Meetings (Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Mexico City, Granada)  Presentation and promotion kit EU Higher Education, participating universities and countries, EU – LAC dialogue, knowledge triangle, etc.  Preparation of project activities research, workshops, publication, LA students stage in Europe, etc. 7


 Exhibition Mexico City + Puebla  Presentation Uni Austria, Uni Czech Republic, Uni Slovakia, Uni Spain

 Workshop with businesses  Project presentation Tec Monterrey 8

ACTIVITY 3 STUDENTS´CREATIVE WORKSHOPS 12 students from Tec Monterrey: Two weeks road-show in EU: Prague, Bratislava, Vienna  Area study courses  Applied research (technology + economic aspects together with local students) Results of the students´ research projects will be presented at the final event in Bratislava 9


Presentation of the project´s results Presentation of students´ research projects Workshops with businesses Model agreement on sustainable cooperation after the project life signed at the final event in Bratislava  Joint portal HITECH + TRIANGLE for cooperation after the project life 10

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