Ethan, Bryce and Jacob

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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By: Bryce Jacob and Ethan

Milo is looking for a scary monster book. when a book fell on his head. It said right on the cover be a perfect person in just three days.

Milo opened the book. Dr. Silverfish said I know what your thinking how can a guy like me make you perfect.

Milo was dreaming about being perfect. He could point out mistakes to his teacher. He could get hundred percent on his test.

 Milo

asked his mom if he could get broccoli out of the fridge. He was at gym and the broccoli was getting stinky.

Dr. Silverfish said you can’t eat for one day. So Milo just watched his family eat in front of him.

Milo isn’t learning from Dr.Silverfish anymore. Dr.Silverfish said that it was stupid to being perfect. He said that it is easy being perfect there is nothing to acomplish.

Hope You liked our Powerpoint!!! By:BryceEthan-And Jacob!!!

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