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Role, Strength, Impact of European Networks in Realizing the Political Priorities of President Juncker According to the priorities communicated by President Juncker, this European conference aims to focalize its attention to the role of European networks and their methods to cooperate in the realization of European policies and priorities for the 2020 objectives. European networks are usually composed by associations, public bodies and small and medium sized enterprises. Representatives of European networks have been invited to discuss how they operate and promote European policies and how this could represent an advantage for the democratic participation of citizens to the aim of creating more Europe and more unity in Europe. In this sense, the presence of political-institutional members is particularly precious in informing and defining how European Institutions support the European networks and how European policies benefit from the activity of the European networks. The conference is also a chance to involve associations with the aim of stimulating networking and the creation of new European networks. Our conference will give result especially to three priorities : 1.Jobs, Growth, Investment 2. Justice and Fundamental Rights 3. Digital Single Market It is also an opportunity to know how platforms and networks can be funded. The conference, in cooperation with ALL LADIES LEAGUE, will be closed by a representative of the Indian network to get a perspective at International Level.

h.14,30 VIDEO SPEECH THE STATE OF THE UNION, PRESIDENT JUCKER INSTITUTIONAL OPENING E.DALMONTE , Acting HEAD of the Representation in Italy of European Commission GIULIA NARDUOLO, Member of Italian Parliament How can European networks promote entrepreneurship and job creation responding adequately to the priority of the European Commission? Moderated by Ines Caloisi (Tia Formazione) CCBI ( MARTA BRONZO, Head European Desk WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP PLATFORM, Grazia Rendo (chairwoman Italy) ( WES ( MARIA LUSTRI’ (MISE) ACROSSLIMITS ( ) MARYROSE FRANCICA (MALTA) OECON







Entrepreneurship Ambassador, GREECE °°°°°°°°°° How to finance networks and platforms through European Funding Programs, SASSU, Italy, Europe for Citizens and Creative Europe, Italian National Contact Point °°°°°°°°°°

European field of competence, shared values and fundamental rights: How networks can foster European cooperation, innovative training, creativity and active citizenship in educational projects. Moderated by Fabio Boccio (Tia Formazione) EARLALL ( JUGATX ORTIZ, coordinator EURODESK ( RAMON MAGI, President AMESCI, ( ENRICO MARIA BORRELLI

ETN ( Luciano Marino (Italy)


17.30 CLOSING REMARKS Indian perspective:what is the vision of a big network such as ALL LADIES LEAGUE at national and international level? What are the challenges?

Catherine Cullen (ALL LADIES LEAGUE


With the cooperation of


FABIO BOCCIO, TIA FORMAZIONE After his doctorate in Indian ancient languages, Mr Boccio has been working as a teacher of Italian and language coach for foreign managers working in different Italian companies. Since 2008, he has been working as teacher coordinator and together with his staff has taken part in several European educational projects where he acted as project designer and project manager. He has written and managed different lifelong learning projects such as Grundtvig, Leonardo and Erasmus+, where the aim was to create solid networks for cooperation all around Europe, with an intensive focus on Iceland, and to implement innovative methods and approaches of teaching foreign languages, with a special interest in migrant integration and building courses and trainings where language is being taught through the arts. From 2010, he has been taking part as educator in several International Language Fairs such as Alphe and ICEF. Since 2011 he is coordinator of the teacher training institute STUDIOITALIA ITA-LAB, a body authorized by the Lazio region for the training of teachers. The training center is monitored by the University for Foreigners of Siena, as a training institution for the exams DITALS levels I and level II. He is an associate member of TIA Formazione. ENRICO MARIA BORRELLI, AMESCI Social Entrepreneur and journalist, expert in young policies and consultant of training projects for territorial development, member of National Consult of Civil Service, consultant of many regional and national law proposals. Spokesman of Association of Non violent objectors, President of CESC (Campania Region, Coordination of Civil Service Organizations), Authour of Manuals and online training courses for operators of third sector and youth workers, in 1996 he founded AMESCI, national association of social promotion,

where he is President. In 2015 he created a european network addressed to young people whose name is AIM (Amesci International Movement). President of NAPOLI BUONA, an association of entrepreneurs and professionals, that promotes common good. MARTA BRONZO, CCBI Marta Bronzo isDeputySecretary General of the Belgian-ItalianChamber of Commerce (CCBI) and Head of the EuropeanGrants and TendersDepartment. Sheisresponsible for allactivitiesassociated with the drafting of EU projects and tenders for CCBI, namely: mapping of fundingopportunitieswithin COSME, ERAMSUS+ and EUROPAID programmes, definition of internationalconsortia, structuring and draftingprojectideas, negotiation and contractdefinition with EU. Shemanages EU projects and tenders in the field of Education and Training, Entrepreneurship and technicalassistance to EU in Palestine. Within the previous EU financialframework 2007-2013 shewasselected by the EuropeanCommissionasexpert to evaluateEducation and Training projects. Shehasdeliveredclasses and presentationsat the ItalianMinistry of Internal Affairs, the EuropeanCommission, the EuropeanAssociation of International Education, the World Meeting of the ItalianChambers of Commerce Abroad, the GermanAcademic Exchange Service, Chambers of Commerce in Canada, Argentina, and India, and for several public and private organisations in Belgium and Italy. Sheholds a Master in International Business Administration and a post-graduate Master in EuropeanStudies (IMES).

INES CALOISI, TIA FORMAZIONE President, founder and coordinator of TIA Formazione (, mentor of Cherie Blair Foundation and President of Ceprao network ( . Member of International platform CAREER SHARING .

CATHERINE CULLEN, ALL LADIES LEAGUE Catherine Cullen is Chapter Chairperson for France of the All was Deputy Mayor for Culture for the City of Lille, France, Culture Committee of United Cities and Local Governments Advisor. She is also an independent international consultant subject she teaches at Sciences Po Lille.

Ladies League (ALL). From 2001 to2014, she and, until December 2015 President of the (UCLG), where she is presently its Special on culture and sustainable development, a

EMILIO DALMONTE, REPRESENTATION IN ITALY OF EUROPEAN COMMISSION Acting HEAD of the Representation in Italy of the European Commission

MARYROSE FRANCICA, ACROSS LIMITS Across Limits is a dynamic Maltese technology research and consulting SME with its roots firmly derived from the innovation and ICT sectors. In fact, its core business, is still centered around the areas of Internetbased solutions for business and social purposes. Our mission statement is: “Innovation for solving tomorrow’s challenges”. Across Limits has been participating and helping organizations to benefit from EU funded projects since 2001 when it was established as a limited liability company. In the last years, Across Limits has diversified and is now made up of three main divisions, namely Technology, European Projects, and Tenders and Education. Our expertise varies from technology and innovation research projects to development, digitalization, eLearning, banking and logistics. We offer consultancy, training, mentoring, project proposal writing, project management and much more. MARIROSE FRANCICA is in charge of European Projects within Across Limits. Maryrose has entrepreneurship at heart and a love for educational or social projects. Shehas a wide network of contacts throughout Europe and beyond, and networking is as part of her as is breathing. The ENVISION project aims at motivating small businesses in Europe to innovate

their business models. In the current economic environment, business model innovation could accelerate the revenue growth of the SMEs. ENVISION groups together nine partners and their European wide networks to support business model innovation in 20millionEuropeanSMEs. ENVISION has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and Across Limits is the partner in charge of outreach to the companies across Europe.

ROY JONES, PACIFICSTREAM Director of Pacificstream and Basecamp Liverpool. He has been involved with design education since 1971. His posts have included: Principal, Southport College of Art and Design, Head of Department School of Arts, Media and Design and Assistant Development Director, St Helens College. Recent major projects have included, coordinator of an incubator unit for arts graduates, business development for the creative industries at JMU, Design Initiative and Music Development Agency in Liverpool. He has also worked for the British Council on the development of the creative industries in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia and is an advisor for the Setting-up-Scheme in Greater Manchester for DI and the Arts Council of England. He has a wide range of contacts in the USA, Far East, the Gulf Region and mainland Europe. He is currently involved with the development of EU projects, including, language training on smart phones, virtual incubation and ethical fashion. He is currently working on urban agriculture projects with Liverpool City Council and manages a business incubator for the creative industries in Liverpool.

MARIA LUSTRI’, WES Maria LUSTRI' graduate in Political Science, work at the Ministry of Economic Development on the specific area of fundingenterprises and industriesas policy officer for audit on co-financedoperations. Since 1998 involved in promoting female entrepreneurship within the framework of the Law 215/92 "Positive action for Female Entrepreneurship" and still interested in actions to support and increase female business creation. Member of the Scientific Committee of the 2nd Report for Female Entrepreneurship ", UNIONCAMERE 2009-2011 - Italian REPRESENTATIVE in WES the EUROPEAN NETWORK TO PROMOTE WOMEN'S ENTREPRENEURSHIP (advisory network of the EU Commission DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs). Member of the "COMITATO UNICO DI GARANZIA" of the Italian MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPPMENT. Member of FLYWIB (FLYING COLORS: WOMEN in BUSINESS) MARCO MAGHERI Marco Magheri is CEO of Italian Alliance for Healthy Ageing "Happy Ageing", born in 2014 to answer to European Commission goal for Healthy Ageing in Europe. The Alliance was created from scientific societies, health istitutions and unions for avocacy of elder people. Since 2015 Happy Ageing is the italian member of International Federation of Ageing (, who has General Consultative Status at the United Nations and its agencies including the World Health Organization. Before, Marco Magheri worked in press office of Ministry of health and as Chief communication officer of "Bambino Gesù" children hospital in Vaticano. He was italian member of european group of experts in media relations in healthcare. Is deputy General secretary of Italian Association for Public communication and teacher of protocol, Public marketing, and crisis communication. RAMON G.M.MAGI, EURODESK Since 1983 He hasbeenworking for developingyouthpotentials, with particular focus both ontransnational educational mobilityactions for youngpeople (interculturaleducation, exchanges, voluntaryexperiences, vocational and educational trainingactivities) and on youthactiveparticipation'sprocesses to shapepresent

and futuresociety (youth information, counselling and leadership atlocal, national and Europeanlevels).Over the last 30 years, He hasbeenmainlyworking for public and private organizationsoperating in the fields of youth information, counselling and mobility; planning projects,managingprograms and training stakeholders of the youth policy sectoratlocal, nationaland Europeanlevels. Iam an experiencedprofessional in youth policy at large.Elected to the post of Vice-President, first, and Secretary General, later, ofCIGRI (Youth ItalianCommittee for International Relationships, independentorganizationrecognizedatnational and internationallevels to operate as de facto National YOUTH European National Youth Committees, 19901992) and asMember of the Board of InternalAuditors of YFEC (Youth Forum of the EuropeanCommunities, 1992-1993); I havebeenelectedasTreasurer, first, and Chairperson, later, of ICYE (International Culture andYouth Exchange, 1997-2007). He developed the Eurodesk (EU structuredevoted to empoweryouththrough informationand counselling) project in Italy. Since 1997, I am holding the post of Chairperson ofEurodeskItaly (no profit bodygoverned by public law), whichis in charge of managingand developingservices, activities and the nation-wide network of Eurodesk’slocalrelays. LUCIANO MARINO, ETN Entrepreneur, trainer and network builder. He has a degree in Political Sciencesand Masters in Economics of Tourism and International Marketing. He soonunderstood the potential of training in mobility, recognizing the decisive roleplayed by training and learning opportunities offered to young people and adults.This awareness led him to create ETN (Education and Training Network). Overthe years he has gained experience in marketing, education, internationalizationprocesses for educational institutions, Cross Cultural Management, localdevelopment of rural areas and storytelling as a form of communication. ETN is Education and Training Network is a leading global consultancy, studentplacement and mobility service provider.With 20 years of experience and agencies based in 5 European countries, ETNworks with thousands of partners and students annually to facilitateopportunities for advancement within the education industry. Our mission is to provide quality training and learning experiences in order toincrease beneficiaries’ career prospects and personal prosperity. Managing areassuch as Erasmus Plus European projects, Agents/Educators workshops andconsultancy for higher education and study abroad, ETN represents the followingagencies: Training Vision (UK), Berlink (Germany), Tribeka (Spain), BulgariaGateway (Bulgaria) and Sistema Turismo (Italy), as well as Travel Vision (Italy)and Learning Vision (UK) that specialise in Experience Travel and StudentRecruitment.As a rapidly growing independent organisation, it is through our multilingual andhighly qualified team, and the strong partnerships we hold worldwide that weare able to anticipate market trends and provide cutting edge, innovative servicesto meet the needs of students, institutions and businesses alike. ETNunderstands that education is quickly internationalising and has to adapt to theglobalised nature of the employment market and as such we are here to assistyou in achieving your aspirations, wherever they may be. GIULIA NARDUOLO, CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES Giulia Narduolo (1984) Member of ItalianParliament (Chamber of Deputies), Education and Culture committee. Graduated in 2012 in Foreignlanguagesat Ca' FoscariUniversity of Venice. Whenshewaselected in 2013, shewasvolunteering for a Civic Service programme. Hermainfields of interest include education, culture, youthpolicies, volunteering. One of herobjectivesis to foster a Europeandimension of small municipalities in ruralareas.

JUGATX ORTIZ, EARLALL EuropeanAssociation of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning. As Business Manager, under the chairmanship of the BasqueGovernment, sheisresponsible for building andcoordinating a solidcooperation of regional and localauthorities in the field of lifelonglearningthroughexchanges of goodpractices, participation in projects and creation of alliances. In thatfunctionshecontributes to the work of technicalgroupsspecialized on thematicissues:lifelongguidance, mobility, e-learning, ageingpopulation and youthpolicies."

GRAZIA RENDO Grazia Rendo from last April 2015 is WEP’ Chairwoman, Women entrepreneurship Platform, based in Brussels, holding more than 40 Women entrepreneurs Associations in Europe. The WEP is supported by Members of the European Parliament, Seldia and Deloitte Group.WEP’s main objective is to reinforce and increase the power of women entrepreneurs., giving greater visibility in the economic and political scene.In the future, WEP would like to launch “ The European Women entrepreneurs’ day” at the European Parliament. Grazia Rendo has been an Entrepreneur Ambassador with Women Ambassadors Italy (WAI), a DG Industry Program of the European Commission and is a highly respected member of Business Entrepreneurship Women In Network (BE-WIN, a Network of Italian Mentors composed by 31 successful entrepreneurs ; In September 2013, Grazia Rendo was amongst the Promoters of Women Entrepreneurship Portal Offices in Brussels. Since December 2011 she has been amongst the European Mentors with the Mentoring network program created by DG Industry to enforce female entrepreneurship.In 2009, Grazia Rendo was one of the promoters of INTERCULTURAL EURO-MEDITERRANEAN CENTER for UNESCO, Head Offices in Greece, to promote Cultural Cooperation among people in the Mediterranean areas; in Italy with other leading women she created ” WE “ association to promote the follow up on the young entrepreneurs In 2003 ,she was member of an Italian Ministry of Culture team, ,whose goal was to promote Italian museums to people with disabilities. Grazia Rendo is the sole administrator of Orchidea s.r.l., a movie and television production company promoting young talents. Her first Film, “Cobalt Blue Night” distributed in Italy, received a Platinum Award in Houston Film Festival. RITA SASSU Rita Sassu is National Contact Point for the Europe for Citizens Programme and Project Officer at the Creative Europe Desk – Culture Office, established in the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Within the same Ministry, she is also involved in the implementation of the European Heritage Label and the European Capital of Culture EU Actions, as well as the Italian Capital of Culture national initiative. She accomplished her PhD in Classical Archaeology and she is member of the Editorial Board of the scientific Journals “Mediterraneo Antico” and “Thiasos. Journal of Classical Archaeology and Ancient Architecture”. She participated, as a speaker, in more than 100 conferences and events concerning European policies, economics, culture and citizenship. She is the author of circa 70 publications, including scientific monographs, essays, articles, contributions and reviews on European topics as well as archaeology and ancient history.

APOSTOLINA TSALTAMAPSI, OECON Apostolina Tsaltampasiis the CEO of OECON GROUP, position sheholdssince the company'sestablishment in 2003. Sheholds a Master'sdegree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Macedonia; aswellsheiscertified by national and internationalbodies in consulting service fields, suchasInvestmentAdvice by the SEC and by the International organization CIPE on Associations' Organizational Management. Ms. Tsaltampasihasgreatexperience and expertiseasshehasparticipated and led to success some of the mostsuccessfulprojects of OECON GROUP. Sheisalso a highlyexperienced speaker and frequent collaborator in business and tradepublications. Shehaswrittenarticles for variousnewspapers and magazinesworldwide. Shehasaswellgiveninterviewson TV and radio broadcasts of national and Europewide range. Ms. Tsaltampasiwasawarded in 2010 with the title of FemaleEntrepreneurship Ambassador by the EuropeanCommission for herdynamicactivity in the promotion of femaleentrepreneurship; sheoperatesas the Coordinator for the National Ambassador Network. Furthermorewasawarded in 2014 with the title of WomenMotivator in Mediterranean. Furthermore Ms. Tsaltampasiactivelysupports the Women'sEntrepreneurshipas Vice President of the Association of WomenEntrepreneursGreece (S.E.G.E.) from 2008. Further more she supports the Women's Entrepreneurship also from the position of the Executive Secretary of the Inter-Balkan Network of Female Entrepreneurship and the Coordination for the

Development of Women Entrepreneurs Network Black Sea-Atlanta.

TIA FORMAZIONE ( Since 2011 TIA’s aim is to develop a point of convergence between different organizations focused on European themes. In the purpose of generating debates able to inspire changing process, TIA promotes several educational and informative events in a European perspective and training courses as: European project management, Entrepreneurship, European journalism, Gender


themes and non

discrimination actions, gender mainstreaming, promotion of Human rights, European Active Citizenship. In this venture, the organization is assisted by high level experts in European fields inside its managing board and scientific committee as well as external professionals who carry high positions in public bodies and private entities. TIA encourages citizens and young people toward European topics and supports its objectives informing on European policies and Programs’ opportunities, raising awareness on European problems and issues, developing new professional profiles looking at European horizon. TIA is particularly involved in promoting an entrepreneurial approach.

TIA develops relations with Italian and European

institutions, organizes projects and promotes events in Italy and in Europe. TIA is part of European networks and platforms. TIA is part and leader of European projects (ERASMUS PLUS, CREATIVE EUROPE, EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, EUROPE AID).

ALL LADIES LEAGUE ( ALL is the world’s largest All-inclusive international women’s chamber and a movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL. ALL (our all-inclusive acronym) is the only global network in the world to have free membership with the only requirement being for each woman to bring in abundant positive energy and a will to do. The only golden rule is a “zero negativity” policy. For the balance, we delight in diversity and encourage each one to lead with one’s own passion and pursuits. The acronym ALL stands for our mind set and culture of loving outreach to ALL to foster local and global cultural shifts toward seeing ALL as One. ALL is a labour of love to connect up women of the world in a spirit of sisterhood so that we can co-create a culture of sharing and caring in ALL walks of life. ALL is a worldwide web of women’s leadership in all spheres of life, across all strata of society, encompassing all cultures and faiths, and spanning all fields of industry and enterprise. With over 375+ chapters across the world, ALL is creating multiple channels of communication and collaboration to enable greater leadership by women so that they can express their unique vision and energy in all fields, bringing more balance and harmony in all walks of life and also actualizing in the process women’s capacity to create and influence. ALL is the fastest growing worldwide web of women to focus on enhancement of women’s leadership in ALL fields through their Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation. With hundreds of chapters across the world from Mumbai to Morocco, women in the ALL network collaborate in diverse ways, be it for personal networking, expanding customer base, incubating start-ups, hiring for their companies, doing programs in sector-specific areas, or even catching a movie with a fun group, rallying resources for a crisis, and last but not the least even generating credible references for marriages of kith and kin! This real time exchange occurs across hundreds of whatsapp groups, monthly meets, and chapter initiatives and it keeps expanding and spiralling as new women keep joining by referral of members. The impact is in terms of more confidence, many more connections, and multiple possibilities of collaboration.

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