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History: Early Italian Culinary Culture •

Cross cultural influence came from the great kingdoms of the Etruscans, Greeks, and Saracens from the Arab empire. Major contribution of the Etruscans to Italian cuisine was a porridge : pulmentum

Arabs predecessor to the modern lasagna; lagana, The Greeks popularized the kind of fish chowder : brodetto

Saracen influence? •

The Saracen influence on Italian cuisine was brought from raids in the eighth century and again during the Crusades beginning in the eleventh century, when Crusaders brought back new products from the lands

18th Century Contributions… • Puff pastry : millefoglie (used in sweet and savory dishes) • Rice • Buckwheat • Tarragon • Fruits such as: lemon, pomegranate , oranges, • Number of spices • New techniques in food preservation

Italian ice-cream, also known as Gelato, made from milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees

grappa, a high-alcohol-content spirit distilled from grapes, though it has its origins in Saracen

Flowering of Independent Italian Culture •

Finally, after Italian unification in the middle of the nineteenth century, individual “compartments” of the Italian peninsula made distinct, individual contributions to culture Influential cookbooks such as Pellegrino Artusi’s La Scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangier bene (The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well) which collected typical Italian household dishes.

Mediterranean Diet? •

Obesity very rare: rate 8.5% compared to American 30.6%. • Studies show Mediterranean diet has many benefits; lowered risk of heart disease and cancer, to living a longer life.

Italian enjoy a diet that is rich in • Fruits • Vegetables • Beans • Poultry • Olive oil • Tomatoes • Whole grains • Dairy • Red-whine & they eat very little red meat

Meals of the Day? •

Breakfast : Relatively small breakfast consisting of ; small breakfast of coffee with milk (rather than cream or half and half) along with cereal or a cornetto,( croissant).

• Lunch: typically consists of a "first plate" and "second plate," such as a sandwich and salad, or a small plate of pasta followed by a small piece of fish or chicken and vegetables.

• Snack: Midday snack usually consists of yogurt or fruit, not cake, cookies, or candy

• Dinner: Larger meal, but is not served too late (to allow time for proper digestion). It's usually pasta with a tomato or vegetable sauce; a small portion of fish or meat; vegetables; and fruit for dessert. Mineral water is the preferred beverage, along with a glass of red wine. All portions tend to be small when compared to our own supersized quantities.

Table Manners? • • • • • • •

Wait to sit down at the table until the hostess has been seated. Follow the hostess' lead to determine when to eat. Either the hostess will instruct the guests to begin or she will just begin to eat herself. knife should be held in the right hand and the fork in the left at all times NO ELBOWS ON TABLE! Keep your hands above the table during a meal Use your fork and knife to eat all foods, including fruit and cheese Place your fork and knife together diagonally across your plate to indicate that you are finished and your plate can be removed Wait until the hostess leaves the table at the end of a meal to leave the table yourself

Methods of Preparation • • • • • •

Sautéing a combination of carrots, celery and onions is the ideal start for many popular Italian dishes, Pot roasting and braising make up the primary way that Italian meats are prepared Microwaves are not popular because the food doesn't taste as good as when it is cooked with small gas or electric hobs. Crudo: technique by which a combination of finely minced raw vegtables are mixed Simmering: vegetables from raw to cooked in a generous amount of olive oil and oregano Al dente: term used in cooking pasta and vegetables indicates that the pasta or veggies are soft and ready

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