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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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YOUNG EXPECTING MOTHERS Jessica Casetta, Gemma Paquin, Kelsey Canepa, Daniela Lobato, Alisa

Expecting Mothers • When stressed, what do you find you use as an outlet? Do you exercise, go shopping, or maybe get a massage? • How important is being trendy for you? Do you think you will feel this way about fashion throughout the many stages of your life? • If you were about to bring a new life into this world, what would be the most important aspect of preparing for that role?


Market Segment • Our target market is young expecting mothers; females aged approximately 18-30 who are expecting a planned pregnancy; middle to upper-middle class. She may be recently married and experiencing a lot of changes in her life. She is also very healthconscious and has good eating and exercising habits

Badge Behavior-A Pea in the Pod • Customer One: Medium height, Latino, low-lights and high-lights, manicure, Coach bag, upper twenties, grey sweater and leggings • Customer Two: tall, blonde, full makeup, Chanel sunglasses, manicure, low thirties, no wedding ring, no label black bag, long brown dress • Customer Three: medium-height, blonde, young child with her, no manicure, low ponytail, Louis Vuitton, Aviator sunglasses, tired, blue patterned top and khakis


Initially Found: • Pregnant women should gain between 22-27 pounds • Should only eat about 300 extra calories • An estimated 50% of pregnancies are not planned • Daily exercise can help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy shape • Nicole Richie launched a maternity clothing line • Most women create a fantasy about what motherhood will be like, they imagine that there will be only happy, tender, loving moments with their newborn, but in reality, it really will be a lot of work. • It’s really important for new mothers to have an outlet from the demands of caring for the newborn. • Some women are embracing yoga as this outlet.


18-30 Deciding the childs name

Creating Budgets

Deciding on a better choice as a family car

Goes to educational classes for new moms

Baby supplies/Chil drens boutique/ Babies'r'us

Cares about their appearance

Young Expecting Moms

Searching for hospitals and doctors

Reads parenting books & magazines

Does yoga, water aerobics, and excercises

Middle class

Eats more healthy foods

Transistioning into a housewife

Takes prenatal viatmins

Shops at Target, A pea in a pod, Macy's


Survey Results • Age • Under 18 5.3% • 18-25 36. % • 26-30 36.8% • 31+ 21.2%

• Marital Status

• When you shop for baby-related Items do you buy… • • • • • •

Designer Items 5.3% National-Brand Items 10.5% Off-Brand Items 5.3% Both A and B 21.1% Both B and C 21.1% A mix of all three 36.8%

• Married 73.7% • In a relationship 15.8% • Single 10.5% • Separated 0.0%

• How often do you exercise? • • • • •

Less than twice a week 22.2% Twice a week 22.2% Three times a week 38.9% More than three times a week 16.7% I stopped exercising 0.0%

Survey Results Continued • How are you embracing the ‘going green’ trend? • • • • •

Baby clothing 15.8% Baby’s furnishings 0.0% Organic baby food 42.1% All of the above 36.8% None of the above 10.5%

• Where do you shop for your maternity clothes? • • • • • •

Motherhood 10.5% A Pea in the Pod 36.8% The Gap 31.6% Target 47.4% Online 10.5% Other 26.3%

• Are you employed full-time? • Yes, I work full-time 52.6% • No, I work part-time 21.15 • No, I am not currently employed 26.3%

• When out shopping, do you have a budget in mind? • Yes 100.0% • No 0.0&

Media Consumption • Where do you find information on pregnancy and/parenting? • Internet 31.6% • Magazines 5.3% • Family and Friends 15.8% • Books 15.8% • Classes 15.8% • All of the Above 63.2% • Other 0.0%

• When you receive coupons in the mail from various businesses, do you.. • Immediately throw them all away 42.1%

• Go throw them and choose the ones you may use 36.8% • Keep them all 21.1%


Inner Values

Outer Values


Target • • • • • • • • •

‘Maternity’ Section Quiet Lack of sales associates Wide variety of clothing Careerwear to sportswear Low price point Cute selection Neat One-stop-shot

A Pea in the Pod

• • • • • •

Higher Price Point Designer Labels Boutique-style Sense of Quality Comfy Chairs Attentive Sales Associates

The Gap • Great selection of maternity clothing • ‘Clean’ atmosphere • A lot of basics • Organized • Medium price point • On Trend • Careerwear to casualwear • Helpful sales associates


VALS Survey Results (Target Consumer) • Primary: • Achievers • Motivated by the desire for achievement, Achievers have goal-oriented lifestyles and a deep commitment to career and family. Their social lives reflect this focus and are structured around family, their place of worship, and work. Achievers live conventional lives, are politically conservative, and respect authority and the status quo. They value consensus, predictability, and stability over risk, intimacy, and self-discovery. With many wants and needs, Achievers are active in the consumer marketplace. Image is important to Achievers; they favor established, prestige products and services that demonstrate success to their peers. Because of their busy lives, they are often interested in a variety of time-saving devices.

• Secondary: • Strivers • Strivers are trendy and fun loving. Because they are motivated by achievement, Strivers are concerned about the opinions and approval of others. Money defines success for Strivers, who don't have enough of it to meet their desires. They favor stylish products that emulate the purchases of people with greater material wealth. Many Strivers see themselves as having a job rather than a career, and a lack of skills and focus often prevents them from moving ahead. Strivers are active consumers because shopping is both a social activity and an opportunity to demonstrate to peers their ability to buy. As consumers, they are as impulsive as their financial circumstance will allow.

Idiocentric or Allocentric Orientation • Idiocentric definition: •characterized by or denoting interest centered upon oneself or one's own ways, rather than upon others or the ways of others; self-centered; deviating from the norm; eccentric. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/idiocentric • Allocentric definition: •Concerned with the interests of others, more than of one's own en.wiktionary.org/wiki/allocentric • Conclusion: • I believe that our target market possesses mainly an allocentric orientation. I believe this is the case because our targeted consumer takes great concern in what others think of her. She also is very conscious of her family and is developing stronger maternity instincts. With high interest in her family and those around her, she fits the description of allocentric more accurately than one of idiocentric orientation. Another way that she fits the description of an allocentric orientation is that she is concerned as to what others think of her. She falls into a ‘keeping up with the Jones’ state of mind and that affects her as a consumer. She may drive a new car, or have a perfectly manicured lawn to maintain a certain image that exceeds others’.

Research Value Survey Values Terminal Values • A comfortable life • Family security • Health • Inner harmony • Pleasure • Social Recognition

Instrumental Values • Clean • Capable • Forgiving • Honest • Loving • Loyal • Polite


The Real Housewives of Orange County • Product placement includes high end labels such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Rolex, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes, and Tiffany’s. • Target market would lust over these products. • Also shows lavish restaurants • Exhibits exclusivity and initiates envy and yearning • Includes many status symbols


Our target market is driven by providing the best for her family, as well as holding a certain level of status. They are motivated by name brands, image, and status, as long as they have the best interest for their family in mind. Being a high-level consumer, our target market is driven to make the purchases they do due to keeping their image, as well as caring for their family’s needs. They connect with the brands they use and shop because they feel that it inflects a certain image upon themselves, as well as making the best choice possible for their family. They consume themselves with magazines, and television shows that portrays a lot of high-end goods so they know what to ‘work towards’ so to speak. They also consume multi-media forms of information on parenting. According to our survey, 63.3% of our target market uses the internet, magazines, family and friends, books, and classes to gain insight on parenting. Thus proving they are very well-informed and care enough to be well-prepared.

IDEA #1 Organic cotton cloth diapers

•Saw a huge interest in the “going green” movement • Free of chemicals •Better for the baby’s skin •Reusable (saves money)

IDEA #2 Maternity clothing exchange •Majority of our target market is on a budget •Saves money •Still want to l0ok good in the latest trends •Stretchy, soft, comfortable clothing •A new mom needs new clothing during each trimester this is an effective way to find and purchase the sizes you need

IDEA #3 New mom support group •Assures that other moms share the same feelings •Gives first hand advice •Different kinds of groups to choose from •Online groups as well like the International Moms Club •Share stories


Massages Specifically for pregnant woman •Prenatal message •Relaxes muscles •Relieves stress •Aroma therapy •Gives the mother a day to herself

IDEA #5 Website with everything “the knot” •A way for expecting parents to keep in touch with friends and family •Gets people excited •Doctor reviews •Gives advice •Has all the information expecting mothers could want in one convenient spot •Other mom’s experiences and responses •Top baby names •Hot styles for clothing

Conclusion • Our target market is • • • • • •

The expecting mother ages 18-30 Middle to Upper Class May be recently married Changing focus from herself and her career to her child and new faimly Image focused Wants the best for her new family

• Our five ideas would work for our target market because: • • • • • •

Convenience is important to them They are embracing the ‘Going Green’ trend They need an outlet for their stress They give off a good image Provide our consumer will ample information Boost morale of a new mother-to-be

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