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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Advertising
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We Live in the Age of Experience • Today’s society – experience hunting, experience chasing • Experience at every milestone! ‘Experience bombs from every direction’! • The Customer is willing to pay more even much more for the anticipated great experience.

Experience Economy • • • •

B Joseph Pine és James H. Gilmore: The Experience Economy. Experience economy differs from service economy. This is a new opportunity for new economic offering and economic expansion. • It is the customer, the guest who is put on stage, s/he is the main actor, the production, services, even bureocracy takes place with his/her active participation in order to create memorable experiences.

The price of coffee offerings Source: B Joseph Pine és James H. Gilmore: The Experience Economy Figure 1-1. p. 2.

• Figure 1-1. $ 6,00 $ 5,00 $ 4,00 $ 3,00 $ 2,00 $ 1,00





The Progression of Economic Value Source: B Josep Pine és James Gilmore: The Experience Economy Figure 1-5. p. 22.


Relevant to

Stage Experiences

Needs of Customers

Deliver Services

Competitive position Make Goods Extract commodities Undifferentiated

Irrelevant to Market



The three circles of the ”Experience Economy”

Experiences in other sectors (attachments to tangible products such as food)

Experience in other sectors is often dependant on narratives; authenticity etc.

Experience industries Accomodation/ Amusements/ tourism bureaus events Sport/ leisure

Creative industries Movie/game Publishin Advertising s g Arts & Crafts Desig Art n Architectur Radio/TV e

Restaurants, bars, discotecs

Often experience products offered in peripheral areas are related to local culture, heritage and autheticity Diagram from Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority (2008).

Experience economy –outline of the workshops • Presentation about Exp. Economy (ppt) and descriptive paper, 15 pages by 30th of April • Organisation of workshops: • All together 3 workshops, one in each county • Objective: – to get acquinted with the principals of experience economy – To explore the recent situation at the participants’s enterprises from the viewpoint of EE

Experience economy –outline of workshops cont. -preparation of proposals via participatory groupwork • Participants: 15 participants from each county by 20th Apr. • Selection: by invitation, diferent representatives of economic, and social life, tourism, local govenment, agriculture, trade, insurance, banking, handcraft, • We are searching motivated people

Experience economy –outline of workshops cont. • Selection of venues: by 15th of April • Venues: At least two rooms with walls where flipchart papers can be sticked • Daily schedule: from 9 to 5 pm. Lunch, 2 coffe breaks. • Date: first week of May on the Hungarian side, • First week of June on the Croatian side • The working language in Croatia: Croatian, so we need enterpreter

Experience economy –outline of workshops cont. • Who is the partner in Croatia? • Technical requirements has to be planned and agreed: flipchart papers, stickers, projektor, laptop, • Budget has to be prepared by April 20th. • 2 facilitators and one who makes notes. • Output: notes and conclusions of the workshops

• Results and impacts: developing, transforming the enterprises, offices and companies bases on principals of experince economy

The society of scarcity

Experience society


Until the end of seveties

80-es onwards


Scarcity, shortage,

Abundance, welfare,






Dominant aspect of

The „situation” (the

Subjective reality(ies)


objective reality)

The impact of the


Offer of opportunities

Social relations are given

Selection of social

situation Origin of social relations

relations Forrás:Éber Márk: Élménytársadalom

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