Fable of the lazy teenager

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology
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Lesson One

Your College Years


• Pre- reading • While – reading • After – reading

Pre – reading • Warming- up questions • Background information

Do you still remember?

Can you guess?

Cherish college life

Warming-up questions • Are you satisfied with your college life? Can you give some examples? • Describe your current college life by one word ? • What’s your purpose of receiving a college education?

Lesson One “Your College Years” by Dr. Hartman

Background information about author


Bob Hartman



Difficult Terms • Identity crisis ( 认同危机) •

confusions that you suffer during adolescence when you are not sure who you really are and what your purpose in life is. Reason: internal and external experience

• Sexual Identity (性别定位) one’s affection only to opposite gender

• Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (西南浸 礼教会神学院) Higher learning institution One of the largest seminaries

While - reading •

Text appreciation

Language study

Text appreciation • Text analysis

• Writing

writing genre writing techniques

Structure • Part1 (Para 1): • Many key changes happen to college students during their college years. • Part2 (Paras. 2-9): • The key changes involve the following: identity crisis, the independence/dependence struggle, etc. • Part3 (Para. 10): Conclusion.

Writing Genre • Exposition:

raising a question

analyzing the question

answering the question

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 1 Has it ever dawned on you that certain developmental changes will occur in your life as you move from adolescence to young adulthood? (1) subject

“it” as the anticipatory

psychological term which refers to the physiological and behavioral changes throughout the lifespan go to 2

More examples

• 1. It was clear enough what she meant. • 2. It is said that he is doing fine at school. • 3. He was an old man, and it did not matter much where he lived.

Dawn • Noun 1. daybreak 黎明 我们必须天一亮就出 发. we must start at dawn.

verb . begin to grow light 破晓 我们离开时天亮了. it was dawning as we left. . Dawn on sb It occurs to 逐渐明 白 The truth began to dawn on him. 他逐渐明白真相.


• What kind of change do you think is very important for you from adolescence to adulthood?

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 2 During this time, students are going through an identity crisis and are endeavoring to find out who they are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. (2) It refers to the confusions that you suffer during adolescence when you are not sure who you really are and what your purpose in life is.

experiencing; suffering

• Go through; suffer 经受 她小时侯经受了很多 苦难. She went through a lot of hardships when she was young.

• Endeavor to do try to do 试图 try, attempt 他们尽量使她快乐,但 是图劳. They endeavor to make her happy but in vain.

• Perceive: 1. realize 认识到, 领悟到 Finally, he perceived the essence of love. 他终于悟出了爱的真谛。 2. sense, notice 感觉, 察觉 He perceived a small change in her manner. 他察觉到她态度上的细微变化。

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 3 … identity is determined by genetic endowment (what is inherited from parents), shaped by environment, and influenced by chance events. (2)

accidental Who we are is determined by three things: first, our genes, or what our parents have given us, our legacy; second, environment, and third, luck or opportunities.

Writing technique • Parallelism: In a sentence, there are three or more similar structures one after another. eg: I will work hard, because I don’t want to let my teachers down, I don’t want to let my parents down, and most important, I don’t want to let myself down.

endowment • Endow (v) inherit endow sb with… 与生具有 她天生聪明美丽 she was endowed with intelligence and beauty.

• Endowment inheritance natural quality 天资 勤奋在某种程度上比天赋更 重要 Perspiration, to some extent, is more important than endowment

• Inherit 继承 • inherit sth from sb 从 ...那继承到 她从父亲那继承了金黄色的头发。 she inherited golden hair from her father.

Debate • whether is endowment necessary for a successful man or not?

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 4 It may be heightened by their choice to pursue a college education. (3)

independe nce/depen dence struggle

become stronger or intensified

If they choose to continue their education, they will face an even more serious struggle between the desire to be independent and the need to depend on the financial support of their parents.

Questions • Have you ever done any part – time job? What’s your opinions on financially depending on parents?


• In which way do you think you still depend on your parents?

… four distinct aspects to

psychological separation from their parents. (4) • Distinct : clear 清楚的 different 不同的 过去的快乐依然清晰. The happiness in the past was still distinct.

• Distinctive 有特色的 饺子是北方的特色食物. Dumplings are the distinctive food in east.

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 5 First, there is functional independence, which involves the capability of individuals to take care of practical and personal affairs, such as handling finances, choosing their own wardrobes, and determining their daily agenda. (4) choosing their own cloths determining what they are going to do every day

independence in handling everyday life situations; the ability to solve practical problems

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 6 Hoffman defines this process as “freedom from an excessive need for approval, closeness, togetherness, and emotional support in relation to the mother and father.” (4)

no longer having something you do not want Children need their parents to tell them what to do or not to do. They also need to be close to their parents and receive encouragement, love, all kinds of emotional support which give them strength. But when they grow up, they no longer have the same needs like babies.

excessive • Excessive: extreme 过度的

• Excess 过分 an excess of

过高的价格超过了我们 的能力. Excessive price is beyond our ability.

过分热情并比一定是好 事. An excess of enthusiasm is not always a good thing.

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 7 Probably one of the most stressful matters for

young college students is establishing their sexual identity, which includes relating to the opposite sex and projecting their future roles as men or women. (5) 非限制定语从句

planning, designing, outlining, devising

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 1. 今天我遇到了小学英语老师,她给我

留下了很深的印象。 I met my primary – school English teacher, who has

given me a deep impression.

Writing technique Upsetting disappointing

• These are exciting times yet frustrating times. • Antithesis 对照 With opposite meanings in the text. eg: A weak brain, but a strong body.

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 8 Probably nothing can make students feel lower or higher emotionally than the way they are relating to whomever they are having a romantic relationship with. (5) Comparative degree is used to express superlative meaning.

When students are in a romantic relationship

with the opposite sex, they are most likely to feel unhappy or happy emotionally.

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

全部否定+比较级+than =最高级

1. There is nothing cheaper than this. 这个东西最贵。 2. In my eyes, there is nobody better than you. 在我眼里, 你是最好的。

Writing technique • Antithesis 对照 Sometimes he is in bad mood, and in other times in good mood, 他的情绪时好时坏。 Using examples In Para.4, first, second,the third.. In Para.5, for example...

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 9 During the course I had come to realize that while my world was expanding and new options were opening for me, my father, who was in his sixties, was seeing his world

shrink and his options narrow. (6) was beginning to realize that his world was getting smaller and his choices fewer.

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 11 These religious, moral, and ethical values that are set during the college years often last a lifetime. (7)

These values that are established during the college years often last a lifetime. It is believed that our character or basic moral

principles are formulated during this period of time.

Paragraph 8 • What are the significance about the college academic life according to paragraph 8?

• Affirm : to say something is true 断言 eg: I affirm that he is not the person for you. 我敢说他不适合你.

• Confirm: to show something is true 证实 Eg: Scientists confirmed that human genes have been already worked out. 科学家证实人类基因已 经破解.

Paragraph 9

How do college students become world citizens?

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 12 I can no longer read the newspaper or

watch a television newscast without seeing the people from other countries in a different light. (9)

in a different way Whenever I read the newspaper or watch a

television newscast, I will see the people from other countries in a different way from what I used to see.

Lesson 1 – Your College Years

III. Sentence Paraphrase 13 Not only are they being introduced to new people and new knowledge, but they are also acquiring new ways of assembling and processing information. (10) They are getting to know a lot of new people and learning new knowledge. They are also finding or learning new ways of arranging, organizing, analyzing or understanding information. It implies that mere information is not scientific truth. Scientific truth requires the processing of information. In college, students will learn new approaches, methods, and theories which will change many of their prejudices. The end of Sentence Paraphrase.

Lesson1- Your College Years

Word Building 1.

Prefix–de, pro

1. Suffix–ogy,

Lesson1- Your College Years

Word Building definite prefix











Lesson1- Your College Years

Word Building project prefix

-pro- 向前;支持;代理









Lesson1- Your College Years

Word Building suffix














Debate • whether is endowment necessary for a successful man or not?

After – class study

Self – study • • • •

Further thinking Additional reading Language points Key to exercise

Key to exercises

Into Chinese • • • • • • • • •

学校教职工 政治上的成熟 成长过程中的变化 认同危机 恋爱关系 遗传工程 学术生涯 偶然事件 民族认同

• • • • • • • • •

青春期 种族偏见 日程安排 伦理道德观念 处理日常生活能力 历史背景 异性 情感支持 生活方式

Into English • • • •

• • • • •

to pursue an education to handle this case to select one’s major to establish one’s identity to declare war to evaluate the result to perform one’s duty to expand business to assemble cars

• to acquire knowledge • to define the word • to resent the treatment • to frustrate the students • to drag one’s feet • to process knowledge • to narrow the gap • to expect better results • to present facts

2. Synonyms and antonyms • • • • • •

• to happen objective, purpose • to try/ to make an to increase/enlarge effort clear • magazine choice • to choose/to pick main/chief/ principal • belief a strong feeling • to get /to gain/to obtain

antonyms • • • • • • • •

Masculine Independence Incompetent To narrow To exclude Mistrust/distrust To discourage Indistinct/vague

• • • • • • •

Immature Inferior Minor Innocence Disapproval Inequality To grow/to increase • Impractical /theoretical

3. Fill in the blanks • • • • • • •

1. handle 3 handle 5. observant, occurrence 7. involve 9. occurred , apply 11. involvement

• • • • •

2. occurrence 4. involved 6. observation 8. application 10. observers handled • 12 observation

4.Chinese to English translation • • • • •

1. She intends to apply for that academic position. 2. He is so devoted to his research that the idea that he will soon retire never occurs to him. 3. Many people have observed that without effective checks, we have a tendency to abuse our power. 4. Students must observe carefully how good writers use words. 5. Some countries refuse to get involved in this dispute and they resent any foreign interference.

• 6. How do you think we should handle the drug problem?

• 7. According to the agreement, all business policies should apply to everybody without any prejudices.

Lesson One “Your College Years” by Dr. Hartman

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