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January 24, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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WELCOME to: Grosvenor Grammar School The presentation will begin shortly.

Please switch off your mobile phone – thank you Grosvenor Grammar School


WELCOME to Grosvenor Grammar School

Grosvenor Grammar School


GROSVENOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL Dr Frances Vasey Vice Principal Grosvenor Grammar School


What is Grosvenor?   

     

A HAPPY school A traditional Grammar School A preparation for University & the world of work A co-educational school An inter-denominational school A multi-cultural school An International School A CARING school A very successful school Grosvenor Grammar School


Successes        

Top places in NI & UK exams NI Specialist School Award Investors in People Award Charter Mark Award International School Award ICT Mark Accreditation Award European Environmental Award Confucius Classroom Hub School Grosvenor Grammar School


Music, Sport & Drama MUSIC – 2 permanent teachers + 15 Tutors Junior & Senior choirs, Junior & Senior Orchestras, Jazz Band, many groups.  SPORT – 6 full time PE teachers + many more part-time staff. Main sports: Girls – Hockey, Netball & Athletics Boys – Rugby, Hockey, Cricket & Athletics  DRAMA – Production each year 

Grosvenor Grammar School


Then apply to us


GROSVENOR TEAM Grosvenor Grammar School


Common Entrance Assessment – 8, 22, 29 Nov  Marking & collating of tests by AQE  Results (Age-Standardised scores) sent to parents, to arrive on 31 Jan  Tests

Grosvenor Grammar School


Arrangements    

Please arrive at the school between 9.15 – 9.30am (PLEASE NOTE THE SCHOOL WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL 9.00am) The school car park will be available for use. (Please car share, if possible, in order to reduce the pressure on parking spaces) All pupils should wear school uniform Pupils should bring the following to each assessment: admissions card two sharpened pencils a rubber paper tissues Pupils must not bring any extra material (such as bottles of water, food, rulers, pencil cases, watches, electronic devices, mobile phones etc.) unless items are allowed because of Access Arrangements. Drinking water will be available in each room if required.

Grosvenor Grammar School


Arrangements  

Please note for obvious reasons you will not be able to accompany your child to the assessment room. Parents are free to leave during the assessment and collect their child at 11.00am. Alternatively there will be Tea/Coffee available in the dining centre for those who wish to stay. If anything should happen to your child between now and the assessments (e.g. injury/unable to attend) please contact us.

Grosvenor Grammar School


CRITERIA for ENTRY 1. 2. 3.

Rank order of the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) Score. Eldest or Only child in the family = Sister/Brother of a current pupil. Random tie-breaker.

Special Circumstances and Special Provisions Grosvenor Grammar School


And remember! 

Read the published (usually DECEMBER) criteria carefully.  Write all details/evidence on the Transfer Form and attach all such material to the Transfer Form that will assist the Board of Governors in considering the application.  Please note Preference Order is not being used by most schools as a criterion for selection. - so you are not destroying your chances of a place in another school if unfortunately we do not have a place for you Grosvenor Grammar School



Any questions? Please chat with myself, the other Vice Principals/Senior Teachers.

Pupils will be released from the Dining Area to the Foyer in their Primary School groups (in alphabetical order).

Grosvenor Grammar School


Grosvenor Grammar School OPEN NIGHTS 

Wednesday 7 January 2015 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Thursday 8 January 2015 6.30pm – 9.00pm

School will be open for viewing and staff available for consultation.

Brief talk in the School Hall by the Principal at 7.15pm and 8.00pm Grosvenor Grammar School


Useful Websites 

AQE: www.aqe.org.uk

Grosvenor Grammar School: www.grosvenorgrammarschool.org.uk

Grosvenor Grammar School


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