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LONDON, ONTARIO Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology International Centre London, Ontario, Canada


Marketing, Recruiting, Services

Fanshawe College London, Ontario, Canada General Information about Canada • 9,984.670 Km2 – 2nd largest • 10 Provinces and 3 Territories • Provincial Educational System • G8 Country, Strong Economy and Great Opportunities • Capital City: Ottawa Location of Fanshawe: London, Ontario


370,000 people city 500,000 with suburbs

Safe, clean, modern, historic & beautiful

2 hrs. from Toronto, Detroit, Niagara Falls

Student and young people oriented: 24/7 gyms, cafes, restaurants, bike lanes, shopping…

39 festivals per year, theatres, beaches…


4 seasons (-10C and +26C are average January and July temperatures)

Home of large Canadian and International companies: CAMI General Motors, Toyota, 3М, McCormick Canada, London Life Insurance Company, Labatt, Carling

International Airport

Via Rail trains to Toronto & Greyhound buses within Canada/US

Average family income $78,873 per year

6.09% unemployment (Toronto 7.63%)*

Average house $ 247,818 (Toronto $ 515,775)* *MoneySense 2013


Images on this slide courtesy of The London Economic Development Office - Richard Bain and John Kime


One of the largest colleges in Canada 5 campus sites London main campus London downtown Simcoe St. Thomas  Woodstock

15,000 full-time students & 1,800 international

Unlocking Potential  Certificate

-1 year

 Diploma - 2 years

Around 200 academic programs

 Advanced Diploma – 3 years  Bachelor – 4 years  Post-Graduate – 1 year

ACADEMIC SCHOOLS Applied Science & Technology Building Technology Lawrence Kilin School of Business Contemporary Media Design Health Sciences & Nursing Human Services Information Technology Language & Liberal Studies Tourism & Hospitality Transportation Technology



TOP 10 Top 10 Programs Chosen by International Students

Top 10 Countries Represented Bahamas China El Salvador

Information Security Management


Hospitality Management


Business - Accounting


Project Management


International Business Management

Early Childhood Education Business - Finance Marketing Management

General Arts and Science Culinary Skills – Chef Training + over 180 other programs

Pakistan Russia Ukraine + 50 other countries KPI: Graduate Employment Rate Released April 15, 2014 Ontario Colleges Average Graduate Employment Rate: 83.4%

•200 Fanshawe College Programs Average: •75 Fanshawe College Programs: •17 Fanshawe College Programs:

86.4% 85%-100% 100%

Colleges Ontario Highest:


Cooperative Education Internship Programs Employment opportunities  45 Co-op diploma programs, largest in Canada  1,200 employers hiring co-op students each year  over 1,000 employers using the college’s job posting service

Scholarships Entrance scholarships for candidates with high English level Scholarships for academic achievement Scholarships for volunteering and other activities

Athletics Varsity: soccer, golf, running, softball, badminton, curling, baseball, basketball, volleyball, …

Campus Recreation: seasonal calendar Fitness Center

INTERNATIONAL CENTRE  Fast admissions process: fully on-line  Agent support  Student services  Peer tutoring & mentorship  Full time certified immigration consultant

Requirements: For Academic Programs:

• Application form • Transcripts (some program might require more) • English Language Test overseas or at Fanshawe • Admission dates: September & January, some programs start also in March and May


• • •

Student Residences Homestay Private room or apartment

On-Campus Dormitory

• Traditional Residence Suites • Townhouse Units



Tuition (average) per year



Other student fees



1 wk in a homestay with 3 meals



Airport transfer from Toronto

$0 (paid by FC)


Student Residence



Bachelor (studio) apartment

From $520

From $800

Room Off Campus



City transportation pass

$0 (included)


Dinner in a restaurant



Fanshawe College London, Ontario, Canada Work Opportunities in Canada 20 hours per week during semester or full-time on holidays Open work permit for spouses

Free school for children Co-op / internship (4 months per year of study)

Post grad work (up to 3 years of open work permit)

University Transfer  35 partner universities in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia  2+2 & 3+1 programs Business Accounting (Western University) Hospitality Management (University of New Brunswick) Business and Commerce (Nipissing University)  Dual Diploma programs - Nursing (Fanshawe + Western University) - Music Recording Arts (Fanshawe + Western University) - Media Theory and Production (Fanshawe + Western University)

WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKING 2014 (ARWU) 7 of Canada’s top ranked universities have articulation agreements with Fanshawe College

TRANSFER •University of Toronto •McGill University •McMaster University •University of Ottawa •Western University •University of Waterloo •York University

English Language Institute

 ESL, IELTS, Summer Program  English Language Evaluation - accepted by Fanshawe, Western, Huron, Brescia, Kings.  Flexible start dates 4, 8, 16 weeks May-August 8-16 weeks September – April

ESL, Cultural & Career Summer Camp for Teenagers

 14 – 18 years old

 July and August start dates  2, 3 & 4 weeks program  Homestay and Residence options  ESL 12 hours/ wk  Daily social and cultural activities  Career workshops and tours  Weekend excursions

International Opportunities

 Semester Abroad

 Work, Volunteering, Internships  University Transfer - USA, UK, Ireland, Australia

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA Fanshawe International Tel.: (519)452 4278 Fax: (519) 659 9393 E-mail:

[email protected] Facebook: Fanshawe International Fanshawe College Web:

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