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Northeast United States Jeopardy Geography

Famous Economics Landmarks

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Final Jeopardy

$100 Question – Geography This is a flat or gently rolling land that is covered with tall grasses and wildflowers

$100 Answer – Geography What is a prairie?

$200 Question – Geography This is public land set aside by the government for use by American Indians

$200 Answer – Geography What is a reservation?

$300 Question – Geography This is the corn capital of the world

$300 Answer – Geography

What is Mitchell, South Dakota?

$400 Question – Geography This Midwest state lies between the Mississippi River and the Missouri River.

$400 Answer – Geography

What is Iowa?

$500 Question – Geography The 12 Midwest states

$500 Answer – Geography What are Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota

$100 Question – Famous Landmarks The statues carved into the Black Hills at Mount Rushmore National Memorial honor who?

$100 Answer – Famous Landmarks

Great American presidents

$200 Question – Famous Landmarks These are important to ships traveling the Great Lakes.

$200 Answer – Famous Landmarks What are the Soo Locks?

$300 Question – Famous Landmarks This famous landmark was built to honor the pioneers who were the first settlers to the West.

$300 Answer – Famous Landmarks What is the Gateway Arch?

$400 Question – Famous Landmarks These four presidents faces are featured on the side of Mount Rushmore.

$400 Answer – Famous Landmarks Who are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln?

$500 Question – Famous Landmarks This is where Babe Ruth called his shot during Game 3 of the 1932 World Series.

$500 Answer – Famous Landmarks What is Chicago’s Wrigley Field?

$100 Question – Economics This is an important industry in the Midwest. Dodge City, Kansas is home to one of the largest plants for this industry..

$100 Answer – Economics What is meatpacking.?

$200 Question – Economics Ford’s introduction of this process allowed the assembly of a car to decrease from 12 hours to just 93 minutes.

$200 Answer – Economics What is the assembly line?

$300 Question – Economics 520 stores. 50 restaurants. 14 movie theatres. 1 amusement park.

$300 Answer – Economics What is the Mall of America?

$400 Question – Economics This Midwest state grows the MOST wheat..

$400 Answer – Economics What is Kansas?

$500 Question – Economics This new factory, built by Henry Ford built during World War II to build the B-24 bomber, used his assembly line process.

$500 Answer – Economics What is Willow Run??

$100 Question – Agriculture This is a machine that cuts and threshes wheat at the same time..

$100 Answer – Agriculture What is a combine?

$200 Question – Agriculture This use of corn accounts for more than 50% of the corn grown in the United States.

$200 Answer – Agriculture What is Animal Feed?

$300 Question – Agriculture This is a renewable resource used as fuel for cars, made from corn.

$300 Answer – Agriculture What is ethenol?

$400 Question Agriculture This is a tall plant that produces large cobs of corn.

$400 Answer – Agriculture What is maize?

$500 Question – Agriculture These four Midwestern states make up the Corn Belt.

$500 Answer – Agriculture What are Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Minnesota?

$100 Question – Grab Bag This type of plane is used to spray chemicals over crops.

$100 Answer – Grab Bag What is a crop duster?

$200 Question – Grab Bag The Soo Locks are located between these two Great Lakes.

$200 Answer – Grab Bag What are Lake Huron and Lake Superior?

$300 Question – Grab Bag During this time, 40 out of 100 Americans lived on a farm.

$300 Answer – Grab Bag

When was the 1900’s?

$400 Question – Reading Further This is the famous river that ran along the Lowell mills.

$400 Answer – Reading Further What is the Merrimack river?

$500 Question – Grab Bag This is the number of acres the average farm had in the 1800’s.

$500 Answer – Grab Bag

What is 50 acres?

Final Jeopardy Farming Tools

This farming tool is a curved knife on a long handle.

Final Jeopardy Answer What is a scythe?

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