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Southeast Asian Nations Gain Independence 34.2

Outline  Japan proved after WWI that it

dominated Asia  This idea made many Asian nations realize that the Europeans were not invincible  So many considered independence

Philippines  The US granted them independence in 1946  They wanted to first rebuild their economy  The US promised them $620 million if they signed

the Bell Act – a treaty that would establish free trade between the US and the Philippines for 8 years  The US also wanted to keep a military presence there  The US signed a 99 year lease on a military base

Burma  Gained independence in 1948  In 1989 it changed its name to Myanmar  Following independence, Burma had trouble

establishing a solid government  In 1962, it was to be set up as a socialist state  But in 1988, their leader stepped down and it returned to a military state  Aung San Suu Kyi came forward and began pressing for democracy…

 She was placed under house arrest for it  During the 1990 election, her party won 80% of

the seats in the house  The military govt refused to recognize the new govt  She was again placed on house arrest until 2003…

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