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7.2 Quiz

A. Manumission MATCHING 1. Led a rebellion

B. Roger Sherman

2.Anti Slavery society C. James Madison

3. freeing of individual enslaved persons D. Daniel Shays

4. Author of Virginia Plan 5. Proposed Great Compromise

E. Quakers

6.Shay’s Rebellion forced courts to close so judges could not confiscate_______. A. tax money B. Farmers’ land C. Smuggled Goods D. Criminals homes

7. The revolutionary War brought into focus the contradiction between the American battle for liberty and the _____________.

A. need to raise money B. right to rebellion C. practice of slavery D. women’s right to vote

8. Constitutional convention delegates voted for a national government based on the_________. A. New Jersey Plan B. Virginia Plan C. Washington’s Plan D. New York Plan

9. Convention delegates broke the deadlock between large and small states when they approved A. 2/3 compromise B. Washington’s Compromise C. 3/5 compromise D. the GreatCompromise

10. Convention delegates agree that the Constitution must be approved by how many states? A. 3 states B. all states C. 12 states D. 9 states

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