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oGIP Basics

What is oGIP?

What is oGIP?


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AIESEC needs a change



oGIP Value Proposition:

…opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience.

GIP Program definition A Global Internship Programme (GIP) experience is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience.

How do we run this programme? We provide an internship in a host organisation, through which a young person contributes to the goals of the organisation, completes a job description requiring special expertise or skills, and receives supervision and evaluation on his or her professional development.

What can a young person gain through this programme? With this programme, a young person gains access to AIESEC’s value-based platform, and he or she experiences: A professional development experience What can an organisation gain through this A cross-cultural living and working experience programme? GIP hosts are organisations that support AIESEC’s GIP participants can have different types of values and want to enhance their organisation through internship experiences as long as their role and involving global top talent, improving their processes or supervision clearly contribute to their professional growing their organisational goals. With them, we co- development. create opportunities for young people to work, learn Duration of a GIP experience: 6-78 weeks and contribute to the organisation’s goals. How will this be measured on the system? A GIP internship is counted as soon as an EP is realized to a GIP internship, which should be on their first day at work. An individual is counted as a GIP participant as soon as his or her GIP form has been raised.

OGIP helps you develop the best version of your self.

Every member needs to have this very clear!

Why? Why this Experience? The national and international market is in search of young experienced with the urge to innovate, career and professional development plan.

What is our Goal ?

400 Experiences!

National Subproducts




TEACHING TEACHING AIESEC has been a worldwide leader in providing international teaching opportunities since its inception. Education interns can provide a major impact to local communities by fostering cultural understanding, improving basic work skills, or creating passion for a second language. These opportunities are the most abundantly available in the AIESEC network and are necessary for developing countries as an investment in their future growth. Teaching Profile Requirements: • Native or excellent English • Education background or teaching experience Focus Region: Latin America

MARKETING MARKETING Marketing is part creativity and part logic - combining aesthetic with a strong message for a company’s target audience. An understanding of product positioning is key to this field and interns can expect to build upon previous experience. Those that take on these opportunities can choose to work in sales, market research, and international relationships. Marketing Profile Requirements: • Upperclassmen standing • 6 months of prior marketing work experience

Focus Regions: Asia and Middle East

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Careers in the IT sector are consistently on the rise. Software, web, and mobile app developers are in high demand and work experience in these fields is crucial to getting the job. With a Global Talent internship in the information technology field, students and recent graduates are able to gain new skills in an international work environment. Marketing Profile Requirements: • Web or software development; database management • 3 months of prior IT work experience Focus Regions: Europe and Asia

National Partners

EP Flow in GIS – oGIP

OGX Flow for oGIP Teams in GIS

OGX Flow for oGIP Teams working with Opportunity Portal Applicants.

oGIP Challenges •

Lack of focus on oGIP by entities in the network

Lack of knowledge of the oGIP process

Not able to raise the right EP

Lack of product & market knowledge of our membership

Not able to attract the right students

Not able to convert our potential customers

Not able to select the right EPs

Not able to match our EPs •

Lack of knowledge on how to run GIP partnerships

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