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+ When you are on the call please email Lisa Olson at: [email protected] to be entered in a drawing to win a free gift!

Orville’s 4 Simple Chords

Chord 1: Do Home Parties By Scentsy Director April Reisenfeld



Set Goals for Your Business Decide

how much you want to

make Decide

how much time you can

spend Decide

where you want your business to be in one year



Get Bookings 

Go to Your List of 100

Call Past Customers   

Ask People Whose Businesses You Have Supported    

First, ask if they are enjoying their Scentsy. Next, ask them if they need more and tell about any specials Scentsy is offering. Last, let them know that they can get their product for free if they would be willing to have a home or basket party

Hair dresser Girl Scout Cookies Someone who you have hired to do work on your home Someone you have had a party for

Book Parties AT Parties 

More to come…..

Coach Your Hostess •Set

a Date- let her know that she can earn incentives for holding her party on the orginally scheduled date.



her to invite 3 times as many guests as she hopes will attend.


HER and let her know that you are excited about her party! It is going to be fun!

Mine include: A welcome letter thanking her for hosting and explaining: •-how to fill out order forms (product names • instead of codes etc..) •-forms of payment •A tax chart



Host/Join Brochure

•Scent/Warmer •Post

of the Month Flyer and Sample

card invites

•A Tic

–Tac- Toe Hostess incentive sheet

+ Scentsy Hostess Incentives is nice because you can see how many guests are coming and answer any questions they might post.


Check in with your hostess frequently in the weeks leading up to your party.

•Tell you are EXCITED about her party!

•Ask + if she has any questions •Encourage her to call her guests 1-2 days before her party to let them know she is looking forward to seeing them.

Hostess Tracker

It’s Time to Party! +

Getting ReadyThings you can do before your party Buy 7 big bowls or tubs(target $1 section) and label them with the scent categories. Put the scents into their bowls. You may want to buy one extra bowl for raffle tickets


Be + Prepared -Put your labels on the front of your catalogs. -Print out enough Like It Love It Sheets for your guests. You may want to print a tax chart on the back for easier check out -Right before your party set out catalogs, order forms, Like It/Love It sheets and pens. Some people make a little folder or clip board for each guest . You can find them for 1 cent at Staples during their Back to School sale.


+Remind guests to write their names on these and KEEP THEM. When it is time to order more scents they will remember which ones they liked 

Table Set-up Put a tablecloth on your table. If you have a 6-8 foot folding table you can use that or just their dining room table. Make it look NICE!


Party Schedule -From the moment you enter the hostesses house, be smiling and friendly. Hosting a party is a lot of work, compliment her home . -Ask her where she would like you to set up. Talk to her while you are getting your table ready, ask questions about herself, be a good listener. -Set your tester bowls UNDER THE TABLE. You don’t want guests to smell them until YOU are ready.


After most of the people you are expecting have arrived, have everyone grab their purses and come sit down in the room where your table is set up. Thank them for coming and supporting you. Hand each guest a binder.

*Play the Purse Game or your favorite game*


The Purse Game Scentsy

-Warmers Bars Travel Items

- Lenny -Hostess Consultant



•over 30 warmers in three sizes of full, mid and plug-in,

•beautiful , one for every décor •they make excellent night lights •heated by a 25 watt light bulb for the full size. This low watt bulb is hot enough to melt the wax but not hot enough to burn if spilled

* Give a raffle ticket to the first guest to hold up an item from their purse that starts with the letter.


The Purse Game Scentsy

-Warmers Bars Travel Items

- Lenny -Hostess Consultant

H~ Host, Host a Scentsy party in your home- Bunco/open house Take a basket party to work or anywhere you go Online Party- whole catalog on website, ship straight to customer Earn many free and 1/2 price Scentsy products with our generous hostess plan Fundraisers

Hostess her gift * Booking Bags * Stack the Hostess * Balloon Pop

Important Points: -

Explain how the Like It/Love It Sheets work

-Point out the “Combine and Save” deals on page 49. -Remind guests to shop with gifts for any upcoming events/holidays in mind -Mention that shipping is FREE and that you will be delivering orders in 7-10 days.


- Draw a few names and give out prizes. -Set the bowls of scents in various places around the room where guests can sit with a partner or group and smell and fill out their sheets OR play Bunco. -Walk around as people are smelling and answer questions they might have. Ask what scents they are liking best.


Have each guest come to you. I like to sit down with: -A calculator (or just use the one on your phone) -A catalog (incase people have questions) -A tax chart -A pen -They make checks out to you so have a business card out so they can see how to spell your name


-A basket party-(Ask each guest if they would like to host their own home party or take the basket for a week or so to take orders from their friends and family and earn hostess rewards) Ask if they are interested in joining! -Make sure they filled out the order form with all the info you need.



Close- Out With Your Hostess

THAT’S IT! The most important thing is to smile and HAVE FUN. You will be the+fun part of the party and that will set the mood for everyone there!

Provide Good Customer Service •-Call

your hostess to update her on shipping status. •-Package and deliver orders in a timely manner. •-Call each customer and ask if they are enjoying their product.


Sometime during your voyage through life, you’re going to hit a storm. And though things might get very rough, you should never stop going forward. You must never give up, not even for a moment. If you drop anchor, the storm will tear you apart. Look forward, and you will see the beautiful rainbow on the other side. Keep looking forward and move in that direction, and you will make it through. ~Lynn Lingenfelter


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