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Pre-Season Coaches Meetings: Set the tone for success Don Dalziel – Shoreline School District Robert Polk – Everett School District

Why hold the meeting? 

To educate coaches so they can effectively teach their sport, manage risk, decrease drama To reduce district liability if a coach is negligent To attempt to teach common sense to adults

Making Presentations Effective 

Brain Rules, Chapter 4 – Attention 

Brains can focus for 10 minutes at a time 

 

Brains need breaks to digest information Emotions get our attention  

Change it up with videos, group discussions

Link an emotional story to important information Make information relevant to coaches survival

Brains cannot multi-task 

Cell phones put away

What to cover 

Mission/Vision of educational athletics 

Practice expectation 

 

Road map to help decision making Yearly/Season plan Daily practice plans with coaches Athletes properly equipped and engaged

Effective teaching/coaching 

No secrets - Tell them, show them, remind them constantly what you want – practice, study table, film review, etc Effective feedback builds confidence, understanding

What to cover 

WIAA/League Policies 

Out of season, recruiting, coaches education standards, admission prices

District Policies 

Overnight trips, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, ASB, blood borne pathogens, Duty to Report Child Abuse

What to cover  

Legal Duties – LTC 504 Grooming Behavior 

 

Facebook, texting, special treatment

Hazing/Harassment Health and Safety  

Facility repairs, concussions, return to play, communicable diseases, weather Drugs/Alcohol, steroids

Suggested Information to Include 

Successes of Student-Athletes 

 

Athlete v. Non-Athlete GPA, test scores, attendance, competition

College Eligibility: D1, D2, NAIA Effective teaching/coaching strategies

Turn it over to Don Dalziel Shoreline School District

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