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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Reputation is Fragile 声誉是脆弱的

Don’t Focus on Success 不要过度看重成功 • Success is out of your control • Success is not a goal, it’s a sum of your efforts • Over-emphasis on success is a diversion

Focus on Task Relevant Processes 相关任务目标的实现过程 • Focus on relevant cues • Focus on things you can control • Focus on things you must do well in order to succeed

Confidence in Ability and Process 充满信心 • Trust your training • Trust the process • Result repeatedly unfavorable? Consider changing the quality of training and/or process

Your hotel is designed perfectly to get the results it gets!

2013 GCH Marcom Initiatives 2013年总部市场传讯部项目 • • • • • •

Brand Introductions Brand Websites Hotel Directory BD Kit GCH Brand Launch Marcom Intranet Platform

• • • • • •

品牌介绍 品牌.com 集团酒店手册 商业开发资料包 大中华品牌推出 内部沟通平台

Brand Introductions 品牌介绍 • Greater China Hospitality (3 pgs.) • Howard Johnson Hotels and Resorts (10 pgs.) • Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotels (5 pgs.)

Care. Commitment. Delivery. 关怀 承诺 履行

Take Care of You Like Family 如同家人般照顾您

Your New Destination, Where Luxury is Redefined 豪华新地标,华贵新诠释

Hotel Directory 集团酒店手册

Hotel Directory 集团酒店手册

Brand Websites 品牌.com

HJ BD Kit 豪生商业发展资料袋

GCH Brand Launch 大中华品牌推出 • • • • • • • •

Brand Intro Email Signature Line Email Banner GCH Label Pins Name Cards Hotel Directory [email protected]

Marcom Intranet Site 市场传讯内部网站 • • • •

Communication Platform Document Depository Idea Library New Marcom Training

• • • •

沟通平台 文件夹 意见图书馆 市场传讯培训

All printed, digital collaterals intended for public viewing send to HQ Marcom in a WORD.doc for proofing. 所有用于对外发布的文字(印刷或数字形式) 都请以word.doc的格式文件发送至 总部市场传讯部审核

• • • • • • • • • • •

Crisis Training English Email Writing Hotel Writing Standards Self Audit Checklist Magazine Ads WGPR VI Standards Brand Videos Re-do .com Sites Credit Card Partnerships Regular Press Releases Strategic PR Relationships

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Social Media Campaigns EDM/SMS Platform Guest Database Relevant eNewsletter Improve Monthly Report MC Process Goals Sheet Photography Standards Hotel Video Standards Photo Library Standard In-room Mags Cluster MC Activities CSR Program

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