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February 2, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Animal Farm vs Soviet Russia • ‘Animal Farm’ is written by George Orwell as another of his anti- colonialist novels. • He shared a socialist view expressed through his characters where all goods are shared across the country and no one has more than others. • E.g. You have two cows, your neighbor has none. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor. • The animals on Manor Farm each mirror the roles of previous Russian leaders and the values which corrupted their cities. • He masks the harsh reality of communism behind fictional farm animals and thus creates a interactive and intriguing learning experience for readers. • Orwell’s primary thesis that ‘power not only corrupts but also breeds a desire for more power’ is highly emphasized in this work.

Mr. Jones VS Tsar Nicholas II Tsar Nicholas II Mr. Jones

• A heavy alcoholic who neglects his animals and does not feed them. • Animals rebel and chase him off the farm.

• Final Emperor of Russia. • No experience in government and mistreated his ministers. • Was overthrown by Russia in a rebellion against the government.

Old Major VS Karl Marx Old Major • First animal to rebel against man. • Founded Animalism which spread to other animals. • Saw all animals as equals. • Died before rebellion started.

Karl Marx • Founder of Marxism. • Theory developed into others such as communism. • Lead to the death of hundreds of people under Soviet Union. • Died in 1883.

Napoleon VS Josef Stalin Napoleon • Leader of Animal Farm. • Evicted other leaders such as Mr. Jones and Snowball to gain leadership. • Had a squad of 9 attacking dogs to keep animals scared of him. • Becomes power hungry and changes animal rules to suit his communist ideals. • Benefits himself and the other pigs by making deals with farmers and pushing more productivity.

Josef Stalin • Leader in Soviet Russia in 1930’s. • Outranked dictators such as Leon Trotsky and assumed a powerful leadership role. • Wanted to strengthen the Union under communist ideals. • Turned communism into his theory of Stalinism.

Snowball VS Leon Trotsky

• • • •

Snowball Against the ideas of fellow leader (Napoleon). Wanted control of the farm. Thought about what was best for the farm i.e. windmill. Gains trust of many farm animals but is banished by Napoleons attack dogs.

• • • •

Leon Trotsky Commissar of war in New Soviet government. Exiled several times to Siberia but still wanted to take control of the Union. Rivaled against Josef Stalin for leadership until Stalin won. Assassinated on 20th August 1940 under Stalin’s power.

Farm Animals VS Soviet Proletariat Farm Animals • Minor farm animals with least inclusion in leadership were effected the most. • Produce all labor and resources while being watched over by the Pigs. • E.g. hard working horse Boxer is sent to death after a bad lung. • No say in what happens to the farm. • Obligated to work.

Soviet Proletariat • Lower working class were a minor part in Soviet Union. • Were forced to work for the union. • Intimidated by Union Police. • Did not have a say in what happens within the union or country. • Were killed unless agreeable with the union.

Napoleon’s Dog squad VS Soviet KLB Napoleon’s Dog Squad • Napoleon had military force from his dog squad to keep the other animals from rebelling. • The dogs were intimidating so the animals would stay loyal to him.

Soviet KLB • The Soviet Union employed a police force to ensure maintained loyalty from the people. • They would use force. • Made the environment safe against rebellions.

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