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Lesson 2 – Connector With your partner define the components of ___ ____

Connector: Spot the SIX Components of Physical Fitness (A1):

Two types of fitness Physical fitness  AE  ME F S  MS  BC 

Skill related fitness A B C P R 

Components of skill-related fitness A.2 – Watch the videos and explain which one best fits the definition. 





Reaction Time

Agility: Definition 

“ Ability of a sports performer to quickly and precisely move or change direction without losing balance or time”

Why it’s important in sport 

Netballer can feint and dodge to lose a marker and receive the ball

Rugby player can “step” an opponent to beat them

Basketballer can dribble in and out of opponents at speed

Balance: Definition 

“ Ability to maintain centre of mass over a base of support”

Types of balance:



Types of balance Static  Keeping the body still and staying steady  (E.g.) Handstand in Gymnastics 

Dynamic  Staying steady when moving  (E.g.) Rugby player staying on their feet when an opponent is trying to tackle them 

Why it’s important in sport 

Gymnast can maintain their position on the beam without falling off

Footballer can evade a tackle and keep dribbling without falling over

Moving in and out of slalom posts when skiing

Coordination: Definition “Smooth flow of movement needed to perform a motor task efficiently and accurately”  Using two limbs 

Why it’s important in sport 

Hand-eye coordination needed to serve in tennis

Foot-eye coordination needed to kick for goal in rugby

Power: Definition 

“The product of strength and speed”

Expressed as work done in a unit of time

Why it’s important in sport Examples:  Javelin throw – Speed during the approach and arm speed and strength needed to throw the javelin 

Football goal-kick – Run-up from the goalkeeper and weight that they put behind the ball to propel down the field

Reaction Time: Definition 

“ Time taken for a sports performer to respond to a stimulus and the initiation of their response”

Why it’s important in sport 

50M Swimming race – Time it takes for the swimmer to enter the water to get a head start

Goalkeeper trying to save a penalty/free kick before the ball hits the back of the net

Home learning You have been appointed to coach the Year 7 Football or Netball team.  Decide which components of physical and skill related fitness you will prioritise when you start to plan their pre-season training. Put them in order and explain your choice. 

Name the components of skill related fitness – Prove it review

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