First 5 Fresno County - Bay Area Early Childhood Funders

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Developmental Psychology
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Bay Area Regional QRIS Partnership Bay Area First 5 February 27, 2013

Race to The Top-Early Learning Challenge Grant • 9 States Received a total of $500 million Funding • Increase the number of lowincome and disadvantaged children in high quality early learning programs

• Design and implement systems integrating early education, developmental screening, early mental health, health insurance, etc.

Quality Rating & Improvement Systems (QRIS) • A tiered rating system based on programs meeting specific standards with requirements that increase as programs move up. • Training and support for programs to assess and improve the quality of their program. • Information for parents to help make early learning program choices.

Race to The Top in California • CA received $52.6 million • Jan 2012-Dec 2015

• 75% of funds to 17 local consortia* • 16 counties with 1.9 million children under 5 • Focus on local QRISs *2 in Los Angeles

Quality Rating and Improvement Five-tier rating system based on 7 elements: • Child assessment and observation • Developmental and health screening • Teacher qualifications

• Teacher-child interactions • Ratios and group size • Program environment • Director qualifications

RTT in the Bay Area • Alameda • Contra Costa • San Francisco • Santa Clara • Santa Cruz • Future participating counties: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, San Mateo, Monterey, San Benito

Vision for a Regional Approach A Bay Area approach to developing and implementing an early childhood Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) will allow for efficient use of resources, consistent communication and a common framework for bringing the QRIS to scale region-wide.

Young Children in the Bay Area RTT Pilot Counties

406,859 children birth through age 5 live in the BAQRIS counties

49,526 are considered to be high need according to county RTT action plans

Bay Area Diversity in the Child Population

Targeted Bay Area Reach through RTT-ELC

By December 2015-16,751 children will be served in RTT sites 433 programs will be supported to improve their quality

Projected Programs by Type Title I & Head Start 1 Title 5 & Title I 1 State-funded Migrant Licensed Sites 1 Title I & First 5


Combination of any 3 sources


General Child Care Licensed Sites


Head Start & First 5


Head Start & Title 5


Head Start Licensed Sites Only


Licensed Center-based Sites (Private Funding)


Title 5 & First 5


State-funded Preschool Licensed Sites


Licensed Family Child Care Homes

85 0










Bay Area QRIS • Not just rating, but quality improvement • Children of highest need receive highquality early learning. • Early learning 0-5, including infants, toddlers and preschoolers

The Opportunity • Build a foundation for a regional QRIS that that will raise the bar on quality for early learning programs throughout the Bay Area • Provide pathways for professional development • Use QRIS as a framework for systems change and reform • Bring on partners for longterm, high impact change

Bay Area QRIS Help us to ensure that children with high needs are receiving high quality early care and education. Contact: Laurel Kloomok, F5 San Francisco, [email protected] Sean Casey, F5 Contra Costa, [email protected]

Mark Friedman, F5 Alameda, [email protected] Jolene Smith, F5 Santa Clara, [email protected] Angela Cline, F5 Santa Cruz, [email protected]

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