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In Strictest Confidence

Flexible Resource Unit (FRU)

Content Overview • • • • •

Objectives Current Status Key Operating Principles Overview of the New Model Structure & Workflow of the Flexible Resource Unit

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In Strictest Confidence

Objectives of Flexible Resource Unit Objectives • To establish flexible resource units in specific skill areas to; • Support variability in resource demands across the business • Avoid unnecessary short term 3rd party spend • Utilise redeployee resource more effectively

• To establish hubs in response to business need in specific locations across the UK e.g. London Retail Contact Centre, AS&M, Engineering

Flexible resource units established for specific skills and, where relevant specific locations

Service Management Engineering Change Consultancy & Advisory Servises

Current Status Flexible Resource Units - Current Status 

   

 

An initial 80 people, currently on BTTC secondments have been identified, (based on performance and job family) will be moved into the flexible resource units early November Initially the flexible units will be: Change Consultancy & Advisory Services (Business Improvement, Transformation, Project & Programme Mgmt.) but we will also establish a Service Management pool (Contact Centre, Sales, Client Mgmt.) and, potentially, an Engineering Services pool We are putting in place a new management structure, with a head for each skill group. We have a selection and assessment process established in conjunction with key professional community leads and will assess the current and future joiners to the flexible units More effective performance management of people in the pool will be established with a more formal interface between the pool managers and end users Where there is excess demand for resource which cannot be supported by individuals currently in the flexible units or redeployees, we will use the internal recruitment team to attract and identify new resource from the general BT population and create backfill opportunities for redeployees We will formally launch with support tools and communications We will continue to work with Prospect and CWU to develop the model

Key Operating Principles 1

Key purpose


Expertise 3

To establish a permanent flexible resource unit to manage variability in resource demands across the business, avoiding unnecessary short term 3rd party spend Managed on a commercial /professional basis, the unit Head will be a commercial / business person, practice mangers within the unit will be domain experts

Appropriate costing models will be established e.g.

• •

Commercials • 4

Skills matching •


Generating demand 6

Skill sets within Unit 7

Performance management

Rate card process - utilisation target (typically 80% +), resource will be charged out to the LoBs CPA on transfer

Central funding for management structure The flexible resource population will be selected from;

• • •

Existing BTTC population, including those on secondment Future surplus General BT population, Talent (prompting “double shuffles”)

• • • •

Unit management will identify, manage and develop demand for opportunities, including; Current pipeline for insourcing including all agency spend Historic landscape for secondment resource from the BTTC Internal recruitment process , via dedicated team Comms and proactive marketing to encourage the LoBs to utilise, Governance to ensure conformity.

Initial units will be Change Consultancy & Advisory Services ( Business Transformation, Business Improvement, Project/Programme Management, Strategy) and Service Management (Sales . Contact Centres & Client Management)

Each activity will be scoped with clear performance objectives and standards set. Continuous review by the practice managers and direct feedback from customers of the FRU in the LoBs. 5

Overview of New Model All BT jobs

Selection Tools Intake Criteria

BT People Assessment

Existing and future redeployees Career and development moves of general BT population

Internal Recruitment Team

Development Paths & Training

Working as a recruitment agency 2 way proactive matching to current and future BT skills requirements

Flexible Resource Units • First units - Change Consultancy & Advisory Services & Service Management • Flexible resource pool for temporary requests for resource • Manpower model, with links to contracting/procurement • Each project scoped, with clear performance management • Commercial domain experts • Deployed in change/critical project instead of external consultants

Redeployment Skills Profiling

Talent Fast Trackers Graduates Ex Apprentices MBAs etc.

• • • • •

Focus on finding new permanent role Supported by ‘search’ consultants Clear performance management Intake selection process New matching capability SeeMore, Linked in


BT Internal Vacancies (BAU)

No entry for people involved in formal BT performance process 6

In Strictest Confidence

Flexible Resource Unit – Structure & Workflow

Internal demand for resource

Head of Internal Resource & Deployment Accountable for internal deployment of resource i.e. redeployment of redundant skills to the acquisition of skills required to deliver BT’s strategy and growth plans

Internal Recruitment Team

Flexible Resource Head

Responsible for advertising demand across BT , matching and placing resource into Units and roles

Responsibility for the FRU to include; strategy, achievement of key objectives e.g. utilisation of FRU

Selection process

Flexible Resourcing Practice Manager/s Responsible for the scoping and allocation of tasks and management of resource

Change Consultancy & Advisory Services


Development Paths & Training

Service Management

(Contact Centre, (Business Sales , Client Improvement, Transformation, Mgmt.) Project & Programme © British Telecommunications plc Mgmt.)

Engineering Phase 2


Skills Profiling

Candidate attraction/identification Current and future redeployee applicants (To include MCC and other priority candidates)

BT internal applicants

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