FLYCOOL ® Epochal Cold Element (English Version)

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FLYCOOL –The Best cool and dry yarn for summer material Energy Saving、reduce carbon dioxide、 cool、dry、 Green environmental protection new fiber

一、 What is the good summer fabric?(Dry is not equal to cool ) 1. The good summer fabric should be dry, cool and thin, then we can adjust 1~2 ℃ down of the air conditioner.

2. What is the dry ? ---Different section (not circle); Such as COOLMAX 3. What is the cool ?---- Such as (KURARAY) SOPHISTA ; Increase the water content. From above list; there is no single yarn that has dry and cool function yarn at the same time.

二、 “FLYCOOL”-- cold element fiber (single yarn both with dry and cool feeling function)  Choose nature material release the cool sensation “Cold element”-- Mineral inorganic powder

The yarn is covered by flycool powder.

The cross section has good wicking effect (better than coolmax). The heat absorption is slowly but heat dissipation is quickly. Flycool characteristic will make human skin feel dry and cool very comfortable. FLYCOOL is permanent cool and dry.(i.e. powder is melting with nylon; not coating for temporary).

三、The Characteristic of Flycool The composition of FLYCOOL powder must accord with the following characteristics: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cool feeling: such as the malachite, glass, marble, iron ore, gold ,etc.. The heat dissipation: Such as graphite, aluminium, silicon, nitrogen boron.etc… The surface area of powder( spread fast) Increase material crystallization speeds , flow dispersant of the speed.

四、The function demand of FLYCOOL  一、 Feel 1~2 ℃ of cool down when contact with skin. (static behavior)  二、After sunshine 30 mins there will be 3~5 ℃ cool down (dynamic behavior )  三、 Single yarn with dry and cool function.  四、 Environmental protection (not need increase new equipment)  五、Cool and dry function is permanent. (not coating temporary)  六、 Meet with the demand of global warm issue.

五、The most efficient for reducing the carbon dioxide (the new blue sea of the fabrics) Adjust the air conditioner temperature up 1℃ (from 26 ℃ to 27 ℃) which can save 5~6% of the electric fee and reduce 0.62Kg carbon dioxide.

Reduce carbon dioxide

How many carbon dioxide (Kg)

Use air conditioner an hour


Drive car 1 kilometer


Take the elevator 1 floor


Watch TV for an hour


Use the electric fan for an hour


Use the NB computer for an hour


Source: Environmental protection administration, environmental quality culture and education foundation

六、 FLYCOOL laboratory test Test 1: Qmax test 

Qmax: instant cool sensation test

Fabric sample

Q-MAX value (W/cm ² )

100% PET






Note: 1. Qmqx( W/cm ² ) is Japanese test. 2. Qmax value high means cooler.

Q-max detecting instrument

七、Test 2: Cooperman temperature test (micro climate laboratory cool test) Test result Experimental project

Average temperature (℃ )

Test method Cotton






ASTM D7024-2004 (Modify) Changing amount of thermal current (W-in2) : 200 Test time: 10 minutes Ambient temperature: 28 ℃

Hot dynamic adjusting function tester

八、 Test 3 : Human body convection test(dry speed) Test result Experimental project

Micro-Climate humidity(% R.H.)

Test method Cotton






1.Environment temp.,humidity: 28±1℃,50±2%R.H. 2.tester:male、24 years old 、1 person 3.Testing time:20 min 4.attitude:lie down 5.Testing position: breast right in front 6.Testing machine: Micro-Climate detector measurement unit: SHIN-YEI (THR-7X)

Micro-Climate measurement

Note:The number smaller is better.

九、 Test 4 :The Plot of temperature vs time for different fabric (Same as bamboo test)  Dynamic Test : Monitoring Sunlight test after the sunlight shines for 30mins.

Use 250w Halogen simulation sunlight test

十、 Test 5: Thermal imaging test (knitting T-Shirt)



十一、 Test 5: Thermal imaging test (knitting T-Shirt)

•The above data can prove to wear FLYCOOL than wear Japanese ICE TOUCH for heat dissipation of the fabric, much heat dissipation is 0.88 ℃

• The above data can prove to wear FLYCOOL, than wear Japanese ICE TOUCH in skin, low 1.02 ℃

十二、 Test 5: Thermal imaging test (Woven )

•The above data can prove to wear FLYCOOL than wear general woven for heat dissipation of the fabric, much heat dissipation is 0.97 ℃

• The above data can prove to wear FLYCOOL, than wear general woven in skin, low 1.46

十三、 FLYCOOL patent and registered trademark (Taiwan,China, Japan)

十四、The most famous brand have used Flycool as energy-conserving and cool-dry fabrics in the world.

十五、 conclusion:  The global warm topic become the main issue now, but the cool and dry functional fabrics is the best choice in summer!  FLYCOOL has already finished researching , developing and mass production. Flycool had done all test about cool fabric and wide-used by international brand and the most effective energy-conservation to reduces carbon dioxide(starting from wearing) .

 FLYCOOL would like to cooperate with all of you. Welcome to visit our web and email to us for your suggestion and question.

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