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n e 2 t 010 s e f k i s u Folkm Music Festivals this summer - over 100 music and concert program events Over 100 music and concert program events to be held during the summer of 2010. In the centre of Sweden – in the provinces of Uppland, Gästrikland, Hälsingland, Dalarna and Västmanland. The main emphasis of the festivals is Swedish folk music, both the traditional spelmansstämma (“Fiddlers’ Meetings”) and concert programs with some of the best folk musicians in Sweden. Well-established folk musicians such as Mats Berglund, Peter Puma Hedlund, Sven Ahlbäck, Susanne Rosenberg, Mikael Marin, Carina Normansson, Hugo Westling, Tony Wrethling, Görgen Antonsson and Leif Alpsjö, as well as young musicians from the next generation of skilled folk musicians, such as Hanna Lindblom, Mia Marin and Elinor Fritz. And many, many more.

You will find music of all sorts in the program - the glorious music that each year fills the summertime air of Sweden. Everything from Swedish pop music as played by the beloved Swedish musician Ted Gärdestad, dragspels-stämmor (“Accordion Meetings”) and dance evenings to hard rock concerts. New groups representing many different genres stand on the stages. Young musicians from Sweden and the rest of the world. Groups from other countries in Europe and from Africa. Read our digital magazine which contains information about all the programs. This program is preliminary and subject to change, please see our website for changes and upto-date information.



Historisk vecka largest

Byss-Callestämman in Älvkarleby in the north of Uppland is one of Sweden’s best known traditional spelmansstämmor (“Fiddlers’ Meetings”). Each year it attracts several hundred visitors and over 100 folk musicians. The nyckelharpa (“Swedish key fiddle”) player Carl Ersson Bössa was born in 1783 in Älvkarleby and left after him a great heritage of tunes. Byss-Callestämman aims to spread these tunes. Salastämman, Rapp-Kallestämman, Östervålastämman and Joel Rådbergdagen are other traditional spelmanstämmor in the region. Read more about these in the magazine.

Folkmusikfesten in Stjärnsund has around 20 program events during the festival weekend. The event profile is broad and the local organiser is one of the most successful in the region. Vildrosfestivalen (“The Wild Rose Festival”) is a new addition and the organisers have an incredibly broad program with musicians from both Sweden and abroad. Our folk music festivals often include concerts but there are even other program events such as spelmanstämmor, workshops, exhibitions and dance. This is the case with Folkmusik på Brunnen, Spelmansfest Vretas, Ovansjöfesten and Historisk vecka in Säter. Read more about all these events in the magazine.

Historisk vecka (”Historic Week”) in Säter had a huge 4 700 visitors in 2009 and was thus the largest of all the events held. This year the program includes Säterstampen with theatre, handicrafts, food, markets, song, music and dance. Storytelling theatre ” Letters from Queen Christina” with actor Jonas Bergström and lutenist Suzanne Persson. Ted Gärdestad evening with Erik Winqvist, Simon Forsman and Peo Valdas Hagfeldt. A concert tribute to the folk music of Dalarna’s mining district. With Ellinor Fritz, Maria Hulthén, Erik Köpmans and several other musicians and dancers. Read more in the magazine.

Background – The Folk Music Festival There are about 30 local organisers who work together to present this broad selection of programs. Most local organisers are active in small communities in the region. The group now cooperate in a joint marketing project. In the year 2000 these events had a combined total of just a few thousand visitors. By the year 2009 we reached 14 000 visitors and this was a record result for our joint project. The three largest events for 2009 were: Historisk vecka in Säter, Folkmusikfesten in Stjärnsund in Hedemora and Hållnäsveckan in Tierp. Read about the record result for 2009 and the positive experiences in Stjärnsund in this magazine.

Over 14 000 visitors during 2009. A Warm Welcome to you too!

c Festival Folk Musi Hille

Gävle 2 okt


Valbo 21 o 22 aug


Sandviken 29 aug Falun

Ovansjö-Storvik 27-28 aug 80

Gamla Staberg 27 aug


Hållnäs 19-25 juli





76 272

Långshyttan Borlänge

Älvkarleby 15 aug


Västland 6 o 8 aug



Stjärnsund 6-8 aug



Gustafs-Säter 6-15 aug 70

Konnsjögården 22-24 juli










67 Folkärna

Östervåla 31 juli




Hökmora Heby


Sätra Brunn Sala 17-18 juli

Väsby Kursgård Sala 1 aug

Folkmusikfest på Ödmården 2010


A Till



Vargas Vildmarkslodge

Folkmusikfest vid Nedre Dalälven 2010

Gustafsfors 7-29 aug

10 km


Skog Holmsveden

Tönnånger-Holmsveden 23 juli

Sjösveden Gruvberget Lingbo 546


Åmotsparken-Åmot 7 juli Åmotsparken-Åmot 17 juli Åmotsparken-Åmot 6 aug var

s tnä

S Till


272 Åmot Oklagård, Norrbo Mo Hamrånge Ockelbo

303 Till vle

Brattfors Jädraås 542

272 Till Sandviken Svärdsjö


Till Falun

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c Festival Folk Musi

Summer Music in Sweden – Read This First! In Sweden there is a rich heritage of older folk music with roots as far back as the Middle Ages. The majority of these tunes are dance music to be played to the reel, a traditional Swedish dance called “polska”. “Polska” is a partner dance in triple metre which has been danced and developed in Northern Europe since the 1400s. There are currently over 100 local traditional “polska” dances documented, as well as tens of thousands of “polska” tunes. In Sweden there are about 10 000 folk musicians who play this type of older music, as well as tens of thousands of dancers who have learnt these older traditional dances. Those musicians who truly play according to older traditions can gain recognition as a national folk musician, in Swedish called “riksspelman”. In contrast to many other countries in Europe there is a vibrant and living folk music tradition with links back to the Middle Ages in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Sweden today there are therefore many folk musicians with a repertoire consisting of tunes for dancing “polska” and more modern music such as waltzes, schottische, polka and other dances. Most folk musicians –in Swedish called a “spelman” - play the fiddle and can thus be called fiddlers. However in some areas of Sweden such as in the province of Uppland, the nyckelharpa (“Swedish key fiddle”) has a strong position. The history of the nyckelharpa can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The accordion spread widely throughout Sweden during the 1800s. The accordion has mostly been used for more modern types of music and not for the oldest traditional music. Many folk musicians today are members of a Fiddling group known in Swedish as a “spelmanslag”. These

Folkmusikfesten 2010 – The digital magazine This magazine presents all events participating in the collaborative promotion project Marknadsföring Folkmusikfest. This year more than 25 local organisers in 14 municipalities are participating in the project. Editor: Göte Andersson, [email protected] Layout: Dietmar Kämmerling, [email protected]


usually consist of 10 to 50 members playing many different instruments such as fiddles, nyckelharpas, clarinets, accordions, mouth organs and other wind instruments. The Fiddling groups often have a repertoire consisting of both older and more modern music. During the last few decades a new generation of skilled young folk musicians has arisen in Sweden. These musicians have a very broad repertoire including everything from the oldest traditional tunes to newly composed music with lots of swing and influences from other cultures. Both the older traditional Swedish folk music and the new creative music can be of interest to our international visitors. Traditional folk music can be heard at gatherings or sessions which in Swedish are called “spelmansstämmor”, “Fiddlers’ Meetings”. Fiddlers come to these gatherings to meet and play fiddle music. The accordionists have their own “Accordion Meetings”, in Swedish called “dragspelsstämma”. The “Folkmusikfest” events are more like festivals and there one can experience many different sorts of music performances and programs. Each local organiser designs their own music festival. In reality of course, many fiddlers also play rock music on their electric guitar at some time during the week.

We have received wide ranging support for our events, from both private and public organisations. Many thanks go to our sponsors and contributors. UNT, Arbetarbladet and Gefle Dagblad, Dalarnas Tidningar, Annonsbladet Sandviken, Sala Sparbank, Södra Dalarnas Sparbank, Karlit AB, Marma Medical AB, Gunvor Göranssons Kulturstiftelse, Göranssonska Fonderna, Lars Bucans Kulturstiftelse, Anna & Per G Berggrens Stiftelse, Tierpsbyggen, Sensus Studieförbund, ABF Gästrikebygden, the Municipalities of Heby,

Tierp, Älvkarleby, Gävle, Sandviken, Avesta, Hedemora, Säter, Falun, Ockelbo, Bollnäs and Söderhamn. The County Councils of Dalarna and Västmanland, Dalfolk-Folkmusikens Hus, Musik Gävleborg, Västmanlandsmusiken, Region Gävleborg, the County Administrative Boards in the counties of Dalarna, Uppsala and Västmanland. We cannot give an exhaustive list of our sponsors and contributors here. See our website, for more information.

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Sätra Brunn Sala 17-18 July

Folkmusik på Brunnen, Sätra Brunn 2010 “Folk Music at ”Brunnen”, Sätra Brunn” Saturday 17 July 13.00-17.00 Stage performances by folk music groups and solo musicians 15.00-17.00 Workshops • Folk tunes on the fiddle with national folk musician Carina Normansson • Folk tunes on the nyckelharpa with national folk musician Ragnar Berglund • Learn to play the mouth organ: with national folk musician John Erik Hammarberg (mouth organ G-major) • Folk dances from the province of Västmanland and elsewhere with Birgitta and Erwin Röwer

• Folk song workshop/sing-along: Majja Neverland and guests 18.00-19.00 Concert with the Mats Berglund trio 20.00 Dance/pub in societetshuset (“The Society House”) – dance, music, drinks and of course something to eat

Sunday 18 July 13.00 Spelmansstämma, “Fiddlers’ Meeting” 14.00-15.00 ”From Landin to Ferlin”, a concert with national folk musician Carina Normansson and the troubadour Colbjörn Lindberg

Sätra Brunn – a health spa in the province of Västmanland with a history dating back to the early 1700s. Here you will find a hotel, restaurant and spa. For bookings, ring +46 224 54610; [email protected] Local organisers: Sätra Brunn and Västmanlands Spelmansförbund

Hållnäs 19-25 July

Hållnäsveckan 2010 “Hållnäs Week”

Saturday 24 July 14.00-22.00 Dragspelsstämma, “Accordion Meeting” at Hållnäs Hembygdsgård. Performers include Sören Rydgren, Iggesund’s Accordion Club and many more. Christer Lehti treats us to an Accordion Cavalcade, a portrait of 1890 to the present in words and music.

Sunday 25 July 12.00-17.00 Hållnäsdagen, “Hållnäs Day”. Performance by “Next Generation”, a group of 18 young musicians who sing and play so it swings! They are well-known from TV and have given concerts in many schools throughout Sweden. They sing about the wonder of being alive and having so much to discover in life. Leader: Leif Lundgren

Hållnäs Week – schedule for each day Sunday 18 July 18.00 Screening of

the film “Hemsöborna” (in Swedish), filmed partly in Hållnäs. Monday 19 July 17.00 Auction at Hembygdsgården – come and find yourself a bargain! Tuesday 20 July 18.00 Griggebosåg, a water-driven sawmill from 1848, is open for visitors. Wednesday 21 July 19.00 Open sing-along at Hembygdsgården. Leaders: Evert Persson and Maria Hallengren-Larsson Thursday 22 July 10.00-16.00

Bagarstugan, ”The Baker’s Cottage” is open. Come and try out traditional Hållnäs bread baking. Saturday 24 July 14.00-22.00

Dragspelsstämma, “Accordion Meeting” Sunday 25 July 12.00-17.00

Hållnäsdagen, “Hållnäs Day”


Local organiser:

Hållnäs Hembygdsförening Contact person: Per-Erik Karlsson, +46-(0)-70-328 77 18 [email protected]

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Konnsjögården 22-24 July

Vildrosfestivalen “The Wild Rose Festival”

Folk and world music, poetry, theatre, dance floor, jamming (“buskspel”), markets. Vildrosfestivalen is a new addition this summer, with an incredibly broad program and musicians from all over the world.

Workshops & Seminars 20-21 July New Tango Orquesta / Kultiration / Stefan Sundström / Östblocket / Dan Viktor / Kandels Kapell / Nyali Zambia / Pajala Tatawin - Tunisia / Dánjal - Faroe Islands / Afenginn Denmark / Anne Feeney - USA / Jan

Hammarlund / Kajsa Grytt / Dan Fägerquist / Å feat, Roland Keijser / Emma & Gänget /Yakumbé & Teater MaskArado / Clockwise /Ylljali / Navarra / Zibur / Bengt Berg / Birgitta Lillpers / Ismael Ataria / Kåre Olsson / Erik Fosse / Lisa Swahn / Berit Ås / Ulf Lundén / Claes von Rettig / Svenska Flickan / Aiva Susanne & Karin / Bordun /Avesta Fiddlers Association / Margareta Söderberg & Martina & Agnes / Essens.

Solidarity & Woman power The connecting thread in seminars, talks, songs.

The Wild Rose Prize awarded to Lo Kouppi Tickets can be purchased through Tourist Information offices in Dalarna and on Tel +46-(0)-22641040 Email [email protected] The venue for this event is Konnsjögården, Horndal, southern Dalarna

Östervåla 31 July

Östervålastämman – “In the spirit of Bohlin and Tallroth!” This year we are planning a traditional “Fiddlers’ Meeting” at Mårtsbogården – Östervåla’s hembygdsgård – concentrating on all-play, performances and jamming (“buskspel”), and keeping the folk musician in focus. One important reason for this format is that the meet is intended primarily as an expression of our proud local folk music tradition, especially the rich musical heritage left by the Bohlin and Tallroth families. We believe that many folk musicians will find this year’s arrangement extra interesting and exciting! Mattias Landén Östervåla Hembygdsförening Leif Alpsjö Musical host at the Meet Göran Lindal Heby Municipality – Department of Culture

Saturday 31 July 2010 at Mårtsbogården

Program 13:00 Assembly. Social playing. (It’s fine to arrive earlier ...)


14:00–16:00 Workshops (Participation free of charge): • Seminar/lecture on tunes with Leif Alpsjö • Song games for children (Details not finalised yet) • Demonstration of the musical instrument Psalmodikon 16:30 (approx.) Performances (by play list) 18:00 • All-play • Leif Alpsjö with ”Våla music and some other things” 19:00 • ”Diploma performances” (application on site, to Leif Alpsjö) • Continued performances (by play list) The spelmansstämma (“Fiddlers’ Meeting”) then progresses to general jamming (“buskspel”) and maybe even dance, for example down next to the old stage – Mårtsbogården is a spacious and comfortable venue!

Contact person: Mattias Landén +46-(0)-731-82 91 28 [email protected]

Practical information • Free entry for active musicians. Others 50 SEK, < 18 years free • Folk musicians participating in the seminar and/or performances are treated to dinner and a snack • Refreshments available (coffee, sandwiches etc) • Will be held indoors in the case of bad weather • Toilet accessible by the disabled is available • It is possible to camp in the area • Möbelmuséet, The Furniture Museum is open 13–16 (Shows the special history of carpentry in Östervåla) • Transport – see map. Bus 844 from Uppsala – see for timetable.

Local organisers: Östervåla Hembygdsförening – Heby Municipality, Dept. Culture

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Väsby Kungsgård Sala 1 August

Salastämman på Väsby Kungsgård, Sala “Fiddlers’ Meeting” at Väsby Kungsgård” Sunday 1 August 13.00 Performances by folk musicians and dancers, dance to folk music. Refreshments available: coffee and other beverages. Sala – Sweden’s Silver City with the Sala Silver Mine, Aguéli Museum and other tourist attractions. Local organiser: Sala Hembygdso Fornminnesförening Information:

[email protected]

Västland 6 & 8 August

Rappkallestämman 2010 “Rappkalle ”Fiddlers’ Meet” Friday 6 August 19.00

Västlands Hembygdsgård Concert with Peter Puma Hedlund, one of the most prominent traditional players of the nyckelharpa in Sweden. Peter has a large repertoire including both his own compositions and many traditional tunes from the province of Uppland.

Sunday 8 August

Rappkallestämman 11.00 Church service with folk music, in Västland Church. 13.00 Traditional ”Fiddlers’ Meeting” for the 32nd year in a row. Venue: Västlands Hembygdsgård. We will start off with All-Play, as usual. This will be followed by stage performances and jamming “buskspel”.


Refreshments available. Free entry for playing folk musicians.

Background Rappkallestämman is a genuine traditional “Fiddlers’ Meeting” which for many years attracted famous folk musicians from the whole of the province of Uppland, for example the Sahlström family of musicians. Rappkallestämman has taken its name from the fiddler Karl Johan Medén, also known as Rappkalle, who lived in Västland at the end of the 1800s. Our venue Hembygdsgården has a long history back to the 1600s. It is a part of the old Ironworks in Västland and lies next to the stream called Tämnarån.

Local organisers: Västlands Hembygdsförening and Västland Fiddlers. Contact person: Carl-Bertil Wallin, +46-(0)-70-689 47 94 [email protected]

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Stjärnsund 6-8 August

Folkmusikfesten i Stjärnsund 2010 “The Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund” – jam-packed days in a fantastic historical setting Saturday 7 August 16.00 Concert with the world music ensemble Bolingo. Part-singing as you’ve never heard it before, with influences from the Congo, Brazil and Sweden… Be there when we blow the roof off the church! 18.30 Fast-paced concert with The Original Swedish Arvika Blues Breakers. A cool, swinging mixture of folk music, country jazz and Finnish tango.

Folkmusikfesten – day by day Friday 6 August 16.00 Opening: Art exhibition Ngoma – paintings of music and dance 17.00-18.30 For beginners: try dancing the reel (“polska”) 19.00 Old-time dancing and reels. Dance evening.

Saturday 7 August 08.00 Herders’ music at Björktjärn 09.30-10.30 For beginners: try horn blowing, with Bernt Lindström 09.30-11.00 For beginners: try herder calls (“kulning”), with Pia Holmqvist 10.00-12.30 Workshop: part-singing with the world music ensemble Bolingo 10.00-11.30 Folk tune workshop on the fiddle,, with Hanna Lindblom 11.00-12.00 For absolute beginners: try the fiddle,, with Bernt Lindström and Helena Kåks 11.00-13.00 Local markets with jamming (“buskspel”) 11.00-12.30 Harp music in the herb garden, Mia Westlund 12.00-18.00 Ngoma – paintings of music and dance 12.00 Fantasy-filled musical parade through Stjärnsund 13.00-14.00 Eleven tunes in a gazebo, Kalle Sjöblom, Karl-Arne Gustafsson, Helena Kåks 13.00-15.00 For beginners: try the mouth organ, with Erik Johansson 14.30-15.30 Clay, slag stone, fragments of memory. Poetry and music with Karin Kåks, Mia Westlund and Bernt Lindström 16.00-17.00 Concert: World music ensemble Bolingo From 17.00 Soup with folk musicians 18.30 Fast-paced concert with The Original Swedish Arvika Blues Breakers 19.30-24.00 Spelmanspub, “Folk Music Pub” at Herrgården 24.00 Music at Midnight, Klara Leandersson Andréas, Birgitta Törnros

Sunday 8 August 12.00-17.00 Ngoma – paintings of music and dance 13.00 Free church hymns with The Salvation Army 16.00 Folk Music Mass: Join in the dance with choirs, dancers and folk musicians Principal local organiser: Föreningen Folkmusikfesten i Stjärnsund Contact person: Maria Westman +46-(0)-70-526 50 12,

[email protected]


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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Gustafs-Säter 6-15 August

Historisk vecka, Säter “Historic Week”

See our fantastic cultural heritage and beautiful natural surroundings. Experience the great tradition of folk music, dance and song from Southern Dalarna. In the Municipality of Säter we have many meeting places which convey the story of our joint cultural heritage in a playful way. During Historisk vecka there will be culture-historical walking-tours and programs from the 1400s to the 1970s, about topics such as politics, mining, industry and hospital history. Saturday 7 August 11.00 – 17.00 Säterstampen. The whole of the inner area of the town of Säter opens its leafy courtyard gardens and entertains with theatre, handcrafts, food, markets, song, music and dance. You can experience one of Sweden’s best preserved wooden towns just as it was 100 years ago. Chargrilled herring, toffee apples, bacon pancakes. Rope making, hair crafts and house timbering. You’ll find everything that could be wished for by hungry mouths and fingers that are willing to fiddle. There are also major events going on in the town’s inner courtyards – a general strike, a lodge meeting, the union crisis and a meeting about the establishment of the new hospital. The Culture Society Säterstampen was formed in 1997 by local history enthusiasts. The purpose of the Society’s playful form of popular education is to strengthen local ties and to highlight the historical perspective. Come and let us entice you! There is history around every corner in Säter.

Sunday 8 August 10.00 Guided tour: Pursuing the trail of silver and iron along the cultural trail Silverringen. 18.00 Historical dinner, 1600s style 19.30 Storytelling theatre: ”Letters from Queen Christina” comes to life through words and music with actor Jonas Bergström and Suzanne Persson, lutenist on the baroque lute


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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

and theorbo. Who was she - the Swedish queen who abdicated, moved to Rome and became a Catholic? Through some of her letters we catch a glimpse of a colourful and multifaceted woman. Music of Bocquet, Gaultier, Kellner and Kapsberger. Venue: Brännvinskällaren, Säters stadshotell. Advance bookings only

Friday 13 August 20.00 ”Ted Gärdestad evening – a story about songs and life” Under the open sky and by the light of the open fire we meet Erik Winqvist, song, Simon Forsman, song and keyboard and Peo Valdas Hagfeldt, percussion. Venue: Östra Silvbergs gruva. Advance booking ”Ted Gärdestad only lived to be 40 years old, and died too young. But his songs live on and the question is whether they have almost become immortal”. “Erik Winqvist and Simon Forsman stay close to the originals, but it still feels innovative” ”heartfelt and warm, with a deeper meaning. For the sake of love ... “ so wrote reviewer Åke Lundgren in the Swedish newspaper Norra Västerbotten.


Saturday 14 August 18.00 Folkmusikfest Ton & tradition, “Folk Music Festival: Tones & Tradition” – A concert to celebrate the folk music of the Bergslagen mining district of Dalarna. The evening concludes with an award presentation. Musicians Ellinor Fritz, Maria Hulthén, Erik Köpmans together with other folk musicians and folk dancers. Venue: Stora Skedvi Church. Come and enjoy this homage concert with many of the best from the huge treasure trove of older tunes, songs and folk dances from the province of Dalarna’s southern regions and mining districts. The concert also includes newly composed folk music from skilled carriers of the region’s traditions. This year the presentation of the Maja and Ingvar Norman Award Fund for young folk musicians is included in the program. The winner of the award will be revealed at the concert. Several of the previous winners are today successful folk musicians and include Erik Köpmans, Sara Lindblad, Anna Ekstam Ristner, Karin Hellqvist and Ellinor Fritz.

Advance booking of all tickets:

Säter Library: +46-(0)-225-55186, Säter Tourist Information office: +46-(0)-225-55300 Contact persons:

Karin Hästö Tel. +46-(0)-225-55 189, +46-(0)-70-2289885 [email protected] Ann-Christine Östlund Bäckehag Tel. +46-(0)-243-24 03 64, +46-(0)-70-535 60 61 [email protected]

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Älvkarleby 15 August

Byss-Callestämman “Byss-Calle ”Fiddlers’ Meeting” Sunday 15 August 11.00 Church service with folk

music, in Älvkarleby Church. approx. 12.00 at the Byss-Calle Stone – Welcome speech by BrittMarie Strand 13.00 venue: Gammelgården – Allplay, performances by Byss-Calle Award aspirants and jamming (“buskspel”). Leader: Leif Alpsjö 14.00 Folk dance performance by folk dancers from Denmark. Performances and All-Play continue. Refreshments available: meatballs with mash, salmon sandwiches, coffee, cordial, ice cream. Raffles, selling of Byss-Calle booklets, Byss-Calle pins etc Free entry for playing folk musicians.


Background Byss-Callestämman is one of the largest folk musician gatherings in the province of Uppland. The ”Fiddlers’ Meeting” attracts several hundred folk musicians and visitors each year. The first Byss-Callestämma was held in 1973, and the format has been the same since 1983. Carl Ersson Bössa, known as the folk musician Byss-Calle (17831847), was a legendary player of the nyckelharpa from Östanå in the parish of Älvkarleby in the north of the province of Uppland. He has left a legacy of many beautiful tunes. Our intention in holding the Meet is to keep folk music alive, and to increase interest for Byss-Calle’s tunes.

Local organisers: Älvkarleby hembygdsförening in cooperation with the parish of Älvkarleby-Skutskär. Contact person: Britt-Marie Strand, +46-(0)-76-315 23 40 [email protected]

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Valbo 21 August

Spelmansfest Vretas Saturday 21 August 11.00 Workshop. Venue: Vretas

hembygdsgård - Leaders – a group of skilled folk musicians who are well renowned in Sweden. Jernberg tunes with Sven Ahlbäck and Tony Wrethling. Ensemble play with Mia Marin and Mikael Marin. Percussion or ensemble workshop with Petter Berndalen. Folk songs with Susanne Rosenberg To participate, register with the organiser at [email protected] Last day for applications 17 August Approx. 14.00 Lecture. Venue:

Vretas hembygdsgård Låtspråk – The language of tunes: stylistic features of older Swedish folk music. Sven Ahlbäck, Sweden’s only professor of Swedish folk music, explains what is meant by the term folk like – what gives traditional folk music its characteristic sound, based on the tunes of Jernberg.

15.00 Spelmansstämma, “Fid-

dlers’ Meeting” at Vretas hembygdsgård Leader: Tony Wrethling The Meeting will conclude with the awarding of the Gustav Jernberg medal. 16.00 Concert with Järngänget at Vretas hembygdsgård. Järngänget - Bertil Månsson, Per Börjesson, Anders Gill and Lennart Östblom, well known folk musicians from the provinces of Gästrikland and Hälsingland who often play the tunes of Gustav Jernberg. 17.00 Concert: Music from the Valbo

area, at Vretas hembygdsgård Sven Ahlbäck, violin, Petter Berndalen, percussion, Mia Marin, violin, Mikael Marin, viola and Susanne Rosenberg, song present tunes and songs from the district of Valbo. The focus of the concert is on the rich heritage of tunes from the Jernberg family from Sikvik. Together the musicians give this music a new sound while maintaining their deep roots in traditional folk music.

20.00. Dance to folk music at Vretas Hembygdsgård Sandvikens Spelmanslag led by Tony Wrethling, plus other groups.

Background This event has been developed by a small group of people who love the music of Gustav Jernberg. Gävle should have an annual event to celebrate the fantastic music of Gustav Jernberg. A real celebration of folk music and musicians. Contact persons

Lena Åstrand tel +46-(0)-73-9051976 [email protected] Malin Månsson Leinonen tel +46-(0)-70-2955371 [email protected]

Valbo 22 August

Vretasdagen “Vretas Day”

Sunday 22 August The day’s program starts at 13.00 • Performance by the music group ÅMA with Åke Hillström, Magnus Wallinder and Anders Jonsson. Inspired by popular singers and poets such as Allan Edvall. • Folkteaterns Låtstuga, music group led by Görgen Antonsson. • Dance performance: “Sarkofagen” with the folk dancing groups Rillen and Valbo Folk dancers. • Gästrike Låtverkstad, a group of young musicians led by Tuva Modéer.


• Summer music with Valbo School band, with young musicians from Sofiedal School. • Vocal ensemble Vox G with folk songs from the province of Gästrikland • Several other groups of young musicians. • Approx. 17.00, after the concert programs: come and try some oldtime dancing with the folk dancing groups Rillen and Valbo Folk dancers.

Background Musikfest Vretas, the “Vretas Music Festival” is a new event in Valbo in the Municipality of Gävle. Our goal is to establish an event that is held annually, has a broad profile and includes a variety of types of music and dance. Contact person

Valbo Hembygdsförening Martin Lööv, +46-(0)-70-3032976 [email protected]

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Festival 2010

Gamla Staberg 27 August

Folkmusikfest Gamla Staberg “Folk Music Festival at Gamla Staberg, Falun” 27 August Concert, herding calls (“kulning”), folk songs and jamming (“buskspel”). With two of Sweden’s best-known fiddling groups, the Fiddlers’ League of Falun and Svärdsjö Fiddlers. More participants to be announced shortly. A new event in the Municipality of Falun, with a broad profile. Our intention is to create a permanent meeting place for folk music in the Municipality of Falun.

Local organisers: Studieförbundet Sensus in cooperation with Vika Hosjö Hembygdsförening. Contact person: Fredrik Månsson Tel. +46-(0)-70-247 76 03 [email protected]

Ovansjö-Storvik 27-28 August

Ovansjöfesten “Ovansjö Festival”

Friday 27 August. Nostalgia Shock from the 1970s! The legendary national folk rock group Kebnekajse. Warm-up band Agnes Nykäsenoja, Elin Skogh, Ambjörn Lätt and Nicke Bertilsson. Traditional tunes from the province of Gästrikland - Concert Felan Går with Tony Wrethling, Sandvikens Fiddlers’ group and others. Sune Liljevall plays his own tunes. Sätra Bälg o Strängar (Bernt-Olov Andersson, Kjell Nordlöf, Stefan Lassila and Lars Westerman). Concert and dance. Venue: Lyran, Storvik. Granliden House of Food and Wine (“Mat- och Vinhus”), Storvik. After last year’s success- a new festival at Granliden. Program information available in August.


Saturday 28 August Storvik

Central Storvik. Talk to local politicians. Questions and answers. ICA Harvest markets. Large motorcycles exhibited by Big Bay. Storvik Station House 15:0018:00. Storvik Sport Club’s big car bingo final with Jackpot prizes. 19.00 Sångfest, “Vocal Festival” Ovansjö. Concert: Folk tunes and part-singing with the vocal group Vox G and others. Venue: Lyran, Storvik Granliden House of Food and Wine (“Mat- och Vinhus”): new festival at Granliden with live bands and much more. Program information available in August. Kungsgården

Kulturfest, “Culture Feast” at Kungs-Pizzeria in Kungsgården. Start 15.00. Local bands such as Logic Confusion and many more from Västerberg Folk High School.


Family program at Folkets Park, Åshammar. Start 11.00 Program for children, competitions, quiz, exhibitions, refreshments available etc.

Background. Ovansjöfesten is a new event. We aim to establish an annual event with a broad profile including music, dance and other types of programs. Contact persons:

Lena Glimmerbäck +46-(0)-707693755 Göte Andersson +46-(0)-705755400 [email protected]

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Nedre Dalälven

Folk Music

Festival 2010

Sandviken 29 August

Joel Rådbergdagen “Joel Rådberg Day” 29 August Joel Rådbergdagen. A traditional spelmansstämma (“Fiddlers’ Meeting”) at the venue Drömparken at Drömfabriken. Start 13.00. With all-play, jamming (“buskspel”), performances on stage and a concert program. The leader for the all-play session is national folk musician Tony Wrethling, one of the best known folk musicians in the province of Gästrikland. New for this year is a concert with the group Tzeitel, who play klezmer

music. Klezmer is a music tradition which has been developed by the Jewish population in Eastern Europe. Music for weddings and other festive occasions.

Background to the event. Joel Rådberg was a legendary fiddler in Sandviken who played older traditional tunes, and also composed many tunes himself. The folk musicians of today play many of Joel’s tunes at the Meeting. It is mostly local folk musicians from the Municipality of Sandviken who participate in the Meeting.

Contact person:

Bo Larsson tel. +46-(0)-703171232 [email protected]

Gävle 2 October

Ungdomsfest Gävle “Youth Festival Gävle” Saturday 2 October 2010 11.00 Workshops with song, music and dance. • Irish tunes, song and dance with Rachel Conlan and Alan Reid from Ireland. • World music without borders: wind instruments, strings or accompanying instruments- all instruments are welcome! With Stefan Westberg from Falun Dance and Music School. • Folk songs from Gästrikland and part-singing with the vocal group Vox G from Sandviken. • Fantastic Jernberg tunes with Malin Månsson Leinonen from Gävle. • Several other workshops to be announced later. 17.00 Concert program with participating young musicians from the counties of Gävleborg and Dalarna. So far the following groups have registered: Bergby School Band from


Gävle, Gästrike Låtverkstad, Vikarbyns little Fiddlers’ group from Rättvik Music School and Ängsklockans Dancers from Avesta Attendance fee 300 SEK (includes food and workshop) Last day for applications: 1 September 2010. Register with:

Marianne Broman Tel: +46-(0)-70-233 32 61 Email: [email protected]

Background: This is the 7th year an Ungdomsfest is held in Gävle. At last year’s Ungdomsfest (2009), there were over 20 groups with 200 young musicians participating. Most were from schools, music schools, culture schools and folk dance groups from Gävleborg and Dalarna.

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Festival 2010 Folk Music Concert by Kvinnfôlk 7 July Skogsfolkets Dag 16 July (“Skogsfolkets” Day) Final evening at Åmotsparken. 6 August

Åmotsparken-Åmot Wednesday 7 July, 18.00

Concert by Kvinnfôlk Concert with the vocal group Kvinnfôlk from Ockelbo. Venue: the Bunges Kapell, Åmotsbruk. Songs from the Ockelbo area and further afield. Featuring Gerd Olsson, Ulla Persson and Anette Stein.

Background It has become a tradition that the wellknown vocal ensemble Kvinnfôlk hold a concert in the Bunges Kapell at the beginning of summer, and this year is no exception! Contact person for Bunges Kapell: Reino Tunninen

+46-(0)-70-213 87 13

Friday 16 July. From 21.30

Skogsfolkets Dag “Skogsfolkets” Day, the day for the

“People of the Forest” in Åmotsparken. Dance to the music of the famed Torgny Melin Orchestra. Pub-style refreshments available including food, beer and wine.

Background Skogsfolkets Dag is a day of great festivities, with a long tradition in Åmot. This year the customary program will be held on 16 July. Contact person for Åmotsparken:

Sture Norgren +46-(0)-73-360 00 69 [email protected]

Friday 6 August. From 21.30

Final evening at Åmotsparken Final evening at Åmotsparken. Dance to the music of Casanovas. As seen on the TV program “Dansbandskampen”!

Pub-style refreshments available including food, beer and wine.

Background For the summer of 2010, Åmotsparken has expanded the summer program to include three events. A Hard rock music concert was held for the first time on 29 May; this was a great success and attracted over 300 visitors. The Dance evening on 6 August is another new event. Skogsfolkets Dag is held every year. Contact person for Åmotsparken:

Sture Norgren +46-(0)-73-360 00 69 [email protected] Local organisers and partners:

the Bunges Kapell in Åmot, Föreningen Åmots Folkpark.

Tönnånger-Holmsveden 23 July

Westlings spelmän spelar i LarsErs hage “Westlings play folk music in LarsErs field” 23 July Folk Music Festival in LarsErs field, Tönnånger, Holmsveden. Start 18:00 Tunes from the Forest with Westlings. Åkereds with young local musicians. Bring something to eat, and something to sit on. Westlings play tunes from Tönnånger and other villages in the parish of Skogs which lies south west of Bollnäs. They also play tunes from the Westlings’ own repertoire. Westlings consists of Hugo Westling and Britt-Marie Jonsson. Westlings is a legendary group which was founded by Hugo around the same


time as the Hälsinge Hambon dance competition started in 1965. The number of members has varied over the years as musicians have come and gone. Westlings usually play a few times per month, though in the summer months it is the busy “high season”. Apart from playing in various venues around Sweden, Westlings have also toured in Norway, Denmark, Germany and the USA. Westlings mostly play to old-time dance, with a sprinkling of other rural and traditional dances. Dance competitions- especially the hambo polka- have become a specialty. Kerstin and Sverker Åkered play

mostly local folk music tunes, here together with young local musicians. Kerstin and Sverker are music teachers from Söderhamn. This folk music event in LarsErs field started in 2003 and is now held for the 8th time. Contact person:

Tore Björklund +46-(0)-705101836 [email protected]

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Festival 2010 Folk Music Gustafsfors 7-29 August

Loses-Revyn “The Loses Revue”

New amateur folk theatre production with the 1960s in focus

The 2010 production from Finnskogsteatern is a tall story about the people of Loses and is set in the early 1960s. We remember the local singer “Snoddas”, Beman, Sputnik, Khrushchev, the offshore radio station “Radio Nord”, LosesAsta and much, much more. Humour and nostalgia all jumbled together. A stand-alone continuation of the previous years’ successful productions: “The Personal Ad” (2006), “Love, Poaching and Old Women” (2007), “The Evening Bus” (2008) and “InFiftyYears” (2009) 12 performances, starting 7 August. The Finnskog theatre is one of the largest amateur theatre groups in the Municipality of Bollnäs. Performances are given at Loses Kulturplats which lies 20 km south of Bollnäs, between the villages of Gustavsfors and Flugbo. The site is used for theatre, concerts, dance, music, parties, exhibitions, local district days, literature evenings, markets, courses, study circles, leisure activities and nature trails.

Fotograf Olle Wester

7-29 August.

Gösta “Snoddas” Nordgren

Contact person:

David-Reino Svensson tel +46-(0)-27882039 [email protected]


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c Festival Folk Musi

Record result for Swedish Folk Music Festival Record result for “Folkmusikfesten”, a regional Swedish folk music festival. In 2009 there was an amazing 14 216 visitors, compared to 13 887 in 2008. 25 local organisers in 14 municipalities reported record attendance figures despite the global economic crisis.

600 visitors came to the Fiddlers’ Meet in Mobydalen, Ockelbo

The 25 local organisers are to be found in the Swedish counties of Dalarna, Gästrikland, Hälsingland, Uppland and Västmanland. Together they organised over 100 music events during the European summer of 2009. The total turnover for these events was 1.7 million SEK during 2009, of which programme costs were 1.1 million SEK. Joint promotion costs of 600 000 SEK covered local, regional and national marketing. - Thanks to our involvement in the marketing project we reach out to a larger area with advertising for the Accordion Meet in Hållnäs, says Per-Erik Karlsson from Hållnäs Hembygdsförening in the municipality of Tierp. - We have had visitors come from as far away as Piteå in the far north of Sweden. We want to continue with this concept of wide-scale marketing, says Per-Erik Karlsson. Hållnäs Week had in 2009 a total of 1430 visitors and the Accordion Meet was one of the larger events during the week. Per-Erik Karlsson is participating in discussions about how this collaboration might be able to continue after 2010. It is clear that many of the 25 organisers wish to continue working together, but it is important to first evaluate the best way forward.


2009’s Hit Concert with Sofia Jannok in Östra Silvberg’s Old Mining Area in the municipality of Säter.

Visitor numbers hit 8000 in 2006 Many of the local organisers have been working in collaboration since around the year 2000 within the framework of the Folk Music Festival of Nedre Dalälven and the Folk Music Festival of Ödmården. In 2006, over 8 000 visitors were reported by the 20

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c Festival Folk Musi organisers who were participating at that time. Many new events with a folk music focus have been established during this period. A new three-year joint marketing project was started in 2008 as a continuation of the established collaboration between these organisers. The economic foundation of the project is the economic grants from 13 municipalities, the County Administration Boards of Dalarna, Uppsala and Västmanland plus the Regional Cooperation Council of Gävleborg. The goal of the marketing project is to, during the project period, establish a local and also a joint organisation which can organise and implement marketing campaign and also secure the long-term financing of the operation. Each local organiser has a projected goal for the number of visitors, in total this is over 19 000 for the year 2010.

The goal is in sight The results which the marketing project can present so far indicate that the planned goals are actually in sight. The projected budget for the three years (1.9 million SEK) will most likely be surpassed. This is the result of local grants and support from sponsors within the private sector almost certainly exceeding the projected goal. If all goes well, then even the goal for attendance figures will be achieved: this would mean just over 19 000 visitors for 2010. Local organisers are the foundation on which collaboration is built. One of the most successful is the organising committee of the Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund. Helena Kåks from Stjärnsund writes about their working methods, read the article. Local organisers who are active and creative are of course the most successful.

Marketing attracted more visitors to Säter The three largest events during the Folk Music Festival of Nedre Dalälven and Ödmården are Historical Week in the municipality of Säter in Dalarna (4 782 visitors in 2009), Hållnäs Week in the municipality of Tierp in Uppland (1 430 visitors) and the Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund in the municipality of Hedemora in Dalarna (1420 visitors). In the county of Gävleborg the biggest events were the Summer Show featuring the music of Evert Taube, held at Gammelstilla in the municipality of Hofors (1269 visitors), The Fiddlers’ meet at Mobydalen in the municipality of Ockelbo (600 visitors), the Music Festival at Ovansjö in the municipality of Sandviken (550 visitors). In the county of Västmanland the largest event was called Folk Music at the “Brunn” (250 visitors). - The marketing project has helped us attract visitors from other areas of Dalarna County to our event Historical Week. We estimate that a third of the audience at the concert by Sofia Jannok in Östra Silvberg’s Old Mining Area in August 2009 was here


Bacon pancakes make a tasty snack at the Fiddlers’ meet in Mobydalen.

for the first time, says Karin Hästö, municipal cultural secretary in Säter. For the organiser (the Municipality of Säter) this meant some extra income. The concert by Sofia Jannok had a paying audience of 287 which gave a ticket revenue of 56 800 SEK. - By establishing a broad local network of local organisers who collaborate within the framework of Historical Week we have achieved much more with the resources that we have at our disposal. The Week has expanded to become a much bigger event in which many different activities are included, says Karin Hästö. - When the municipality, non-profit organisations and volunteers cooperate in this way it is to everyone’s advantage, says Karin Hästö. Göte Andersson

Overview. Folkmusikfest angörsföreningen The organisation Arr t for Marketing of jec Pro owner for the (AF) is the project nts with the local tival. AF has agreeme the Folk Music Fes tion will work. ora llab co ing how the organisers concern yments in pa for financing and AF has responsibility is responsible r ise an org g. The local relation to marketin rke ma ting costs. rs to contribute to for finding sponso n marketing plan ow ir the r draws up Each local organise cing their event an for planning and fin and is responsible aller sm in ld he events are program. Nearly all . The economic lity ipa nic mu ir the communities within ards is designed ty Administration Bo grant from the Coun nt of rural me promote the develop to be a subsidy to mbers in AF. me are rs ise local organ areas. Most of the

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c Festival Folk Musi

The Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund

Music from the master of Argentinean tango Piazzolla met tunes from the south of Dalarna during the Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund. Lars-Åke Gustafsson, accordion, & Fredrik Petrini, guitar.

The region of southern Dalarna has long been lacking a large annual folk music event. In 2005 a group of local residents in Stjärnsund took initiatives which resulted in just such an event: the Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund. With the backing of the collaborative marketing project, the Folk Music Festival of Nedre Dalälven, we have created an annually recurring and diversified festival which attracts relatively large numbers of visitors - and which is in continual development. The district of Stjärnsund lies in the Municipality of Hedemora in Dalarna County, and consists of the old Ironworks area of Stjärnsund with well-preserved buildings from the1700s and onwards, plus a number of near lying villages. These historic locations are of course a resource in our work, as is the fact that there are many active people living in the area. There are around 400 permanent residents plus many summer residents in the area, which despite its small size has made itself a name for its rich cultural life.

Key factors: pleasure and creativity The Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund has since its start been held during the first weekend in August. The first festival was held over three days and included about ten different events. The festival grew during the following years and at its biggest consisted of about 30 items over four days. When planning the


festival last year we felt that it was time to cut things down a little. If a festival of this type is going have staying power we must ensure that our creativity and enthusiasm do not get pushed aside by organisational or financial problems. We don’t see the growth of the festival as an end in itself.

Climax in the old Forge The festival of 2009 was launched with a Friday evening dance with reels and old-time dancing in the local community hall followed by a music and art happening near Lake Grycken. The culmination of Saturday’s events was an evening concert in the old Forge, with musicians such as Jonas Knutsson and Johan Norberg. During the day there was herders’ music, a sing-along cafe, a concert with Tango music, jamming, traditional song and dance games, many try-it-out activities, and also a spectacular musical parade.

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c Festival Folk Musi

The spectacular musical parade was a popular feature of the program during the 2009 Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund.

For the running of the Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund answers an association with the same name. A board has the economic responsibility and makes the formal decisions. It is however in a more loosely defined program group that most of the work is done. Amongst the group members are people with skills in many areas such as music, sound engineering, teaching, history, marketing and economy. We create the program events ourselves around different themes, often in partnership with others such as the local church, businesses and other associations.

The music of southern Dalarna meets other genres We wish to place an emphasis on the music of the southern part of Dalarna County, while also allowing it to meet other music genres. We strive to bring together musicians from different places in new groupings and also to facilitate encounters between folk music and other forms of art and creative expression. Another of our aims is that the Folk Music Festival should benefit the music and cultural life of the area all year round. We achieve this by organising dance evenings, day courses, a Midwinter Fiddlers’ Meet and staging concerts etc during the non-summer months. The fiddling group Korsmora Fiddlers, which was started in anticipation of the first Folk Music Festival in 2005, has regular activities


and meetings. Several other smaller groups have also been started as a result of our work with the Folk Music Festival.

The Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund seeks sponsors and applies for grants The financial side of things is of course a problem. The Municipality of Hedemora and a local bank, Södra Dalarnas Sparbank, give us each year an initial contribution that we can build on. We also look for sponsors amongst local businesses to supplement the income we have from ticket sales and entry donations. The Folk Music Festival in Stjärnsund participates in a broad collaborative marketing project which means that we have wide-ranging national and regional promotion of our event. Helena Kåks

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