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Food certification is a certificate provided to food manufacturers, growers, retailers, and others. Food certification shows that the food has fulfilled all the food safety processes and the food is safe for consumption. Different governmental accredited bodies are involved in providing food certification for different purposes. The food certification is of different types such as BRC, Halal, SQF, vegan, organic, gluten-free and others. FSSAI, WHO, and other governmental bodies and organizations inspect the food products and after ensuring the risk of food and if its safe to consume, then only governmental body will provide certification for particular products. The companies and organizations such as Eurofins Scientific, SGS SA, Kiwa, Dekra, and others are accepted by the governmental bodies and are the third-parties that provides different certifications directly to manufactures, growers, retailers, foodservice organizations and others. The food product should clear all the criteria for regulations that are laid down by the governmental body.
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