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How will foreign talent affect Singapore’s development?

What you will learn today: What are the benefits of Foreign Talent? How will Foreign Talent hinder Singapore’s development? How Singapore has affected the Foreign Talent & their way of living? How & why Singapore attracts Foreign Talent over?

Introduction Foreign Talent can help Singapore economically, socially and culturally. 

However, it should not be over-hyped.

They are essential for the continuation of Singapore's prosperity and progress. Singapore has a small range of talents and skills.  To make up for what we do not have. 

Why so we need to attract foreign talent? To make up for the lack of talent or skills of our locals, which will help in boosting our economy. To improve the workforce in Singapore as a whole. Singaporeans will strive harder. Government wants Singapore to be a more cosmopolitan and vibrant city.

Immigrants are not the threat. The threat lies in the people who discriminate against locals in favor of foreign talents.

How did Singapore managed to attract foreign talents over? Think through what’ve learnt in Social Studies.

Singapore has leading universities that are able to gather foreign talent in Singapore.

How Singapore affect foreign talent & their standard of living?  Provide job opportunities.  Developed Singapore allowed them to raise their standard of living.

Emphasizes on the development of Singapore.

Negative impacts of Foreign Talent Cash Outflow Capital Investment Crime Rate Labour Costs

Cash Outflow Not significantly excessive. Substantial part of income will be spent in Singapore due to high cost of living.

Capital Investment Over-reliant on foreign labour Foreign labour cheaper  Led to little capital investments 

Not as efficient as machines

Crime Rate Increase in Crime Rate > 900 foreigners arrested for crimes like armed robbery, molest, vehicle thefts, shoplifting & possession of weapons between January – June 1996 (ST, 3rd October 1996) Increase in immigration offences, like overstaying & illegal employment. (ST, 11th September 1996)

Labour Costs Do you agree that by employing foreign labour reduces labour costs? As the wages of foreign workers are lower than locals.

Labour Costs Misconception

Employers had forgotten to impute hidden costs of employing foreign workers. Costs Included:    

Accommodation Foreign Worker Levy Quality & Productivity Costs Resources to Care for immigrants & integrate them into our community

Benefits of Foreign Talent Economic Growth

Education Culture & Tolerance Working Mothers Create awareness Foreign Expertise

Economic Growth Plays significant role

Increased inflow of foreign talent 

Added 1.5% to 2% to economy’s growth

since 1992

Education Teachers have positive influence on foreign students. For Example, Mr. Kurt Kuehne @ Hua Yi

Culture & Tolerance Interaction with foreigners exposes us to their culture, makes us more tolerant of them. Interaction allows us to appreciate the differences in culture in terms of language, religion and festivals. Better understanding of their working styles & attitudes.

Local television benefited from the talent and expertise of many foreigners who help to improve standard of local art.

Working Mothers Availability of foreign maids > working mothers. Use of foreign domestic help on social implications for family. Example, upbringing of the children & impact on family unit.

Create Awareness For example, Li Jia Wei (foreign talent) won a Silver Medal in the Olympics’08, in which brought Singapore to known to the world.

Foreign Expertise Significant impact on locals

For example, the construction of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) would not have been possible without the contribution of foreign labour. Contributes to Singapore in terms of:    

Technology Research and Development Education Sports

Other factors affecting Foreign Talent Cross-Nationality Marriages Improve Competitiveness

Sports Retraining Job & Promotion Opportunities Congregation of Foreign Workers Property & Rental Market

Cross-Nationality Marriages Presence of foreigners working here have resulted in more cross-nationality marriages. For Example, professionals & workers

Improve Competitiveness With the introduction of foreign talent, locals would feel insecure about their jobs and strive to improve themselves in order to keep up with the competition. As a result, many of them would strive to upgrade themselves, so as to be better equipped to take on the competition. Competitiveness in the country among the people increases.

Sports Foreign coaches & players improved standard of sports in Singapore. For Example: Li Jia Wei (Table Tennis), Tao Li (Swimming) & Ronald Susilo (Badminton) Exposure to foreign players can improve the skills of local players. Concentrating too much on foreign players can lead to a lack of exposure for local players.

Retraining Dependence on foreign labour led us to neglect retraining of locals Retraining on locals is not an issue as foreigners are not competing for the same jobs. Most foreigners are recruited to fill up jobs not wanted/cannot be filled by locals who lack the requisite skills or expertise

Jobs & Promotion Opportunities Jobs & Promotion Opportunities are affected somehow.

Hiring the foreign workers is cheaper than to local workers. Government’s selective immigration policy helps to ensure that locals are not easily displayed by foreign labour.

Congregation of Foreign Workers Provides business opportunities for many local shopowners. Example @ Boat Quay, The Golden Mile Complex houses, Thai supermarkets etc to carter the needs of other nationals working here.

Property & Rental Market Important to make a distinction between foreign labour and foreign investors Foreign investors responsible for pushing up property prices

Property markets are protected from foreign ownership. The hike in property prices is largely cause by local spectators

Group’s View Singapore should not over-stress on the need for foreign talents as it can do damage to the social fabric in Singapore. For example, Singaporeans may feel like second-class citizens instead of the owners of the country.

I believe this is the moment that you’re waiting for.


Do you think foreign talent hinder Singapore’s development? Why so?

Proudly Presented By: Lee Seow Ting (06) Loh Hui Ming (08) Sharon Yeoh Ming Hui (14) Matilda Tang Swee Sun (17) 4E3’09! 

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