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• French is spoken in 50 different countries. •In 29 countries French is official language (This means that governmental affairs are conducted in French, official laws and regulations are written in French, business is transacted in French, and schools use French as a language of instruction) • 124 million people all over the world speak French. •. Can you name any countries where French is the main language, apart from France?

Countries in the world Can you put these countries in the correct column to show where they are in the world? France Tahiti Madagascar

Algeria Martinique Guyana Morocco Switzerland Tunisia Ivory Coast La Reunion Belgium Cambodia New Caledonia Luxembourg Vietnam Canada




N America S America


What do these countries all have in common?

Countries where French is an commonly used language Europe France Belgium Switzerland Luxembourg Monaco Andorra

Africa Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Ivory Coast Morocco Djibouti Gabon Mauritania

North, South & Central America Canada (Quebec)Central African Republic Martinique La Reunion Guadelupe Madagascar French Guiana Seychelles Islands Haiti

Rwanda Sénégal Nigeria Togo Algeria Congo Tunisia Guinea Tchad Mali

Oceania Vanuatu New Caledonia French Polynesia Wallis & Futuna

Asia Vietnam Cambodia Laos Lebanon

French Overseas Departments and Territories

Islands – Les Iles: Dans la Mer des Caraibes: La Maritnique (DOM) La Guadeloupe (DOM) St-Barthélemy St-Martin Haiti

French Overseas Departments DOM – département d’outre – mer-

Overseas departments

La Martinique- DOM La Guadeloupe - DOM

The inhabitants of the departments are French citizens and have the same legal rights and responsibilities as those living in France

Dans l’océan Pacifique du Sud – South of Pascific ocean • • • •

La Nouvelle-Calédonie (TOM) Wallis-et- Futuna (TOM) Vanuatu La Polynésie française (TOM)

French Overseas Territories  TOM- Territoires d’outre-mer – Overseas territories

 The inhabitants of the territories are

French citizens and elect representatives to the French parliament although the territories have a certain degree of local autonomy. However, they are governed by a governor appointed by France. The French government highly subsidizes the economies of the territories.

Les Iles dans l’Océan Indien-Indian ocean Madagascar La Réunion (DOM) Les Seychelles Les Iles Comores L’Ile Mayotte (CT)

L’Ile Maurice CT – Collectivités Territorials

Colléctivités territorialesterritorial collectivities  These are previous French

possessions which remain under French influence and protection but have a higher degree of autonomy than territories

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