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Chef Hugo

Personal Profile “ The Singing Chef Hendra Utomo is all about food, friends and family. Having finished studying as Continental Food Management in NHI, He started his culinary career in 5 stars-hotel, The Ritz Carlton, in Singapore and The Ritz Carlton Bali (Ayana resort). He developed his skills and knowledge by joining with some big food ingredients company such as PT smart, Bogasari, and many established companies. For completing his career as a celebrity chef, he joined as an entrepreneur chef by writing some culinary books with Gramedia and 10 Cooking & Baking DVDs. He is now known as a singing chef in many big national media and TV. Spice up your life as you watch Chef Hendra Utomo share fond memories, amazing recipes, helpful cooking and Baking tips - all of this with a smile - and a song”

Educational Background  Diploma -3 of Continental Food Management National Hotel Institute/ Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bali 2000.  Introduction to Bread, Bread 1, Bread 2 By Bogasari Baking Centre 1996.

 Noodle & Chinese Snack Course By Mr Simon Singapore 2001.  Bread Course By Master Baker Mr Zhang Hong Bin , 2002,2003, 2004.  Noodle Course by Australian Wheat Board AWB , Singapore 2003.  Dimsum Course By Master Dimsum ,Mrs Shen Ie Wen 2001.  Food Management Prof Eric Nasbaum Phd CHA 2000.  Cake Dekor By Master Dekor, Ms Li from Taiwan 2003.

Music Education  Vocal technique by felicytas cruz cabildo philipines,.  Violin techinique by master violin Paul and welly liando.  Piano technique by andreas atmarumeksa.

Achievements  The Profile of Hendra Utomo released at Selera Magazine, Koki tabloid, Lezat tabloid, Info Kuliner tabloid, Surabaya pagi,etc.  Making The biggest Fruit Cake with Prototype of Rimba Irian Golf, Sheraton Timika.  Guest Coordinator Chef for PT Freeport Client Gathering (1000 px with more than 45 chinese foods and snacks ) on Chinese Party at Lupa Lelah, Tembagapura.  First Winner at Il Gelato Championship.  Preparing 60 jajan pasar for Asian Market London Festival.  Published 5 Cooking books with Gramedia.  Published 10 cooking VCD and DVD with tabloid Lezat.  Talk show kesehatan.  Guest chef . Invitation from chef Wan and Malaysian tourism ministry to present Indonesian food on asian food heritage trail 2010, Kualalumpur, Malaysia.  Conceptor for top restaurant in Surabaya “de Kasteel”.  Lecturer (Dosen luar biasa) at CIPUTRA University Surabaya 2011

Works Experience  On The Job Training at Greenhouse kitchen , The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore, 1998.  Commis de Cuisine at PADI Restaurant, The Ritz Carlton Bali 2000.  Executive Chef at Dive Indonesia Hotel & Resort, Gili Trawangan Lombok. 2001.  Bakery Advisor at PT Smart Tbk (Cooking Oil & Margarin Co) 2001.  Section Head at Bogasari Baking Centre, PT Bogasari Flour Mills 2002-2005.  Baking Course Coordinator for Ranch Market Galaxy Mall 2006-2007.  Consultant chef for Hare & Hatter Bakery 2010.  Consultant chef for takigawa café , Sutoz Surabaya 2010.  General manager & conceptor for de kasteel resto & bar 2010 until 2011.  Dosen Luar Biasa di Ciputra University 2011-now.  Celebrity chef for some product (2000-now)

Working Experience Talent for TV Commercial , chef product General Description: Responsible to perform as celebrity chef in show business industry for any brands or product Job Description: Main or supporting talents for TV Comercial Representative or ambasador for client’s product Photo shoot & stylist for client’s product Perform acting for movie or TV drama series

Experiences as Main or Supporting Talents For TV Comercial  Suedepe rek JTV @ Main host as a chef.  Koki lima indosiar @ Main host as a chef.  Foodvaganza for b channel @Main host chef.  Dasyat RCTI @ Chef.  Foodvaganza @ Main host chef.  Askes @ Chef.  8-11 Metro TV @ Chef.Coffeebreak TV 1 @ Chef.  (Iklan )Tv innovation store / Happy Power Noodle @ Chef with anya Dwinoff.  Commercial Break (iklan) Tv Ninja Home shopping with Merry putrian @ Chef with Merry Putrian.  Dapur Raja @ Chef of Sultan Coming soon

Experiences as a Chef for Product                    

Filma, palmboom, Bakery advisor & off air chef. Bogasari, Chef for some events & roadshow. SIMAS, Chef for some events & roadshow. Bimoli, Chef for some events & roadshow. Indofood, Chef for some events & roadshow. Finna, Chef for some events & roadshow. Kecap sedaap, Chef for ayah jago masak. Mie Sedaap, Chef. Agar agar sriti, Chef for product packaging. Dimarco, Chef. DBS Bank, Chef for customer gathering. Panin Bank, Chef for customer gathering. Standard Chartered, Chef for customer gathering. Kokola biscuit, Chef. Nixxa, Chef. ICA, Chef for event indonesian chef association. Arvian, Chef. Signora, Chef. Makro / lotte, Chef. Tabloid lezat, Chef for roadshow 35 cities, food editor.

Experiences as a Chef for Product  NOVA, Reguler Chef for roadshow.  Innovation store, Chef for commercial tv programme.  Indosat, Chef for launching product.  Yamaha Mio, Chef for acara cantik bersama MIO.  Sunlight, Chef.  Ovale, Chef. Tupperware, Chef for 20 aniversary tupperware.  Mie ABC Spesial pedas, Chef for ABC new product.  Citra hazeline, Chef for woman community programme.  Ninja Home shopping, Chef.  Honda Scoopy, Chef roadshow for woman community Grand Indo event, Chef for beauty & beyond @ Grand Indo.  La fonte, Chef for roadshow.  Informa, Chef for roadshow.  Elite Sport Club Epicentrum, Chef for elite club activities (Talk show, Healthy Cooking , Halloween Kidz ).  Maggi, Chef.  Tango Crunch Wafer, Chef.

Dini Aryani ( Manager) Phone : 0817-888886 Email : [email protected] [email protected] Saiful Bahri ( Assistant for Manager) Phone : 0818 124 396 Email : [email protected]


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