Georgia during World War I

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Georgia during World War I

SS8H7d Give reasons for World War I and describe Georgia’s contribution.

World War I was: **Originally called the “Great War” due to the numerous nations that fought and the great cost of lives and property. **Broke out in Europe in August 1914 between the Allied Powers (Great Britain, France, and Russia) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austrian-Hungary Empire, and the Ottoman Empire) **Over 9 million soldiers died as well as over 5 million civilians died (22 million soldiers injured) ** United States remained neutral until April 1917 ( war had already gone on for 20 months), then joined Allied Powers

Causes of World War I ***Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (heir to throne in Austrian-Hungary Empire) in August 1914 by Serbian nationalists-------- starts a chain of events that kead to war 1. System of Secret Treaties 2. Competition between empires a. Militarism b. Imperialism c. Nationalism 3. Smaller ethnic groups (Serbs, Poles, etc.) wishing selfdetermination

“Trench Warfare” was most common method of fighting during war

Many new weapons of war used for first time during World War I

United States’ Involvement during war **United States declared the Neutrality Proclamation at start of war (President Washington urged all future presidents not to be involved in European wars!) **U.S. claimed “freedom of the seas” meaning they can trade with any warring nation **Yet U.S. gets drawn into war: 1. German U-Boats sinking ships 2. Anti-German propaganda (German atrocities) 3. German spies attempt to sabotage U.S. factories 4. Zimmerman telegram (Germany ally with Mexico?)

**War officially ends on November 11, 1918 (Armistice Day) **The Central Powers lose land and power

Georgia’s Contribution to World War I (SS8H7d) Military Personnel from Georgia Number who served: Number who died: Textile Mills

How they helped the war effort:


How they helped the war effort:


How they helped the war effort:

Sewing circles Bond Drives

How they helped the war effort: How they helped the war effort:

Red Cross What is it? How it helped the war effort: Victory Gardens What were they: How they helped the war effort:

War Bond Drives during World War I

Victory Gardens during World War I

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Important Locations in Georgia that helped the war effort during WWI (SS8H7d)

Using the map key below, locate each military installation in its proper location, as well as the textile mills and POW camps. Shade the military location number (on the map) in yellow if it was utilized as a garrison; shade the number orange if it was used as an airfield; shade it green if it was an arsenal or artillery fort; and blue if it was a training camp!! Military Installations: Fort McPherson, Atlanta, garrison Fort Oglethorpe, Chickamauga-Oglethorpe, garrison and administration Fort Screven, Tybee Island, artillery fort Augusta Army Arsenal, Augusta, arsenal Camp Hancock, Augusta, airfield Camp Gordon, Augusta, training camp Camp Wheeler, Macon, training camp Souther Field, Americus, airfield Camp Jesup, Jesup, Transport Corp training camp Camp Greenleaf, Chickamauga, Army Med Corp training camp Camp Benning, Columbus, Infantry training camp

Textile Mills :( Place the letter to the correct location on the map) Columbus West Point/LaGrange Augusta Macon Atlanta Dalton

Prisoner of War Camp: POW#1 Fort Oglethorpe; POW#2 Fort McPherson

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