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Connecting Millions of Americans with Health Coverage Nicole Oehmke California Project Director

Andy Perry California Data Manager 1

Enroll America Our Mission Maximize the number of uninsured Americans who enroll in health coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act

Two-fold Strategy 1

Promoting Enrollment Best Practices


National Enrollment Campaign Using Cutting Edge Engagement Strategies 2

Sampling of Our Partners


Enroll America’s State Presence As of October 17, 2013

Staff on the ground

Alaska Hawaii

Working with partners


Enroll America’s Work in California • Train Organizations to Use Get Covered Data o Finding eligible consumers o Tracking contacts o Reporting results • Identify and Share Best and Promising Practices o Key Messaging for Outreach o Enrollment Strategies that Work • Promote Effective Strategies to/ from Other States


How Can We Help You?

Find Eligible Consumers Enroll America and Get Covered America

Track contacts and coordinate Report results


Lessons from the First Four Months

Trusted and culturally appropriate messengers are essential

Eligible consumers need multiple touches, personal attention to enroll

Consumers not getting the message about affordability

Consumers will only get harder to find


How Will You Find Consumers?

We already have them

Fewer than 10% of all eligible consumers enroll after one touch. How will you find and follow?

Create a culture of coverage: What are the messages you share?

Go to neighborho od events

Phone calls, doorto-door work

Time and resource intensive, but sometimes the only way


Modeling And Testing Connect Individuals With Most Effective Messages And Tactics Without Modeling, Campaign Would Miss Millions of Uninsured

Modeling Identifies Uninsured at Individual Level

Example: In Houston, 120K out of 800K uninsured live in areas with low uninsured rates

Example: Individual level targeting increases efficiency of volunteer outreach

Houston Uninsured Map

Example Neighborhood








Additional Testing Identifies Best Message + Tactic Example: Experiments identify which individuals respond better to mail or phone calls

Example Tactics + Message Call – Cost Msg.

Mail – Security Msg.


GCD Training for California Users Andy Perry 10

Using Get Covered Data (GCD)


• Look up an individual record • Create, save and share a list • Cut turf and create a packet


• Data Entry • Create and track events • Committees and sharing


• Survey and Activist Codes • Summary reports • Analyze data


Data Elements in GCD Types of Data Already in GCD

Types of Data Users Enter

• Name and contact information for adult consumers • Know demographic information (age, sex) • Imputed demographic information (age, race, language, sex) • Predictive analytic score: the likelihood that the individual is uninsured

• Updated contact information • Contact history (type and result) • Yes/No codes • Multiple choice codes • Event history • New records

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4 Key Facts Resonate With Most of the Uninsured All insurance plans will have to cover doctor visits, You might be able to get hospitalizations, mental financial help to pay for a health and substance use health insurance plan. disorder services and prescriptions. One of these = top message for 89% of population

If you have a pre-existing condition, insurance plans cannot deny you coverage.

All insurance plans will have to show the costs and what is covered in simple language with no fine print.

An Example of Enroll America’s Resources • Best Practices for Outreach & Enrollment at Health Centers • Latino Outreach & Enrollment Toolkit • Outreach Planning 101 • Get Covered Calculator • Grassroots Organizing Toolkit • Health Care from the Pulpit Toolkit • Communicator’s Guide (available in Spanish)



Nicole Oehmke [email protected]

Andy Perry [email protected]

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