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Empowering Girls to Take a Chance Laurie LaMondie, Joan Plavchan

Woodward Elementary

“It is very hard to be a female leader. While it is assumed that any man, no matter how tough, has a soft side . . . any female leader is assumed to be one-dimensional.” Billy Jean King

Name Pantomime 

 

 

Participants stand in a circle, arms distance apart. Ask each person to think of an verb and action which starts with the same letter as the person's first name e.g., "Jumping James". The person does the action and yells out their actionname. Everyone then repeats the action and the action-name. This requires pretty high level of instructor energy and drama, people are pretty shy to start with. Really encourage everyone to join in and say the name and action of everyone else. To really drill names home, go around again, it should be faster and really get the blood moving. For participants who say "I can't think of anything", I say "Keep thinking, we'll come back to you". If they still don't come up with anything, I ask the group to help. Note I don't allow duplicate verbs either - must use a unique verb.

Smart girls aren’t cute.

Breaking the Stereotype In 1992, Mattel Toys put the first talking Barbie doll on the market. Barbie's first words were, "Math class is tough." Mattel thought they were simply expressing the feelings of most school-age girls. Many parents and teachers, though, thought Barbie should keep her mouth shut. As a result, Barbie stopped talking.

The Road to Success Setting the Tone Teachers are risk-takers Provide positive female role models Incorporate literature with strong

female characters

Challenging Our Girls to be Risk Takers….

Include in your classroom:  frequent use of cooperative learning opportunities,  frequent individualized learning opportunities,  use of practical problems in assignments,  frequent use of hands-on opportunities,  frequent use of competitive motivational strategies,  frequent activities oriented toward broadening views of mathematics and physical sciences.

Have High Expectations for Girls Avoid

rescuing girls. Encourage girls to make an imperfect product, to get dirty, disheveled, and sweaty in pursuit of a goal; to make big, interesting mistakes.


risk-taking and problem-solving. Don't be too eager to solve a girl's problems for her. Learning about options and consequences is a necessary and valuable step for all youth on their road to becoming confident and mature adults.

High Expectations cont… Expect

and advocate for homework that includes complex problem-solving and requires analytic skills beyond simple computations.


the importance of math and science even if these are not your own strong points. Being positive about math and science and communicating that they are important enhances the chance for girls to seek math and science as attractive learning and career opportunities.

Social Lives Drama Talk,

Talk, Talk Cliques Building relationships

” Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriett Tubman

Room setup Dim

lighting Personal space Cooperative Grouped Softer voice Multi-tasking Organization

Discipline Delayed




Teacher Hugs


Smiles Tone


is important

points Character building Words


 Cooperative


 Buddy reading  Playing teacher

 Reading  Overhead/board  Solving

problems in front of the class


For any further questions feel free to email: Laurie

LaMondie = [email protected]


Plavchan = [email protected]

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