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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Industrial Engineering, Logistics
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GhanaVeg – Update on Program Progress Business Platform – 19 June, 2014 Joep van den Broek GhanaVeg Program Leader


 GhanaVeg: to support the private sector in further

investing in and innovating Ghana’s vegetable sector.

 Our motto is ‘Healthy and quality vegetables from Ghana through new ways of doing business’.

 The GhanaVeg Business Platform aims to be: ● The meeting place for Ghana’s vegetable sector ● Setting the agenda for future investments ● Preparing strategy and market studies ● Driving the public-private dialogue for the vegetable sector.

The GhanaVeg Program

 Focus: ● High-value domestic market and exports ● Commercial vegetable crops: tomato, chili peppers, bell peppers, onions, Asian vegetables, eggplant, cucumber, squash, melons and spices.

● Private sector: entire chain from input supply to retail and from logistics to private extension.

● At farm level the project focuses on: the commercial

smallholder farmer, the small investor farmers as well as large-scale farming (with outgrowers).

● 2014-2017 period

Program structure and activities

Public-Private Dialogue

Consultancy Fund

GhanaVeg Business Platform

Business Opportunities Fund

GhanaVeg Secretariat

R&D Innovation Fund

Business to Business Activities

Update 1. MoTI Collaboration

 Horticulture priority sector in MoTI’s strategy  Emphasis on: ● Input supply (subsidy/vouchers) ● Farmer group models (outgrowers/FBOs) ● Logistics (pack & coolhouses) ● Certification (TRAQ) ● Grants and loans (EDAIF) & ● Land (medium-term)

 MoTI and GhanaVeg to develop a joint action plan


 Export study advises on need for certification; which

becomes prerequisite for all EU markets in a few years

 EU-COLEACP Program can assist in certification (GlobalGAP, HACCP, BRC)

 Still some room for new applications till 2015 ● Large farms / exporters ● Group certification (small-scale farmers)

 If interested GhanaVeg can assist with application  Applications:

Update 3. B.O. and R&D Funds

 Call closed 6 May; 11 applicants  4 approved, two presented today  7 were rejected because incomplete (e.g. budget, targets or M&E Framework missing) or not eligible (e.g. no seed company or wholesaler/retailer/exporter)

 An adapted fund guideline comes out focusing on: ● Intake meeting GV team to discuss feasibility ● More detailed form for applications ● Additional support from GV for proposal dev’t ● Longer time for application (> 2months)

 The extended call (deadline 9 June) will be assessed soon

3. B.O. and R&D Funds (2)

 New B.O. Calls with deadline for 1 September will start soon. Proposed topics:

● Chain integration (continued) ● Greenhouse / Nurseries (design & local construction) ● High-end exports

 R&D Call for Proposals most likely to continue on

innovations in input supply: seed, irrigation, fertilizers and crop protection products

Contact details Joep van den Broek

Enam Gbekor

Program Leader

Snr Business Advisor

[email protected]

eg[email protected]

+233 24 853 2850

+233 24 468 0848

Hanson Arthur Fund Manager [email protected]

+233 24 523 5432

Thank you!

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