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January 27, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Globalization
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Addressing Terrorist Use of the Internet, Cyber Crime and Other Threats: National Expert Workshop Forging a Comprehensive Approach to Cyber Security Richard Giragosian Armenian Center for National and International Studies (ACNIS) Yerevan, Armenia 8-9 December 2010

Outline 

Framing the issue: cyber security • Significance of cyber security • Fundamentals of cyber security

 

Cyber crime Implications for Armenia • Social/political • Economic • Military/security

 

Critical infrastructure Cyber challenges & cyber security goals Conclusions 2

Framing the Issue: A Comprehensive Approach to Cyber Security

Cyber security requires shared solutions to shared threats Cyber security is a dynamic, not static process Cyber threats know no borders


Significance of Cyber Security Cyber Security provides three elements: • Engagement: foundation for economic, social and political development • Empowerment: platform for activism and social networking for “netizens” • Entrepreneurship: incentive for technological innovation and R&D

Cyber Security is also necessary for the development of a knowledge-based economy 4

Fundamentals of Cyber Security 

Cyber threat preparation: raising awareness and public education of prudent and safe use of Internet

Cyber threat perception: understanding the nature of cyber threats Cyber Threat prevention: defending against cyber threats before, not after cyber attacks 5

Cyber Crime 

Cyber Crime is the use or targeting of a computer network (and the Internet) for criminal enterprise or offense

Cyber Crime is not new, and is constantly changing as criminals use advances in technology to commit new, more sophisticated crimes Information is the only commodity that can be stolen without being taken 6

Cyber Crime Today 

Serious cyber criminals: more organized, more global, more sophisticated Serious methods: Cyber Criminals can strike ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Law enforcement needs more tools, training & resources, but there is also a need for greater public awareness and for education and training of specialists 7

Cyber Crime & Cyber Security 

Cyber Crime is directly linked to cyber security; Cyber security is directly linked to national security The cyber threat is a dynamic and growing threat to security and spans many types of crimes (terrorist financing, money laundering, identity theft, etc.)


Cyber Crime as a Global Threat 

Cyber crime is rooted in globalization & the expansion of the networked Internet Cyber crime has no borders or boundaries, and can attack many countries at once Cyber crime has no limits: it can target anyone, anywhere, anytime 9

The Center of Gravity: The Computer 

a computer can be the target of crime, attacked to damage or steal information from a computer or computer network a computer can be a technique to commit crime, used for fraud or theft

a computer can be a tool to fight crime, by analyzing evidence (a “forensic footprint”) 10

The New Cyber Threat 

The Internet is a critical, global infrastructure for economic, political and military power Cyber technology creates new dependencies & interdependencies Cyber technologies redefined security: physical attacks have cyber consequences and cyber attacks have physical consequences 11

Implications for Armenia 

Social/Political: credibility, efficacy & legitimacy of government efforts Economic: consumer confidence & trust, investment climate Military/Security: cyber war & cyberspace as the new battlefield; protecting critical infrastructure


Social/Political Implications 

Credibility & efficacy: combating cyber crime also bolsters state anti-corruption efforts Legitimacy & trust: failure to confront cyber crime leads to a loss of confidence and erosion of trust in government Global responsibility: fighting cyber crime is an essential global obligation


Economic Implications for Armenia Without adequate cyber security, several economic trends emerge:  

 

consumer confidence & trust erodes business reputations and the national business environment declines foreign investment is reduced global economic integration is hindered economic development is impeded 14

Military Implications for Armenia Cyber Space as a new battlefield 

 

Adversaries are well aware of cyber warfare; new doctrine Terrorists developing cyber capabilities Military communications & critical infrastructure are vulnerable; and prone to an over-reliance on existing civilian networks


Critical Infrastructure 

Telecommunications Banking & financial services Government services: E-Government

Energy networks & safety systems Transportation- air safety & border security Defense & security: data networks and communications 16

Cyber Challenges 

To see cyber security being as important as physical security Recognition of the real threat environment Understand that the threat is as diversified as the targets The threat will change as rapidly as technology


Cyber Security Goals 

Need to raise public awareness of cyber security & safe, prudent use of Internet Assess new cyber trends, threats & vulnerabilities Incorporate lessons learned & international best practices Develop counter measures & safeguards Adopt and pursue comprehensive approach to cyber security 18

Conclusion  

 

Cyber threats are real & growing New technologies forge new vulnerabilities New vulnerabilities foster new threats As the nature of national security has changed, the response must also adapt And the most important pipelines in this region transport neither oil nor gas…..they carry data, the most significant pipelines are fiber optic 19

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